Nox Inferno

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Familar Stranger

Chapter 61: Familiar Stranger

“No, no, no.” I cried out. This can’t be happening.

“Twyla, I am real, and I am your mate.” He said crouching down to look at me.

Why is this happening? I haven’t seen Gabe in almost two months. “You aren’t real.” I whispered.

The flab of my tent open. The guards looked at me curled in a ball by my bed. I notice quickly how the eyes of the blonde darted towards Gabe. Did they see him? But she quickly looked away. Of course she didn’t see him.

“What going on?” asked the red.

“I’m going crazy.” I admitted and cradled my head.

“Listen I don’t have much time.” Gabe said. His voice thundering over that of my guards, “I am a guide. I am here to help you. So I will help you escape.”

“Get Michael.” Red said and the blonde darted off.

“Listen to me!” Gabe said commanding my attention. “If you trust me. I can help you escape. Do you trust me?” He asked.

“No!” I shouted, “You aren’t real.”

“Twyla?” A voice said piercing through the haze.

“Please Twyla! I want to help you leave!” Gabe’s voice sounded faint. “You don’t need to trust me. But please let me help you. I promise I will find a way to free you.”

“Twyla.” A pair of golden eyes bore through my haze. I could feel myself cooling down as the bracelet slid off my wrist.

“Nyra!” I thought fast, “Try to ask for help from the others.”

“Got it.” She said quickly.

“Twyla, are you okay?” Michael asked.

“No. I think I am going insane.” I whispered and hugged myself .

“I don’t understand why the bracelet isn’t working.” Michael frowned peering at the golden bracelet.

“It might be my half breed side.” I stated.

Michael looked up at me shocked, “You are a half-breed?”

“You didn’t know?” I asked.

“Nice going.” Nyra chided.

“I figured he knew all about me. How is that my fault?” I defended.

“That explains so much.” Michael whispered sitting down on the floor next to me.

“I thought you knew everything.” I looked up hesitantly, not wanting to see Gabe. Thankfully, he was nowhere to be seen. I let out a sigh of relief.

“Half breeds are susceptible to magic unless they helped to do it. It’s why they where stronger than regular demon.” Michael explained.

“But it wasn’t the-“ I stopped. I shouldn’t be telling him that.

“What?” Michael asked.

“Nothing.” I shook my head. I messaged my temples.

“I got in contact with them.” Nyra said softly as if the Angel sitting in front of me would hear what’s going on inside my head. How? I wanted to ask but we didn’t have the time.

“Tell them I am at Crescent Moon Town Park.” I thought back.

Michael slapped the bracelet back on my wrist. I looked at him confused.

“Though it looks the same. This one was made by a half-breed. It should be able to hold your demonic side without any side effects. We can’t have anyone know where we are.” He said standing up dusting off his suit. How was it not stained despite sitting on the ground? “I suppose you will be needing a new dress. Perhaps something blue to match your eyes.”

I frowned, “I don’t have blue eyes.” But Michael looked more amused by my response.

“No, no I suppose you are right.” His voice was laced with humor, “Atara, go fetch Miss. Twyla another dress. Make sure it’s blue.” Michael instructed offering his hand. The blonde headed out of the tent.

Instead, I used the cot and lifted myself up. I didn’t want his help despite him being the one to save me from spiraling out of control again.

A smile played on his lips, “Unfortunately, I was in a meeting when I was called. So I must bid you a farewell until late. Atara will be back shortly.”

I nodded and sat down on the bed. Did I just get saved by an Angel? Nyra was able to break free of other enchantments. Maybe if I got mad, I could undo it.

“Here you go miss.” A twinkle of a voice said, interrupting my plotting. The blonde angel, Atara threw the dress at me and stepped out. I picked up the soft periwinkle dress from my lap and examined it. Unlike the white dress this one had long sleeves, but they were see through and it was longer. Forgoing my dirty white dress, I changed into this dress. The dress fell off my shoulder and down to my ankle. Still barefoot, I searched for some sort of shoes. I found a pair of black flats tucked underneath the cot.

Laying down on the soft cot. I tried to anger myself. The way my parents seemed to make me feel as if I was never good enough. The thought that Jasmine would never forgive me. My team being ashamed that I allowed myself to get captured by Angels. The thought of Kai moving on and falling in love seemed to sadden me more than anger me.

But it was not enough. I felt very comfortable and tired. I couldn’t work myself up enough to get angry.

Suddenly I heard a voice, “It was a pleasure doing business with you.” It sounded so familiar yet unknown. But I had this weighing feeling that this person was a demon.

“Don’t worry. We will begin the process the starting tomorrow.” Michael said. What process? I leaned closer to the direction which the voices where coming from.

“Can’t we wait for the day after next. Tomorrow is her birthday.” The familiar voice said. I scrunched my eyebrows. This person knew when my birthday was.

“Of course.” Michael nodded.

“If she is to be contained here. Please get her a cake or something.” The voice asked.

“Maybe we shouldn’t talk so close her tent.” Michael said.

“This is her tent?” I closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep.

“Yes. Would you like to go in?” Asked Michael.

“No. If this doesn’t work. I don’t want her to know I was behind this.” The voice said. I could hear his voice as if he were right next to me. If only, I knew where I heard that voice before.

“Can you go check on our guest?” Michael instructed.

I heard the tent flab open. Their eyes where staring at me. I pretended to rub my nose and toss over to the side. No one can sleep perfectly still. I almost let out a sigh of relief when I heard their departing footsteps.

“She’s asleep.” Another voice said.

“Good.” Michael said, “We just have one more matter to discuss.”

“Ah yes.” The strange but familiar voice added.

“What should we do with those who know her?” Michael asked.

“I don’t really care what you do with her friends. But I want you to kill her parents.” The voice said off-handedly,

“But that goes against the Angel’s code.” Michael protested.

“They are simply casualties of war.” The voice said, “If an accident where to happen and they didn’t survive. Then it wouldn’t be your fault.”

“I suppose…”Michael trailed off.

“Sir?” Another voice asked.

“We won’t get out hands dirty on this matter. If you want her parents dead. Then you will kill them yourself.” Michael decided.

“You Angels act so pure. When are you going to realize you are just as filthy as the rest of us.” Another voice sneered. That’s two demons. Two demons in cahoots with Angels. I need to report this when I escape.

“That is enough.” The first demon voice sneered.

“My apologize.” The second demon said.

“We will kill her parents, but you take care of the mind alterations.” The first demon said civically.

“Of course.” Michael said, “Have a nice day.”

I laid very still for several moments. They where going to kill my parents without a second thought. My blood felt like it was boiling. Those Angels and demons are going to regret ever messing with me.

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