Fated for Two

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Farrah begins to feel the emotions of her mate and leaves home to find him. However, when she does she finds herself fated for two mates instead. The moon goddess has seen the plight of her beloved creations, the werewolves. From her home she watches, and she is saddened when she sees those that are unhappy because it causes her heart to hurt for them. This causes her to come up with a plan to help those she can by aiding them in finding their soulmates. With this in mind, she sends Farrah Hemmings on a journey to find her soulmate. Farrah has been feeling the extreme emotions of her soulmate for a while now and that it worries her. She fears he is headed for his own destruction because his emotions swing from severe anger to devastating sadness in the blink of an eye almost. Her mother, however, tries to persuade her not to go because she fears he is an alpha. She believes an alpha will never accept a rouge wolf as his soulmate. Farrah is determined though and sets off to find her mate. What happens when she finds out she doesn't just have one soulmate, but two? (**A warning for those who don't like multiple mates, this is a story of one she-wolf, who has two mates**)

Fantasy / Romance
Presley's Angel
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Chapter 1

“What has caused you to frown so hard, my love?” he asked.

The moon goddess turned to look at her mate. Giving him a smile, she walked over to where he stood in the doorway. Wrapping her arms around him she gave a sad sigh. “They are not happy.”

Already knowing where this was going, he kissed her head and waited.

“They were the sweetest of boys when they were growing up and as close, if not closer, than brothers. They did everything together; their packs were meant to be great allies.” Her face darkened with anger then as she continued, “That girl wasn’t even a mate to Everard, but she tore apart their friendship and destroyed their bond. In the chaos she created in her wake one of the packs was almost physically destroyed, the other almost emotionally destroyed along with their alpha.”

“So, what do you plan to do about it, my love?” He asked her.

The moon goddess looked up at him and said, “I have a plan.”

He chuckled, knowing that would be all he would get. “I know you do, and I expected nothing less.”

The moon goddess looked back out the special window that allowed her to see her beloved children, those the mortals called werewolves. She watched as one of her broken pups shoved everything off his desk in anger as he growled loudly. His anger had become a thing of legends and because of it, most of his pack feared him. He needed an alpha female to calm him, to love him, to show him his worth. He also needed his friend back, he just refused to see how badly he needed that.

She then glanced further over at her other broken pup and saw him crying. He was trying to lead his pack the best he could, but he no longer had his best friend to guide him and felt so lost. He was never meant to be the alpha; he was going to be his best friend’s beta because it was his elder brother who was destined to be the alpha. He felt he was no good at being an alpha, but when his father and elder brother had been killed in the pack wars, he’d had no choice but to take the pack over.

When he had first taken over the pack, he’d had his friend to help steer him in the right direction. Now he had no one and his pack was slowly falling apart and close to being destitute and starving. He was growing desperate and desperate men did terrible things sometimes. He had tried something once before in his depression, and she feared he would try something again if she didn’t do something soon.

“Those two pups need each other to survive, and I will send them someone who will love them equally. This is my plan and I know it will bring them back together,” she murmured.

Her mate raised his eyebrow in surprise. “You would give two alphas one mate? That is not something you usually do because alphas are so…?”

She laughed and turned back to look at him to ask, “Aggressive to each other? Possessive of their mates?”

“Yes, something like that,” he agreed.

The moon goddess hummed and tapped her chin, before mentioning, “That is true of most alphas, but these two are different. They have always been so close, brothers of the heart. I believe they will be more than willing to run their packs almost as one instead of two. For you see, my love, they are the perfect blend because they balance each other out, they always have. Brenton is a dominant alpha who rules his pack with an iron fist. Everard lets everyone run him over because technically, he shouldn’t even be the alpha, he was always meant to be the beta.”

“That’s true,” he agreed. “So, they compliment each other. When Brenton is too tough, Everard will be there to make him see his mistakes, and vice versa.”

“Correct, working together as the alpha and his beta would,” she said.

“And their mate?”

She smirked and kissed him before saying, “She will be the glue that will hold them together so that no one else can do what was done to them by that wretched woman! Those two sweet pups deserve all the happiness, and I know just who can help them find it.”

“Of course, you do, my love. You are the moon goddess after all, and they are your creations,” he agreed. “Now that you have that figured out, how about helping me find some happiness in our bedroom.”

She giggled and allowed him to pick her up and carry her there.

Farrah Hemmings packed the last of her clothes in her huge suitcase and zipped it up. She then sat it on the floor next to her smaller case that held her toiletries and personal items. Heaving a sad sigh as she heard a sniffle from behind her, she turned toward her open door.

“Do you really have to leave Farrah?” Mom asked softly, a tissue to her cheek as she wiped at the tears.

“Yes. We talked about this Mom,” Farrah whispered as she moved to give her mom a hug. “I don’t plan to stay gone forever, but I feel like something is calling me to go. I just know my mate is out there and I need to find him. I can feel his extreme sadness, and his anger. Every day both grow stronger, and he needs his mate to calm his anger and to love his hurts away.”

“I fear he’s an alpha, baby girl. The way you speak of his anger…” Mom trailed off with a sigh.

“I know Mom, but I’m the daughter of a beta, I’ll be alright,” Farrah comforted. “I’ll call you often and hopefully when I find him, he’ll come with me to meet you.”

Mom snorted and turned to leave the room as she said, “If he’s an alpha, the last thing he’ll want to do is meet a rogue wolf. He definitely won’t leave his pack behind to meet one.”

“Mom!” Farrah almost yelled, “I’m a rogue too you know! If he accepts me, he’ll accept you.”

Mom just shook her head and headed for her own room, closing the door.

Farrah felt like growling. Yes, they were rogues, had been since their pack had been destroyed in the pack wars. They weren’t rogues by choice, however, surely her mate would understand that. I hope my mate will understand that, she thought as her wolf gave a whimper. I’m young, only twenty-two, but I’ve dreamed of a mate since I was old enough to want one. Then I began having these bursts of feeling at odd times and I know it’s my mate, I just know it. Even though I hate leaving Mom alone, I must find him because I feel his desperation and I know he needs me. I fear if I don’t find him soon, he will do something to himself because of that desperation that will take him away from me before I even have him, and I can’t let that happen.

Taking a deep breath, and letting it out slowly, she picked up her bags and left her bedroom. She felt as if she had a deadline, so strong was her urge to hit the road. Giving her mom’s closed bedroom door one last look, she whispered, “I’ll see you soon mom.” Then she left the house and headed to her car. After loading her luggage into the trunk, she climbed in the driver’s seat and cranked up. It was time to head out, time to begin her journey into the unknown to find her mate.

Brenton Phillips snarled, in anger at his beta, Owen, as he turned from watching the pack warriors train, asking, “What do you mean patrol lost the rogue they were chasing? We needed him for information.”

Owen bowed his head in submission to his Alpha, barely holding back a whimper. “It was like it just disappeared into thin air, sir. We smelled it, then suddenly it was gone. I figured it headed into the city and was lost in the scents.”

Brenton clenched his hands and took a deep breath, his anger rolling over him like an angry ocean wave. He then angrily exclaimed, “I want that rogue found if it takes all night to find him! He has the information I need on the rogue leader. Take five of the best trackers to the city and begin a grid search if you have too but find him.”

“Yes, Alpha,” Owen said, bowing his head and leaving.

Brenton turned back to his warriors and found them watching him. He growled again before inquiring, “Did I tell you to take a break?”

They quickly began their training once more even though they were already exhausted.

Everard Steward paced the floor of his office at the pack-house as he yanked at his hair. He was worried about his pack because they were slowly falling apart, and he had no clue how to save it. He thought maybe it was time to try and disband the pack again and send everyone out to other packs. That’s what he’d done before, but the few that had stay then stayed because they were loyal. They would probably just refuse again to leave him. They couldn’t keep on this way though, not without some help, they would all starve to death.

Flopping down in his desk chair he held back the tears as he thought, I’m not an alpha. I don’t know how to be an alpha; I’m failing my pack and the memory of my dad and brother. I need help, and I need it soon! Moon goddess, I need help, please!

Raising his head, he glanced out the window toward the south where the pack of his once best friend, Brenton, was. “Oh, how I miss you my friend, you and your knowledge. Oh, how I wish we could somehow figure out how to fix this rift between us,” he muttered sadly as he heard someone walk in. Turning he saw his beta and gave him a sad smile. “What can I help you with Morgan?”

“How did the meeting with the bank go about the loan?” Morgan asked quietly.

Everard sighed and shook his head as he said, “I’m too much of a risk because I don’t make enough working as a mechanic.”

“Oh,” Morgan said, his shoulders slumping. He then straightened and said, “Well, the roofing supplies are here for the pack-house. We should be able to get the rest of the roof fixed within the next couple of days. Once that is complete, more of those without homes can move in over the weekend.”

Everard nodded and stood up as he said, “Alright, I’ll be out in a moment to help. Just let me get out of this suit.”

“Yes sir,” Morgan answered as he bowed his head respectfully and left.

Most of the pack was moving into the pack-house, it would be cheaper than everyone living in their own homes. This was another downsizing he was doing in hope of keeping the pack safe because the rogues always seemed to know what packs were failing and targeted them relentlessly. Although we’ve been lucky so far and they seem to be leaving us alone, he thought before shaking his head and moving toward his personal bathroom to change.

Something had to give though, and soon because he couldn’t take much more stress, not without a mate by his side to help him. “Not that I’d wish my life right now on a mate,” he muttered sadly. “No time for pity parties though, I have a pack-house roof to repair.”

Farrah was singing along with the radio, badly, as she left the large city of Atlanta, Georgia behind her. She’d stopped, gassed up, and eaten lunch there. Although it was a nice enough city, as a wolf shifter, she preferred the country and hoped to find what she was looking for soon so she could let her wolf out.

She’d been driving for three days now, stopping at almost every pack she came to out of respect. Most of the alpha’s had been polite, thanking her for stopping to let them know she was traveling through, but some were quick to tell her to move along since she was a rogue. Thankfully, two of them hadn’t minded her staying in a motel for the night and had even wished her luck in finding her mate.

Now, her small hometown in North Dakota was far behind her and she felt as if her journey was almost at an end. The pull she felt toward her mate had steadily grown stronger and when she’d reached Georgia, she somehow knew he was closer than ever. She was so excited about finally finding him and wondered if he was feeling her as she drew closer to him.

The thing that had her puzzled though was his extreme emotions, they were odd, and she was really worried about him. This morning he started out so angry but later, he was so sad it made her want to cry. It had her wishing she was already with him so she could hug him and tell him it would be alright. She didn’t understand how his moods could fluctuate from one extreme to the other in a matter of moments.

Farrah sighed, rolling down the window as she grew slightly sleepy. She then muttered, “I’ll know soon enough because I know he’s close.”

Her wolf whined happily within just as her car made a strange sound. Glancing down at her dash, she saw all her lights come on just as the car shut down and smoke began to billow from under the hood. Gripping the steering wheel tightly she twisted it, moving the car off the road and onto the grass as far as she could get it to go.

Suddenly, she was panting, a nervous sweat trickling down her back as a wave of nausea hit her. With a grunt, she opened her car door and lunged out of it to dry heave in the grass. Then, feeling dizzy she lay down for a moment, but the feeling only grew worse, so staggering to her feet, she headed for the back of her car.

“Maybe I have something in my bag that will help, or maybe get a bottle of water,” she muttered even as the dizziness and nausea disappeared as if it had never been. Turning in circles she then mumbled, “How odd, I’m perfectly fine now. Well, that’s a good thing considering I need to pop the hood and see what’s going on with my car. It would be a bit difficult to do if I feel like puking my guts out.”

Turning, she headed back to her open door, thinking to pop her hood, but as soon as she reached the door nausea hit her again. Forcing it back, because she had no time for it, she popped her hood. Then she quickly moved forward toward the front of her car and the feeling left her once more, leaving her sighing in relief.

Opening her hood, she waved her hand in front of her, moving the smoke. It smelled strongly of antifreeze and she frowned. Does that mean my car has water, or it doesn’t have water? She vaguely remembered her dad talking about what antifreeze did for the car and that it was a bad thing for it not to have any.

“Where do I check it though,” she mumbled. She then began to move from one side of the car to the other as she looked at the engine with no clue as to what she was even looking for. “I have no clue what I’m looking for, so I suppose it’s time to call a tow truck.”

She stared at her open car door, wondering if nausea would return if she reached in to grab her purse, odd how that was the only place she felt nauseated. It was such a strange feeling to have and she was puzzled as to what would even cause such a thing. All she knew was that, right now, she needed her phone from her purse.

So, taking a deep breath, she moved quickly toward the open door and fighting nausea that overtook her once more, she pulled her purse up from under her front seat. She then moved quickly to the back of her car. As suddenly as her nausea started, it faded. She breathed a sigh of relief and pulled out her phone. She quickly Googled a towing company and called.

“Hello, Randall’s Towing,” a man answered.

“Hi, my name is Farrah Hemmings and my car has broken down,” she began. “I need someone to come and… do something to fix it.”

The man chuckled before saying, “I just need to know your location and a bit about what your car is doing.”

Farrah huffed and biting her lip, she once more made her way to the front of the car. “It’s smoking and I smell antifreeze, that’s all I can tell you about that. Oh, and it shut off on me right before it began billowing smoke. As for my location, I’m headed east on the outskirts of town.”

There was a long pause before the man said, “You’re on the east side of town and I’m on the west. It would probably be easier if you were to call someone closer. It would take me quite a bit of time to reach you.”

Farrah poked her lip out in a pout, even though he couldn’t see it, then as she said, “Yours was the only name that Google pulled up though.”

Lifting her head at the sound of movement, she glanced behind her to find a man with several wolves behind him standing at the edge of the woods. Hearing more movement, she turned her head the other way and saw another man with wolves behind him also.

It suddenly hit her then why she felt so odd when she moved to the center of her car, she was straddling a borderline between two packs. If she was reading the expression correctly on the one man’s face the two packs weren’t friendly with each other either.

She found herself hanging up her phone and moving toward the open door of her car again as the men moved further into the clearing.

The two men moved ever closer to her, but the wolves stayed back.

Farrah knew she wasn’t going anywhere in her car because it was dead, but she was a rogue wolf being approached by what she assumed was two alphas and one looked angry enough to take her head off. She whimpered and moved further back, her wolf whining inside.

Suddenly nausea and dizziness hit her full force and it was too much for her exhausted body to take. Then, for the first time in her life, she fainted.

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