Nox Inferno

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Two men sat in a dimly light room playing chess. They paid no attention to the girl inside a tank filled with golden goo.

“I still don’t understand, why you did all that?” The shorter one said.

“It’s simple, Michael. I needed to break her.” The taller one said as he moved a chess piece.

“But we had her in our care, why go through all that trouble?” Michael asked furrowing his eyebrows while scrutinizing the move the taller one made.

“She needed to see how downhill her life was going. She needed to see her parents killed before her eyes. She needed to see her friends betray her. Though I didn’t anticipate her mate kissing her.” The taller one glance at the girl encase in the goo. “She really is stupid. “

Michael frowned, “That’s not very nice.”

The taller one shrugged, “She is a filthy demon. Pretending I liked her was pure torture.”

“Need I remind you; it was you who made the deal with a ‘filthy demon.’ “ Another figure walked into the room. He was dressed in fine silks. His vibrant blue hair adorned with a golden crown.

Both Angels stood up, “I apologize.” The taller one said bowing.

“You erased the memories of those who knew her?” The man in jewels asked.

“We did.” Michael spoke up.

“Explain to me why you put her through all this pain.” The jeweled man asked.

The taller Angel tapped the glass, “The more emotional and physical pain she goes through. Like making her think she has a mental condition. The least likely she is going to allow herself to remember. This way she can live her new life with altered memories and will not inclined to find out the truth.”

“When can I have her?” He asked looking at the girl in glass. Not daring to get any closer to her.

“By January. Give or take,” The tall Angel shrugged.

“Why so long?” The jeweled clad demon asked.

“We want to make sure that her memories are sufficiently removed. We will then change her hair and eye color, so she is not recognizable to those around her. Not to mention extracting her owl.”

“I remember.” The demon waved his hand, “I know what our deal was. You get the Nox Owl in exchange, I get my daughter. Her memories will swapped with fake ones and she will live with me. But what I don’t understand, is why this owl is so important?” He glanced at the tattoo on his daughter’s forearm.

“Not that it’s any of your concerns, but that owl is infused with Lucifer’s blood. We need it for our own reason. I suggest you not to pry any further as we did not pry into your business.” The taller one sat down. Michael followed suit.

“Fine. I will collect her by the beginning of January.” The demon turned to walk out.

“It was a pleasure, King Leviathan.” The taller one called out.

“You as well, Gabe.” He sneered before walking out.

“Come on, Michael.” Gabe stood up and walked to the girl submerged in Angel’s blood. “We have work to do.”

“Coming.” Michael followed but not before sparing a glance at the space where the demon king occupied.

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