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Futile Plea

Chapter 63: Futile Plea

It took all everything to hold onto this newfound anger. How long must I wait until my great escape?

I could feel the bracelet slowly subduing Nyra. As I struggled internally , I almost didn’t hear the quiet departing footsteps just outside of my tent. It was soft and quiet, like their feet was barely touching the ground.

I snuck over and peeped my head out of the tent. I looked around: my guards where no where to be found. I darted out of the tent, still trying to hold onto Nyra.

“Come on.” I whispered to myself. Trying to give myself some sort of encouragement. I shifted out of my skin and into my owl form. My pretty blue dress puddled over me in shreds. I struggled to get out of my dress. Thankfully, as I shifted the golden bracelet fell off my wrist.

I took to the sky as quietly as I could. Even though my owl form looked like any other owl, I tried to fly as far and fast as I could. The sky began to lighten and turn a hue of pink.

I stopped for a moment distracted. All my life, I have been in a hustle. I have never seen a sunrise. I watched as the sun pull its way through the sky. It was oddly slow. Why did people like watching this?

I shook my head, which reminded me of something very important. Owls may fly all night, but they don’t fly in the day. If I couldn’t get home, before sunrise. Someone, maybe an Angel, might suspect something. I needed to reach my parents, warn them. Get them far away from here as possible. Even if they hate me.

My body suddenly felt very weak. Slowly I started to lose altitude. My wings weren’t able to carry me much further. But still I pushed on. I was so close; I could make it. As the sun ascended even further into the sky, my wings gave out. Soon I was pummeling towards the ground. My luck shifted for the worse when I shifted back into human form. I was falling fast to Earth, naked.

Please be a lake or something to break my fall. I got a very tall tree, instead. As I fell into the tree, I tried to grab onto the branches. But it was to no avail. I don’t know if it was the speed I was falling at or the clumsy way I tried to hold onto the branches. But my fingers couldn’t hold onto a branch long enough to slow my fall.
Seeing the ground, fast approaching. I shifted all my weight towards a giant branch. My body slapped against the tree. The pain that shot through my body was almost enough to make me pass out. If not for the sole mission in mind, I might have allowed the pain to envelope me. I pushed out of the tree and limply fell to the ground.

“Twyla?” A voice called out. I turned to a familiar blue haired girl.

“Is that you Chrissy?” I hoped I didn’t sound delirious from the pain.

“Where is your clothes?!” She exclaimed as I pushed myself off the ground.

“I’m not wearing any.” I stated. I didn’t have time to explain why I fell out of a tree butt naked.

“Yeah no shit.” She said tossing her jacket. Was it that cold, she had to wear a jacket? I looked at the grass, it was covered in a small dusting of snow. It snowed?

“You have a car, right?” I asked, zipping up the long green jacket.

“Yes?” She said confused, “Do you want me to take you to a hospital? I think you are bleeding.” She looked at my forehead.

I touched the area. A sharp sting vibrated through my body, “Ouch.” I mumbled, “I don’t need a hospital. I need you to take me home.” I was frantic. I didn’t know how much time I had. The demons never said when they where going to kill my parents. For all I know, they already did it.

“Sure.” She said and grabbed my arm. She helped me limp back to her black car. I forced myself into the car despite every inch of my body screaming with pain. I could deal with the pain later.

Chrissy quickly got into the car and began driving. Of course she knew where I lived. I’d be surprised if she didn’t. Every so often I could feel her gaze turn towards me.

Each time, it reminded me to stay awake. My vision felt a little fuzzy, but I trusted Nyra to heal me.

Oh, I should probably call the others. I turned to Chrissy, “Can I borrow your phone?” I asked looking at the phone in the cupholder.

“Sure.” She looked worried. She put her thumb on the home screen opening it up for me. It took a minute to find the phone dial, quickly I put in Kai’s phone number. It was the first number I memorized since moving to Ravenwood.

After several rings, a tired voice answered, “Hello?”

“Kai?” I asked hesitantly. Please be the right number.

“Twyla?” The voice started to sound more like Kai, “Where are you?” He asked.

“It doesn’t matter.” I said, “I am going to my parents’ house right now. I need you guys to get there immediately” I glanced at the worried Chrissy, “I can’t talk about it now, but I will explain later.”

I hung up as we turned down a familiar street, “Drop me off here.” Despite the house being two doors down, I didn’t want Chrissy involved in this.

“But...” She began to protest.

“Chrissy.” I silenced her with her name, “The moment I get out of the car, I need you to turn this car around and don’t look back. Please don’t ask why.” She nodded as I opened the door.

I ran toward the front door. As I got to the front steps, I watched Chrissy’s Jeep turn into another street. At least that’s one person safe. I began to frantically knock on the door.

My father opened the door, “What do you want?” He said rudely. I recoiled for a minute. Did he really forget all sixteen years of our lives to treat me like this? I had to remind myself of the imminent threat.

“Where’s mom?” I asked.

“Why do you care?” He asked.

“This is important.” I urged. Don’t be stubborn, let me in.

“She’s in the basement. What’s this all about?” He asked. He was still blocking the front door. I knew he wasn’t going to let me in.

“I think your life might be in danger.” I said franticly. I needed him to believe me. Just this one time.

“It might be?” He asked folding his arms.

“It is!” I corrected myself.

“This some lame excuse to get inside, isn’t it?” Would he just get off his high horse.

“No!” I ran a hand through my hair, “If you want. I won’t step foot into this house. But grab Mom and run!” I shouted.

“Watch how you talk to me!” He shouted. I wanted to cry. Why couldn’t this man ever just listen to me. I was trying to save his life.

Frustration curled within me, “Please!” I shouted pulling on his arm. I wanted to cry but I don’t think that would get him to believe me.

“Let go of me!” He pushed me.

My body already weakened from the fall tumbled down the steps. I watched as he did absolutely nothing to help me up. I was to weak to push myself up.

“Please!” I shouted from the ground.

“You should have respected me.” He said and stepped back and closed the door.

Suddenly I saw it, falling from the sky.

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