The Dark Bloom (The Faery Meadow Book 2)

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Chapter 14-The Greenman

Elaine watched as a dark pool of black miraculously formed beneath his feet. Viktor followed her stare, but it was too late. The shadows crept up off of the floor and collapsed over the demon.

When they retreated, they crept to the new visitor at the door Elaine saw Viktor laying on the ground with grey ashen skin still. He was still in his glamoured form.

Colt’s shadows had sliced up so much of Viktor’s skin that Elaine couldn’t discern one laceration from the next. Viktor’s eyes were closed and his blood vessels could be seen all over his face and arms. Elaine thought they looked like tattoos webbed all over his skin.

It was crippling to see him die so easily by someone else’s hand. She thought she was defenseless. She didn’t know what to feel, but she couldn’t help feeling a little bad he would die not knowing his own upbringing. Of course, there was also the possibility he was she couldn’t fathom the idea.

She was still scared and afraid he wasn’t truly dead. She felt like she was waiting for him to sit up or something, but his body remained still and for some reason it made her eyes water a little.

Elaine hated herself for sympathizing with an evil person such as he, but some small portion of her mind reminded her that he was as lost about who or what he really was as she was.

Colt walked into the living room and she hastily wiped away her tears so he wouldn’t see her crying. Colt made sure his brethren was sent back on his way to hell where he belonged. He watched with a smirk as Viktor’s lifeless body sunk completely into the pool of black.

It irked him that the demon had not put up much of a fight against him, but it was more bothersome that he had escaped hell altogether and found his way directly to Elaine so quickly. Even more so, the reason why he was there in the first place.

Elaine was still watching the spot in the room where Viktor’s body disappeared. Colt helped her stand up. He hated how traumatized Viktor had made her and worried Elaine would be afraid of him now too.

“I don’t know what he’s told you about me, but I’m nothing like him. I easily escaped Aeringdal thanks to my shadows. Your back home now and Viktor is taken care of. You’ll be safe here,” Colt assured her.

Elaine was only half listening as she rushed over to her parents. She desperately was trying to wake up them up, but they appeared to remain in a deep sleep.

Her father was still bent at an awkward angle as he lay on the ground with the side of his head badly bleeding. Her mother’s face looked pained and pale in her endless sleep. She tried so hard to wake them up. She shook them both and shouted at them, but still, neither would wake up.

Colt frowned feeling deeply disturbed. He figured Viktor must have been unable to use his powers in the faery realm for some weird reason. He was in hell now though, and there, he would once again be capable of his dreamwalking. Colt had a feeling he was snooping around her parents’ head and would need them unconscious for his convenience. It was usually his method of getting information out of other demons.

Colt helped carry her sleeping parents up to their room. The house was a little cold so Elaine pulled a blanket over them. After they left her parents’ room, they went back downstairs and sat at the kitchen table.

“He thinks we’re siblings,” Elaine said bitterly.

“Clearly not, but I suppose we’ll never know now. We can’t risk going back to hell again. Aeringdal will be searching for me now and we can’t stay here either.”

“I can’t leave my parents here alone. What if they wake up? Why are you acting like they w-won’t?” Elaine’s spoke in a soft waver.

“Viktor is using them to lure you to him,” Colt began carefully. Then he added, “Do you know where Lorcan is?”

“He’s in town. He told me he would come over tomorrow morning. We should at least wait for him.”

Colt told her he agreed and he began to ask her just how much Viktor had told her and what he had done before he arrived.

Lorcan should have felt something was wrong with his mate though and Colt knew this. However, it was only in his nature to be selfish with his own interests and be pleased he got to be the one to save her instead of the annoying faery -- especially when Elaine told him the faery had stolen her first kiss. He didn’t care what happened to him now, but he doubted the aloof faery was still in town.

Colt seethed with rage knowing Lorcan had willingly left Elaine alone in her home when they both knew beforehand there was the possibility Viktor could leave hell. Colt reached across the table and held her hand giving her a weak smile.

However, what he really felt like doing was sending to Lorcan to hell because he was noticing a pattern. That pattern being whenever Elaine was alone she ended up in trouble. Lorcan should have known that well enough by now, but Colt remained silent about the matter for the sake of Elaine’s emotions.

Besides, he already knew she would have had to realize that herself by now. She wasn’t clinging or anything, but he did often think of her as helpless. It wasn’t her fault she was though. She lacked knowledge her parents never shared and she was still learning the ways of her kind.

He saw Viktor and he saw her father. There were similarities sure, but they were easy to tell apart. When he came into the house he was surprised to see she was still even alive. It was why he was quick to dispose of the sinister demon without question.

Despite everything he confessed he did in his past such kill other demons and faeries she still looked for the good in him. He didn’t like to think about it, but she would be so easy for someone to take advantage of. Someone exactly like Viktor.

He was still getting over the fact she had willingly opened the door to the very demon and let him waltz right into her home without batting an eye. He wondered if some part of her believed Viktor’s suspicion, but he hoped he was wrong.

Even if a tiny part of her believed they were siblings it would be enough for her to seek out more answers and get herself into more trouble.

After all, she was still holding onto the baby picture in her hand and staring over into the living room where he had not even five minutes ago killed the vile demon.


A strange rumble caused the ground to vibrate as if a mini earthquake occurred beneath Lorcan. From beside the boulder ahead of him sat a fallen tree and its trunk cracked and splintered sharply sending him reeling backward. The fallen tree twisted and turned, bending in unnatural angles to rise off the ground. Leaves grew off the once dead tree limbs.

The tree stood tall now and the sun’s rays trickled down the leafy foliage above the red-haired faery. He flew upward meeting the brown tree knobs that etched out the greenman’s eyes.

An old face was carved into the tree that definitely was not completely there before.

“What is it you seek, youngling?” the ancient being asked.

“I don’t have much time greenman, but I need to know if you’ve allowed a demon to travel by this way,” Lorcan announced.

The greenman let out a rumbling laugh, “No! I do not serve such creatures although now I can feel a few are roaming this earthen ground. What troubles are in you in to ask me such a question?”

“My mate is being pursued by two of them. If you see them you need to kill them!”

“Do you mean to tell me...such creatures are interested in the likes of your kind?”

“Yes!” Lorcan fumed.

The greenman became quiet and closed his eyes noting the faery’s concern.

“You have a pure heart, faery. You should not be concerned with such creatures though. They will find their own way back to where they belong without either of our interference.”

Lorcan was left unsatisfied by the greenman’s wisdom and trudged back through the woods the way he had come. One of his childhood friends was back in town and he was almost as excited to see her as he was to return to his mate.

In fact, he knew he would pass by Cordelia’s home before he made it to Elaine’s house. So he thought he would drop by and say hello before heading back to meet up with Elaine.

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