The Dark Bloom (The Faery Meadow Book 2)

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Elaine is now turning eighteen years old and has finally met up with her true faery parents in Hunrel... Lorcan, a faery, and Colt, a demon, will do their best to help Elaine find her destiny and uncover what her family is keeping from her. However, the two aren't exactly seeing eye to eye much having to do with their own interests in Elaine. The sinister voice in her head isn't helping any either, but every voice has a face -- even the most evil ones.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1-Talk of Tomorrow

Lorcan’s voice shook through the air, “You!”

He hurtled forward inside the small house, barreling into Colt. The two went flying backward into the kitchen out of Elaine’s sight.

Confused, she screamed for Lorcan to leave Colt alone and was furious he had come into her home so violently without cause. Colt transported himself to Elaine’s side while Lorcan steadied his breathing near the pile of destroyed dishes on the floor that fell to the ground during their fight.

Colt’s face was bruised, but Lorcan looked unharmed and wasted no time flying over to Elaine and tugging her away from the demon man.

“Lorcan, you had no right to come in here and attack him! I want you out of my home.” Elaine told him, but he crossed his arms refusing to leave or listen to her wish.

He wanted to tear the smirk of the demon’s face. His heart felt crippled seeing she had already chosen another without his consent. Did she love him?

His blood boiled at the thought. He knew mating her was an accident, but after their journey together and long separation he found himself longing to see her again. Silvia was a pain to have around -- he was lucky she agreed to stay behind in the city.

“He is the one the city is looking for! Witches have been murdered by his hand! Isn’t that right, demon? You are the one who has been messing with her mind and infiltrating our society. We already found the portal you used,” Lorcan vented while showing Elaine a piece of broken glass and explaining to her how he used it to find his way to them.

“You’ve been stalking us?” Colt laughed at the faery who’s hair seemed to match his annoying attitude.

“I’m a deliverer. I was to bring her here,” Lorcan bit back. His voice softened when he turned to Elaine, “Your parents must have told you, right? By the way, where are they?”

“In the city. They are telling the Aeringdal court I’ve arrived in Hunrel so they can end their contract for a child delivery,” Elaine mumbled.

“I never meant to get separated from you, Elaine. Silvia was tracking him this entire time and we know he’s a mass murderer.”

Colt stepped toward Lorcan sizing him up. “Not the kind you think. I only dispose of bad fae and have been doing so longer than you’ve been born. I did not use a portal to get here. Why would I need to when I can just get to hell myself?” he asked darkly while extending a hand in the faery man’s direction.

A long pointed shadow darted across the floor and up Lorcan’s leg. Lorcan’s face went pale, but quickly contorted into rage as it reached up to his neck choking him.

“Stop it!” Elaine yelled.

Colt listened and raised his chin hoping the faery would know his place now, beneath him. He already had an idea there would be trouble when he met Elaine’s would-be mate. There was bigger trouble he knew of that would require his help...or silence. Whichever was more convenient he figured.

“I’m not the one you’re looking for.”

“Liar!” Lorcan scoffed stubbornly.

“Lorcan, you were watching us. You saw Colt lead me here. He never hurt me like you. My father already paid him. Your job is done so you don’t need to get mad over anything. This is none of your business anymore,” Elaine said carefully, but her breathing caught in her throat when Colt wrapped his arms around her from behind.

He never held her so close before and she was embarrassed for some reason now as she stood before Lorcan. It almost reminded her of the nightmare she had days ago where she was forced to stare at Lorcan with someone behind her keeping her from moving.

“She’s my mate now and she asked you to leave. So go,” Colt demanded coldly.

Lorcan ignored him and imagined he had poisoned Elaine’s mind while away from him. it was the only way he thought the demon would be able to mate her to him. Although, he wasn’t sure. Colt wasn’t a faery.

“Elaine, please tell me why you’ve undone”

“I was scared. So I drained most of my faery blood until your faery dust got mostly out of my system. Colt gave me some of his blood and -” Elaine began to say, but Lorcan unfurled his bright red wings.

He launched himself forward somehow ripping her out of Colt’s iron grip with an animalistic snarl that made Elaine’s skin crawl.

She wondered if the whole mate ordeal reduced faeries to animals. Lorcan certain was acting no better than one right now. Elaine glared at him as he grabbed the sides of her face so gently it made her heart hammer, but she pretended it didn’t and stepped away from him shrinking back toward Colt.

“You’re still my mate. I can feel it,” Lorcan told her quietly with a pleading look. Elaine didn’t know what to believe. “He’s using you. He has to be the demon screwing with your mind. I remember the voice, I heard it once too. It sounded exactly like him!” Lorcan accused with new anger as he passed Elaine approaching Colt with a steady stride.

Elaine went rigid remembering the awful voice. There was no way it sounded anything like Colt. Sometimes she forgot Colt was even a demon. Lorcan was making things up and Elaine hated him for it because she knew he wasn’t so much interested in the fact that he was a demon, but that he unmated her. She didn’t think Lorcan had a right to be angry right now. She still felt he was almost as guilty as her parents for putting her through everything.

She wasn’t ready for a relationship right now. Her parents spoke of a demon issue too and she wanted to know more about it.

More importantly, she wanted them to quit fighting. She felt like an emotional wreck and was bitter she had nowhere to hide. She just wanted to be alone and think things through, but there seemed to never be any time for it.

“Colt is not using me and you know it Lorcan. We should be m-more concerned about the demon trying to reach out to me. It told me you two would die,” Elaine choked out with a sob.

“Did it ever tell you its name?” Colt asked suddenly.


“It’s okay we’ll find it,” Lorcan promised above her head and she relaxed against him.

A moment later though she stiffened. When had he managed to sneak a hug in? She pulled away from him with a frown and refused to look up into his eyes knowing he would look as sad as he did when he first saw her in the house.

He was acting as if she was obligated to want to be with him even though he admitted his mating of her was an accident. She felt hurt too, but it wasn’t for the same reason. Still, she knew his feelings were important, but the whole situation made her uncomfortable.

Elaine followed Colt out of the room and Lorcan grimaced when he saw the demon pick up the baby photo. Colt showed the photo to him. “Do you know anything about this? Her parents said it was you.”

“They lied,” Lorcan mumbled and thought about the other things they could be lying about too.

He was sure they came up with another lie to excuse themselves for taking so long to get their daughter to them. He pitied Elaine, but it also made him want to protect her even more.

“Just like you,” Elaine’s voice hardened.

“I didn’t mean to be in the bar for so long, but Silvia had a lot to me. I knew you would be okay,” Lorcan defended, but deep done he knew he regretted it all.

He was so intent on learning more about Silvia’s progress on finding the demon and by the time the witch showed him the shard of mirror the sun was coming up the next morning.

Colt looked between Lorcan and Elaine,“If you two are done with your lover’s quarrel we should be focusing on finding this demon. I take it if we don’t you’ll be sending your people after me if you haven’t already.”

Lorcan raked a hand through his hair and forced to bury his simmering fury with the demon who still dared to stand awfully close to his mate.

“No,” Lorcan began. “I am not in the best standing with them right now especially since I failed to drop off Elaine here myself. Do not think this means I trust you, demon. You will have to prove to us you are innocent. If you don’t help us find the demon then I will turn you over to the court where they surely will send you back from where you came from.”

“Fine,” Colt chuckled, but Elaine felt like he had plans for Lorcan himself.

Lorcan smiled, but behind him, his wings fluttered rapidly in agitation. “Let’s go then. The first place we should search is your homeland. If what you said was true then you should have no problem taking us there.”

Elaine sat down on the couch with Colt remembering the other thing her parents promised her. A birthday party. Tomorrow, she was turning eighteen.

She was nervous to ask to stay a little bit, but she was desperate to reconnect with her parents. “We’re not leaving now. My parents are coming back tomorrow and we’re going to celebrate my birthday, right?”

Lorcan hated how deflated she looked and how he had to lean in to hear her softly spoken words. Elaine barely spoke above a whisper because her words weren’t even intended for him, but Colt. He thought the demon did a good job hiding his pleasure in getting so much attention from his mate.

Lorcan knew he would have to work to get her trust back. He would not let the demon stick around for very long. After all, all the fae knew where one demon was another would not be too far behind. For now, he would let the demon keep up his act of innocence and when they found the other demon he would drag them both to hell himself.

He was a little taken back by the new dark thoughts floating through his mind, but he had a feeling it was because he truly was still mated to Elaine and he couldn’t fathom a demon getting between them.

“Alright, we’ll wait for tomorrow to leave,” Lorcan agreed with a grin seeing Elaine’s face finally light up when she looked at him.

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