The Dark Bloom (The Faery Meadow Book 2)

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Chapter 8-Sleeping Faery

When the demon dragged her outside the tent, she spotted the witches surrounding Lorcan.

Elaine didn’t see Colt anywhere though as “Finnick” pulled out a rifle. He aimed it at Lorcan.“I hear how much fae love iron. I can finally put this to use,” he murmured with a sharp glint in his eyes.

He had also tied a magical rope around Elaine’s wrist keeping her from trying to run away again. Silvia approached them feeling confident the party behind her could kill Lorcan.

Elaine struggled against the rope binding her hands. The demon held the other end like a leash.

“Ah, Finnick. You can take care of it,” Silvia remarked in dismissal.

Lorcan eyed Elaine and he shook his head at her.

I can’t just let them shoot him! Why would he walk straight into their camp to begin with? We need Colt’s help, Elaine thought hopelessly.

Suddenly, Colt appeared beside Silvia and Elaine jumped feeling startled by his close proximity. He was in his shadow form and grabbed the witch’s throat before she had time to react.

Elaine turned her attention to the demon holding the rope. His finger hovered over the trigger as he followed Lorcan’s movements as he was flying in the air now out of the witches’ reach.

“No!” Elaine shouted running in front of the gun.

Behind her back, the witches started to beat Lorcan using spells to throw rocks and disorient him. Lorcan did his best to overpower them, but too many of them are attacking him at once. Elaine figured he must have been trying to distract the witches so Colt could get close to Silvia. It had worked, but now he was suffering the brunt of their forces.

“Colt help him! Please!”

Slowly, Colt released his hold from Silvia. He flickered out of sight as Silvia still clawed at her neck gulping for air desperately. Colt then used his shadows to drag the witches away, but the witches still managed to use their spells to fend off his powers. The demon in front of her shifted his gun away from her face to the fighting men behind her.

“Just kill them!” Silvia yelled.

The demon man obeyed. Swiftly, he raised the gun above Elaine’s head without even glancing at her. A deafening shot went off. The blood drained from her face as she forced herself to turn around and face reality.

“Send Heslin warm wishes,” the demon said through a smile.

Colt laid motionless on the ground with a bullet through his head. A breeze passed and shadows seeped out of him fleeing across the floor rapidly leaving no trace of his body. He disappeared.

“You killed him! You killed him!” Elaine yelled with bitter tears.

The demon shrugged his shoulders and Lorcan looked shaken.

The witches raised their voices and at the crescendo of their creepy chant, Lorcan was pulled away by an unknown force deep into the woods away them. He yelled trying to reassure Elaine that he would be back. She didn’t know how he would find his way in hell thought without Colt.

“Lorcan! Let him go!” Elaine yelled at Silvia.

The witch scoffed and walked over to where Colt died.

“Who was in charge of the ward?” Silvia questioned sharply to the group of witches.

Elaine tuned her out as her mind went into a dark place. The demon dragged her back in the tent ignoring her screams of protest.

“I told you I would kill him.”

Elaine narrowed her eyes at the ground. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of arguing with him. So she grieved silently in the far corner of the tent. She hadn’t believed Colt should have died. She thought it was her fault. He came to rescue her and had died. He didn’t deserve to die.

The demon was agitated at her pathetic waterworks. He sure was glad he was not of her kind. Faeries were all weak and their only good use was their knowledge about traveling between realms. “I suggest you get over it fast. You need to have energy for tomorrow. You should not waste it over Colt. If you promise to stay put and not put up a fight I’ll untie your hands.”

He’s the one who killed Colt, Elaine’s mind screamed.

She nodded her head while staring into the soft glow of the lantern beside her. When the demon man untied the rope from her hands she clenched her hands into fists as her arms began to shake.

She lifted her gaze to meet his. “You killed him!” she sneered.

She gathered all the dwindling strength within her she could muster and the pain in her back was forgotten as she lunged forward at him. However, her attempt failed pathetically as he easily restrained her by catching her fists in his hands.

He talked to her like she was a child. “Little faery, did Colt not tell you where demons go when they die in hell? Do you even know how a demon can really be killed?”

“Don’t you say his name. You know nothing about him!” Elaine sobbed with the new terror of being completely at this evil demon’s mercy.

She tried to rip her hands out of his grasp, but it proved useless.

“We demons can only die if we are killed in hell by a gatekeeper -- such as Heslin.”

Elaine frozen in wonder as new hope began to replace her sorrow. Then again, this man was a demon. He could be lying.

If he wasn’t lying, then where could Colt possibly be? She rubbed her wrists looking up at the demon with new confusion. She wanted to know why he shot Colt when he had much more time to kill Lorcan. Not that she wanted either dead, but he had a clear shot at Lorcan.

“You give me no reason to trust you,” Elaine spat back.

“Perhaps I shall share some things with you. My name is not Finnick. I’m Viktor and the demon I just killed is the reason why I was locked in Heslin’s dungeon. While he roamed free on Earth, I was stuck down there burning in the bastard’s hellfire! I’ll show you who the real liar really is.”

Elaine felt like she was going to be sick hearing his demonic tone used on her.

“Viktor? Silvia called you ‘Finnick’!”

“Just go to sleep and I will show you where he is,” Viktor commanded sharply.

Elaine huffed and shook her head refusing to obey. “I will never do anything you want.”

She wouldn’t get a choice though. She screamed when the demon grabbed both sides of her head like Colt did to the demon girl they encountered. She was afraid he would pop her head like a grape too. She knew his iron grip would leave bruises and when he released her head she slumped over passing out.

Viktor knew there was so much to do. So many problems to fix. He had just gotten rid of one of them, but he had another now with the red-haired faery having spotted him. He guessed the faery to be Elaine’s mate, but Viktor did not plan on leaving hell with any baggage.

The faeries would stay behind and he’d wipe his hands clean of them.

Something kept nagging at him though. He felt like he knew her from somewhere and fate would have it he just so happen to run into her in the hotel he was getting his dinner at. He even dared to think she felt their peculiar connection too.

While she remained knocked out, he flicked the last bit of her faery vomit off his shoulder. He thought some of the pink goop had even got in his mouth as he bent down on his knees feeling a strange tickling sensation in his throat while he freely ogled her sleeping form.

A dribble of her faery dust slipped from her mouth and he swiped it up with his finger. He tasted the shimmering substance and thought it was a blend of cherry and honey flavor.

It was like nectar, but he frowned at himself for being tempted to want to eat more of it. He wondered if his brother had tasted it because it was oddly...appetizing. He figured her mate had already had as he searched her memories for the answer.

Viktor knew all of her past feelings and thoughts up to until her arrival in his domain in a matter of minutes. He even discovered himself having talked to her long ago before he ever met her, but he never remembered himself doing any such thing.

He was surprised to see her apparently being mated to this faery who she called Lorcan. He thought it appeared to be an accident as he watched the movie of her memories running through his mind.

It gave him a lot to think about, but right now he was mostly satisfied by the fact he had finally put Colt where he belonged.

Putting Colt in Heslin’s care wouldn’t suffice though. Physically Colt would suffer there, but he wouldn’t be there long knowing him. Viktor knew he would escape somehow knowing the demon had earned Heslin’s trust in the past.

“I’ll be waiting,” Viktor whispered while entertaining a new idea in his mind.

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