The Dark Bloom (The Faery Meadow Book 2)

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Chapter 19-The Evacuation

The house was asleep as Viktor entered it in search of his demon brother.

He found Lorcan first and picked up a flower vase on a nearby shelf. Without hesitation, he smashed it against the sleeping faery man’s head. Another sleeping faery was across from him on the couch.

Cordelia had woken up on her chair, facing the sinister demon just before he knocked her out cold with a slap in the face with a heavy book.

Then, he dragged the unconscious faeries out of the house and down into the overgrown front lawn for the time being.

Viktor was powerless having been stripped of his abilities after his rebirth. Now, he had to resort to mundane ways of asserting his will over the weak winged people. He was annoyed his glamoured form appeared permanent too as he glanced down at the mirror shard in his hand. He tucked it in his pant pocket.

The small house smelled of cherry and something else sweeter. The demon entered inside it again, headed straight to the kitchen. He turned around and went back the way he came realizing the scent was stronger toward the stairwell. He climbed up the stairs and went into the first room he found.

He had hoped to find Colt and was irritated the useless girl was alone. She was the one giving off the overpowering scent.

The floor around her bed was sprinkled in a light coating of glittery dried faery dust. Viktor watched in a trance as she pulled her covers up to her chin. A heap of the dusty substance slid off of it. He watched it fall to the ground in a cloud of shimmering pink before adding to the small piles below.

The demon walked over to her bed and stooped down cupping some of it up in his hand. His pupils dilated as the powdery substance melted in his mouth. It tasted as delicious as it smelled.

He was already swallowing another scoop of it completely unaware of his new addiction. Elaine mumbled in her sleep and he stood up to his full height staring down at the useless faery. The only thing he thought she was good for was secreting her powdery candy-like dried nectar.

Elaine heard the floorboards creak in her room as if someone were walking around it. She peeled her eyes open and screamed seeing Viktor at the foot of her bed. Outside she heard a bunch of hollering and a strange glow emitted from her bedroom window. Viktor also heard the noise and looked out to find the town was being ransacked by little bald pixies.

Elaine scrambled out of bed while he was distracted by the new chaos outside. She dashed out of the room and ran for the stairs. Her arms were seized from behind and she was hauled backward.

“My powers are gone. What have you done to me?” Viktor growled while shaking her arms violently. Elaine cowered beneath his towering frame.

She didn’t know why on earth he was blaming her when he was the one who got himself sent back to hell. Elaine hoped to never see him again. She looked up at him through tears. “N-nothing!”

She went rigid seeing her own faery dust caked around his face. The door downstairs burst open as an ugly little creature with greasy long strands of hair hopped inside.

It made a piercing screeching noise. Viktor let go of Elaine to cover his ears. She had nowhere to run, so she flew down the steps thinking of just flying over the pixie and out the door. However, another pixie bounded into the house and jumped on top of its friend’s greasy head blocking her path.

The two scattered into the home while a mob of them flooded into the house behind them. Elaine remembered her parents and flew up the stairs where Viktor watched the scene unfold below. He grabbed her wing and violently tugged her downward.

“Let me go!” Elaine screamed while thrashing against him.

Outside the small house, the town was already evacuating. Shops had been sent on fire as the pixies stole what they wanted and then ran.

The market was already ablaze and the little creatures had stolen every last crumb of food they could find. They were more interested in weapons though and the town had few since it was occupied by the poorer folk. They still went house to house searching in hopes of finding a hoard of weapons to add to their collection.

The faeries easily evaded the creatures due to their wings. James was about to leave with his own family right next door to Elaine’s home. He thought he heard screaming though coming from inside her house. So he flew over to make sure everyone inside had got out. By the time he entered the home, the pixies had already searched it and made a huge mess.

Elaine saw James standing in the doorway downstairs. Behind him, a pixie leaped up onto the porch and stabbed in the back immediately killing him. The devilish creature was trained in where to strike exactly and knew it had hit his heart.

A muffled cry left her as Viktor covered her mouth with his hand.

He tugged her roughly down the steps with him. “Shut the hell up!” he snarled.

He proceeded to kick James’s lifeless body out of the way as they exited the house. Elaine sobbed as she was forced from her home at the hand of the psycho.

She saw a pixie approach them and winced when Viktor kicked its bowling ball-shaped body. It flew over the roof of the house. It landed in the chimney and remained stuck squealing for help.

Elaine tried to rip Viktor's arm off her. It kept her against his chest, and more importantly to the demon, from escaping. He would use her to bait Colt out of hiding.

Viktor spotted the faeries landing on the other side of the market. They were still far behind the group. He stopped walking.

“We’re going to play pretend for a bit with your little faery cult until we reach the next town over -- if Colt hasn’t come to rescue you by then. As far as you’re concerned, I am your brother and if you dare tell anyone else otherwise I will kill them first and then you,” Viktor said with menace.

Elaine fought against him, revolted by his disgusting twisted scheme. She remained mute because she was too afraid if she said the wrong thing he would just kill her. She wished Lorcan or Colt were around, but it was still early morning. She figured Colt was still in hell, but she didn’t know where Lorcan and Cordelia went. They weren’t downstairs that she saw.

Did they escape without her?

She shivered and quickly became deadweight at the thought of Lorcan evacuating with Cordelia. Maybe he left her behind out of spite. Either way, it still hurt her more than she wanted it to.

The demon’s low voice turned guttural, “If you don’t start walking and quit crying, I will tear your wings off!”

He let go of her and watched her stumble forward.

"I'm not going with you!" she cried out.

Viktor marched right back up to her and grabbed her by the collar of her cotton nightgown.

Elaine froze as he reeled her toward him inspecting her face for signs of crying. Elaine stared into his golden eyes as they scanned her face from her chin to her forehead. Anger and unspoken rage swirled within them. She wasn’t sure if it was truly directed at her or Colt.

She thought probably both because Colt had him killed him because of her.

She didn’t care in the moment.

Elaine narrowed her eyes as he looked her over. Desperate to get away, she spat faery dust in his face. He let go of her with a disgruntled huff and wiped at his face momentarily blinded.

Then Elaine flew away out of his reach. She quickly headed to her townfolk hoping there would be safety in numbers.

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