The Dark Bloom (The Faery Meadow Book 2)

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Chapter 13-Unstable Hearts

Elaine watched him while munching on her muffin. She saw him walk off into the living room and wondered if something was bugging him because he was being so quiet.

He stepped right over to the fireplace, stopping as if looking at the photos on the mantle. She walked over to him and hesitantly tapped his shoulder wondering what was wrong.

He turned around to face her and dropped the small image of her baby photo on the ground. It shattered and he turned to her gripping her throat.

She wheezed out, “Dad? Y-you’re hurting me...”

One moment she was standing on the ground, and the next, she was thrown across the room landing against the wall with a sharp crack. The demon shook with rage.

“Where are they?” Viktor demanded in a guttural growl.

Tears streamed down her face and her nose was bleeding, but the demon man didn’t care. He laughed at her misery because it was nothing compared to his own.

The demon who banished him from the in between had stolen his powers; he came to in the faery realm having lost his dreamwalking capabilities and wings. He felt powerless, but his strength was still greater than a faery’s.

It was all her fault.

“I d-don’t know what you mean,” Elaine whispered in a hollow voice. She cried in the corner of the room while the demon searched the rest of the house for her parents.

Viktor returned downstairs to find her still sniffling in the corner. She was hugging her legs and a whimpering mess as he stepped out in front of her.

He gripped her hair violently and yanked it up dangling her in mid-air by it. She screamed and spat her faery dust in his face when kicking and hitting him failed to make him let her go.

“Dad,” Elaine sobbed, “You’re hurting me!”

Viktor couldn’t hide the smirk on his face. He never used glamour before and wasn’t sure exactly how his glamoured appearance came to be when he entered the faery realm. He tried to drop it to scare her even more. However, when he tried to he couldn’t. He growled and Elaine sobbed even louder.

She crumpled to the ground when he released her long hair. He corrected her, “I’m Viktor.”

Elaine tensed up and became quiet with new fear. Her mind was in a whirlwind as dread sunk deep within her stomach making her feel ill. She recognized his voice now and perhaps was in too much shock earlier to have identified it. He glowered down his nose at her without an ounce of sympathy.

Her eyes were wide as she stared at nothing in particular. Viktor found it less entertaining now that she wasn’t a crying mess, but instead simply trembled, mumbling incoherently to herself. He heard her whisper the name “Lorcan” a few times and wondered if she had her mind sent on the faery coming to her rescue.

Viktor sat on the couch watching the stream of blood drip down her nose and onto her chin.

“You forget what I am. Colt is just the same you know,” He sneered while looking sideways. Then he looked back over to her. “I didn’t intend to find you here. I came to discover my roots-”

“Go back to hell,” Elaine told him while managing to stand up.

Viktor raised his eyebrows and stood up himself having a ball with it all. He couldn’t help it, but that was why he was there.

“Your parents have been keeping me from you.”

“Leave them out of this!” Elaine cried out while considering he could have killed them already.

He had a wild look in his eyes and it made him seem more on edge than she remembered. He was acting irrationally and she didn’t know what he wanted with her. All she was certain about was she wanted nothing to do with him.

“I think I may be your brother. It’s not common for the misbehaved fae to be cast away to hell. Is it?”

Elaine thought he had finally gone off the deep end. He appeared to have lost his mind and she was not in the mood to deal with any more crazy people.

Silvia was bad enough, and for all she knew, the witch was still walking around in hell, or worse, had escaped. If Viktor did, then she could have too.

“My parents will be here soon,” Elaine warned him hoping he had left them unharmed.

Viktor’s anger ignited when she chose to ignore his question and completely dismiss his theory. He thought the girl would have been interested too in the truth and it upset him more than he was willing to admit that she was so eager to dismiss the idea.

The demon man looked irate as each word he spoke next dripped with rancor, “You better come up with a good excuse. If I get even the slightest bit of feeling they are suspicious of me, I’ll take them back to hell with me. I’m not leaving until I get my answers, little faery.”

Now that he was standing closer, she could see his hair was a darker gold than her father’s. She wondered just what made him appear like her father or if he had purposefully glamoured himself to look like him.

She wiped the blood from her nose with the back of her hand.


“Well, what?” Elaine snapped.

“Do I look like a faery? Is this believable?”

“It will have to do, but if you don’t want them to be suspicious you can’t talk to them the way you talk to me. You must be polite. I’m just going to tell them...wait. I don’t even know what to t-tell them!”

“What do you mean?” Viktor shouted and she cowered away from him.

Her large eyes looked so fragile and he wondered for a brief moment if that was his fault or perhaps the fault of her supposed lover.

His tone was still condescending, but he didn’t speak so loud, “Just tell them I’m one of your faery friends. You live here, don’t you? It’s your problem. Fix it,” he replied while forcing his voice to be quieter.

The front door opened and Elaine tried to quit shivering despite her new predicament. She hoped they would buy Viktor’s glamour. She knew their lives depended on it.

“Mom, good to see you. What has it been? A quarter of a century?”

Elaine’s mother paled and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Elaine’s dad caught her and set her on the couch looking shocked like he’d just seen a ghost.

“Name’s Viktor. Does it ring a bell?” the demon questioned.

Is he insane? Elaine wondered as Viktor looked at her father expectantly.

“No!” her father yelled while approaching Elaine, but Viktor backhanded the old faery and watched him tumble back to the ground. His head hit the edge of the table and knocked him out cold.

Elaine heard screaming, but it took her a minute to realize it was coming from herself. She became mute as Viktor grabbed her father’s head as if he was trying to read his mind like he had hers. He stepped back from her father, and looking furious, he grabbed her mother’s head.

He looked even more pissed off when he turned back to Elaine.

“Little faery, if you want I can erase their memory of you too -- permanently,” Viktor taunted while approaching her with shaky hands.

It looked like he was ready to throw a temper tantrum again.

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