The Dark Bloom (The Faery Meadow Book 2)

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Chapter 3-Decision to Dispute

Colt scowled at Lorcan as he beckoned his shadows to return to him and away from the faery man. Elaine pushed herself away from Lorcan’s chest feeling his arms tighten around her. He seemed to have regained his strength and stood up with her.

“How could you leave me like that?” Elaine yelled at him while tightening her hands into fists.

She could feel her face turning red in fury, but mostly hurt. She wasn’t fully on board with his explanation of needing so much time to talk to Silvia.

“I left you for what? A few days Elaine. Then I find out you unmated me without my consent,” Lorcan said while watching her with his deep red eyes.

“I didn’t even know what I was getting into.”

“With who, Elaine? Me or...that?” he argued while pointing at Colt.

She was beginning to think Lorcan would still refuse to listen to reason. It’s not like she knew Colt would become her mate and she felt Lorcan would have known that already seeing first-hand her lack of knowledge about their kind. “Colt’s helped me more than you have. He’s protected me.”

“I don’t blame you. I blame him. I’ll take you away with me now that I’ve found you. I’ll explain everything. We just need to get out of here now,” Lorcan told her with new urgency.

He tugged on her arm and started walking off in the opposite direction of Colt. Angry, Elaine pulled against him dragging her feet.

Elaine tried to shove him away, but his hold on her wouldn’t loosen. “I can’t just go with you! Let me go. Now,” Elaine said fiercely.

Colt watched the two with amusement.

“What are you smirking about? Perhaps I shall wipe that smirk off your face. After all, you’re the one who took her away from me!" He released Elaine. Then he raced up to Colt with inhuman speed.

Elaine flew ahead of Colt. Lorcan raised his eyebrows in surprise seeing her fly for the first time. She landed ahead of him and blocked his path to Colt.

Colt yawned and crossed his arms thinking time was being wasted. “Looks like she doesn’t agree with you.”

“Lorcan, I asked for Colt’s help. I wanted to leave.”

Lorcan shook his head not believing her. He knew the demon must have brainwashed her into leaving with him. No sane faery would ever follow a demon anywhere.

“Yeah right. Do you know what he is Elaine? He isn’t like you and me. It wouldn’t surprise me if he hasn’t bothered telling you yet-” Lorcan ranted, but Elaine interrupted him.

“Enough!” Elaine screeched seeing Colt’s shadows move toward Lorcan again.

She felt they would never quit arguing and whatever demon was on the loose would be killing more people. Something in her knew the voice in her head was related to the demon. Maybe it even was the demon. Lorcan’s news was unsettling, but she was glad neither of the men had pressed the issue more.

She hoped it wasn’t the demon. If she was honest though, she just wanted to forget it existed altogether. It terrified her to know something out there was watching her every move and could even read her personal thoughts.

Lorcan saw Elaine go still and a faraway look grow in her eyes. Colt moved nearer to her, but Lorcan brushed him out of his way roughly to get to her first. He took her hand in his and when she didn’t react he gulped.

“Elaine, we really need to get out of here,” Colt announced.

Lorcan corrected Colt’s words speaking with new panic, “You and I have to leave now. We can’t risk counting on him. We’ll find our own way to prove if he’s wrong about him not being the demon on the loose we’re looking for.”

Elaine blinked and then became aware of Lorcan’s nearness. His face was an inch away from her own and his breath tickled the side of her face.

She scoffed. “Are you serious? I’m not going anywhere. I just found my parents. Like you care. The night isn’t even over yet.”

“No, you don’t understand. Silvia...she’s coming for you. She’ll be here anytime-” Lorcan began, but Colt cut him off.

“And I wonder who led her here to us?”

“She’s been tracking me after we went our separate ways. She has an inkling you are somehow important or the reason why the demon’s escaped hell. I knew she knew I would lead you to her. I couldn’t leave you alone knowing she would track you down eventually. Her witches are out for blood now. They want to avenge their sisters and they think you, Elaine, were the one who summoned the demon now,” Lorcan explained.

“What do you mean track me down? What does she even want with me? How does she even know who I am?! What were you doing with her all that time anyway? I didn’t summon the demon!” Elaine whisper-yelled.

She felt like she was standing on the edge of a cliff and was now just waiting to be pushed over by a mob of crazed witches. She knew after meeting Gurnava how powerful and resourceful the witches were. Now, a group of them wanted her dead.

“I was getting information.”

“What aren’t you telling me, Lorcan? I think I deserve to know why you basically ditched me for days,” she retorted.

“Alright, I may or may not have stolen the mirror shard from her. Silvia would have used it to find you. Although she is a mer, she really is in a witch coven. We don’t have to be that worried though. Everyone knows the fae have the best powers. The witches are not organized and are fairly reclusive. They’ll never find you,” Lorcan explained quickly.

Elaine replied in a broken voice, “Why do they think I summoned it? What did you tell them?”

Lorcan rubbed the back of his neck. “Look we can talk later, she’s been trailing me the whole way here. Wouldn’t surprise me if she has some of her coven friends with her. She can’t be less than a mile from here by now. So I suggest we get moving,” he admitted.

Colt’s glare hadn’t left the faery man since he tried hugging Elaine.

“F-fine. Just let me say goodbye to my parents,” Elaine mumbled while turning around.

“No! We don’t have time for that,” Lorcan warned her while yanking her arm back.

Colt looked at Elaine with new sympathy, but Lorcan was right. “I hate to agree with him, but if this so-called witch is after you we should leave as soon as possible.”

“What do you mean 'we'? There’s no way you’re coming with us. You’re a demon!” Lorcan barked back with rage.

Elaine stepped out of his reach and placed her hands on her hips. “Lorcan, who do you think was the person who helped me when you were gone? All he’s done is help me. Colt is coming with us.”

“I’m going to be blunt. I don’t trust him and you shouldn’t either. Demons are sly, sneaky creatures,” Lorcan replied while glaring at Colt, but he knew Elaine’s heart was set on them working together. He knew they would surely regret it, but he had a feeling if he kept arguing against it Elaine would ask him to stay behind. “If you insist he travels with us I suppose I will have to accept it for now. Follow me,” he added.

Elaine couldn’t believe she was going to be stuck in her dress walking off to who knows where.

“Then we better hurry if these witches truly are as close as you claim. We will travel to hell first. If another demon’s gone Heslin will now. He is the demon in charge of keeping the population in order,” Colt told them.

Elaine smiled with new hope, but also was nervous about meeting another demon. Something told her this Heslin wouldn’t be as welcoming as the seer. She didn’t know much about demon life in hell, but the town they traveled to before when seeking out the seer didn’t seem so bad.

“Should be easy enough for you. Think you can get us there fast enough?” Lorcan said impatiently.

“Of course Colt can. Hell isn’t that bad, actually, when we went last time everything was blurry and no one was really around,” Elaine told him lightly.

“Well, this time we aren’t going where we were before. We are going to my home. It’s very different from the seer’s place,” Colt informed her.

Suddenly, shadows blanketed over the grassy ground creating a sea of darkness. Colt already was walking over the shadows of the portal.

“And the witches won’t be able to get to us there right?” Elaine asked the demon while timidly stepping onto the shadows behind him with Lorcan close behind.

“We won’t be there that long. Think of it as a temporary hideout.”

I’m curious to see what Colt’s home looks like. Will we see his family there, but it’s hell and if he is a demon...does he even have a family? I guess I’ll find out, Elaine thought to herself. Abruptly, Colt disappeared ahead of her.

“Something tells me that demon doesn’t like waiting. Let’s hurry up,” Lorcan told Elaine.

The wounds on his legs were dried up. Elaine thought they would probably scab over, but she was still a bit shaken seeing Colt attack Lorcan the way he did. Lorcan’s pants were ripped up at the bottom so she could see the damage done.

The cuts didn’t appear that deep. Lorcan looked pretty mad though when Colt released him from the shadows. She could only hope the anger between the two of them would die down.

She had a feeling it wouldn’t be anytime soon though.

Elaine quickly walked over the pool of shadows following the path she saw Colt go. Lorcan pulled on her hair and she stumbled back against his chest with a grimace.

“Aren’t the shadows burning you now?” Elaine asked him.

“Oddly, when I’m touching you the pain isn’t so unbearable,” he said with a sinister smile.

Elaine rolled her eyes at him, but something more troubling was buzzing around her mind. A daunting feeling consumed her making her stomach churn as she never did truly get to say goodbye to her parents or find out more about the mate ordeal from them.

Suddenly, her wings disappeared on their own. Lorcan looked at her with concern as he grabbed Elaine’s hand firmly. His wings were gone too. A static-like feeling clouded the air around them and a hazy feeling formed in her mind. Lorcan looked just as distraught. The portal was transporting them.

Elaine felt the wind get knocked out of her and she realized she was no longer standing, but on her knees facing the rocky ground. The bottom of her dress was now covered in dirt and torn up at the bottom as if it was burned by fire. She looked up at her surroundings.

The air felt unconformable and she thought it seemed denser than the air on earth. The ground around her was covered in burned grass and rocks. There were no plants she noticed, just the skeletons of dead trees remained. She thought it must be night time.

Then again, she had considered it may be always this dark in hell. There was just enough light to see about five yards in front of her.

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