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Short War

Chapter 64: Short War

At first, I thought it was a bomb. But as I squinted at it, I began to look more like a person. But not just any person, a person on fire. A demon. I watched as the demon hurtled towards the house. I felt powerless as I watched as the demon collide with the house. Within seconds the entire house was burst into flames. The windows blew out from the magnitude of the flame within.

I crumpled down and covered my head. I couldn’t see the house as it collapsed from the devastating impact, but I heard it. The worse part of all was I couldn’t hear any screams. Until I did. It was a woman, my mother.

I forced myself up and ran through the pile of rubble. Just behind giant slabs of whitewashed brick, which use to be our fireplace. A demon held my mother into the air by her neck. She was kicking and screaming.

“Let her go!” I shouted.

“Twyla, run!” Mom’s voice rang through the quiet neighborhood. Where all the neighbors.

“They are all dead.” The demon said as if reading my mind. They were such a hassle but that’s what the boss wanted, there was nothing familiar about this demon except for a long-jagged scar over his right eye.

“I said, let her go!” I stepped closer. All forms of pain that once plagued me dissipated. I had to save her.

“Sure.” The demon said, still holding my mother by the neck. “I was done with her anyways.” A flash of a blade caught my eyes.

“No!” I shouted but I was too late. The blade slid over her throat.

The demon dropped the writhing body, “It was nice meeting you, but I have to go lassie.” With that he disappeared.

I ran to my mother. I couldn’t watch her die, “Twyla.” She croaked out.

“No. Mommy.” I sobbed. I never dared call her that.

“I love you.” She said barely loud enough to make out over the sound of blood hitting the ground.

“I love you too.” I cradled her body. I scanned the area; did they already get to dad?

“Twyla!” A voice shouted. I turned to Kai and the others running towards me.

“Find my father!” I shouted.

All except Kai dispersed, but he kept running towards me. He collided into me nearly knocking my mother off my lap. He pulled onto me tightly and didn’t let go.

I heard a gurgling sound which broke our hug. It was my mother laughing. “That’s a keeper.” She mouthed no longer able to form words. A single tear rolled down her cheeks as she looked up at the sky.

I could tell when she died from the look in her eyes. Her eyes where vacant and empty. She looked hollowed. I sobbed out and clung to Kai. She was really dead. All the times I wished she would leave me alone and go away. Now she has and she was never coming back. I got what I wished for.

“Twyla, over here.” Zephyr was holding a limp body. His arms and legs wobbled as Zephyr walked over. He died from the collapse of the house.

Kai closed my mother’s eyes as I glared at my father. If only he had listened. Why didn’t he listen?

I heard the sound of flapping before I saw the flashing lights. I looked up at the two descending Angels. I summoned my sword if they wanted a fight. They just gotten one.

“I hate that this happened.” Michael said.

“You hate that it happened. Doesn’t sound like you are sorry, though.” I wiped my teary eyes.

“I’m not.” He confessed while tugging on his white suit.

“This is for you.” Atara handed me a box. I hesitantly took it. Was it a bomb?

Kai snatched it from my hand and opened it. He frowned as he peered into the contents of the box.

“What is it?” I asked. I didn’t let my gaze waver from the two Angels before me.

“It’s a cake.” He said incredulously displaying the contents of the box.

“What?” I quickly peered quickly at the cake. It was white with yellow frosting.

Michael looked at me, “We have our orders to follow. Thee where mine. Along with a message.” He stopped.

It took a moment to realis the pause was deliberate. He wanted me to ask and I had to know. Maybe this will be the clue to find out whoever is after me.

“What message?” I demanded harshly.

“He says, ‘You should have stayed with me.’ With that, I will take my leave.” Michael turned and opened his wings.

Atara followed and they both lunged into the sky. They left me with more questions that before. I wanted them to come back and explain. I looked at the sword in my hand. I am done asking nicely for things. That doesn’t seem to be working.

“Twyla, don’t.” Nyra’s voice was so faint. I didn’t hear it until it was to late. I threw my sword with all my strength at the retreating Angels. It pierced Atara’s wings. She screamed as she fell to the ground.

I stared shocked. That wasn’t the person, I intended to hit. I pulled the sword out of her wing and glared at Michael.

“You care to explain?” He ask pleasantly. Why was he still being so diplomatic. It was really irking me.

“I wanted you to come back.” I dug my heel into Atara’s wing.

“You could have asked.” Michael began to descend once more. He didn’t even look at Atara.

“I could have.” I glared.

“What exactly did you want to talk about?” He folded his hand in front of me.

“Who is he?” I asked.

Michael shrugged, “I don’t know. He deals with the higher ups. I deal with the lackeys. Now would you kindly remove your heel from Atara’s wing?”

I dung my heel deeper into her wing, “You know. I don’t think I will,”

I looked at my sword. In the moment, I swung my blade. I watched myself as I decapitated the Angel.

“Now you have done it.” Michael shook his head. “You have just declared war. Can you deal with the consequences?” Before I could answer, Michael produced a small golden horn. He placed it to his lips and blew.

I laughed as no sound came out. Did he break it? Suddenly the sky seemed to open up. A bright light began to fill the entire sky. I put my hand over my eyes, trying to shield them from the horrendously brought light.

I watched as Angels began to pour out of the cracks in the sky. I half shifted into the owl. Holding my sword in one hand. I reached down to pick up Atara’s head with the other.

“Do you really want to do that?” Michael asked. He still hadn’t moved. Did he want me to kill him?

“Shouldn’t you be hiding behind the other Angels?” I sneered. Picking up the head.

“I don’t hide.” He adjusted his suit and produced a long sword. Seriously, where was he hiding all this stuff?

“I guess you will just have to die.” I said and tossed the head at him. I watched as the golden blood stain his suit. I smirked, that felt more satisfying than anything else.

He frowned, “Why couldn’t you just behave?” He shook his head.

“Why did you side with the demons?” I asked.

“I didn’t side with them.” He sneered and lunged. I blocked and bounced away.

“So you really are just a lap dog.” I cackled and swung my sword. It only briefly touched his suit. But enough to rip it.

“You are lucky I can’t kill you.” He growled and tried to cut my legs.

“Unfortunately.” I said looking for an opening. When I saw one, I lunged without hesitation, “I don’t have the same problem.” I heard the squishing sound of metal against flesh.

“What?” Michael stopped and started looking around. I paused watching him. I could kill him but then I wouldn’t get any information out of him.

After a while Michael sighed, “Fine.” He looked at me, “It was a pleasure but unfortunately I must take my leave.” He turned and whistled.

All the Angels stopped and look at him. I stared at him incredulous as he rotated his fingers, “Time to go.” The Angels didn’t even question it. They turned and flew back into the cracks in the sky. Such robots.

“Until next time.” He bowed and took off flying. Did he just cancel a war?

I looked at the others. They looked just as dumbfounded as I felt. What just happened?

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