Heart of Stone - Book 3: Souls Entwine

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**STEAMY** Wedding Night

Stone carried Aubree across the threshold of the cabin they built a few miles away from the pack house as she giggled.

“Isn’t this cliché?” he asked as he nudged the door closed with his foot.

“Come on! I’m only getting married once!” she exclaimed. “A thousand years from now, I’ll look back and say, ‘hey, remember that time we got married and you carried me into our cabin before I marked you? How come you never do that anymore?’"

He set her feet down on the floor before straightening up and snaking his hands around her waist. She grinned up at him cheekily as he pulled her close.

“Very well. I shall carry you like this into the house or the bedroom on every anniversary. Would that please you?”

“I would love that,” she replied, her cheeks flushed.

Bending down, he captured her lips with his as her hands slipped under the jacket of his tuxedo and began pulling his dress shirt out from his pants.

Since her first shift eleven months ago, she expressed an increased urge to mark him. While the matebond had been completely sealed, it was still a lingering feeling she had whenever they made love and reached their climaxes together.

He always felt the spark of her touch upon the mark on his shoulder, but the thought of her teeth laying claim on him had proved to be an arduous feat. He found himself craving it almost as much as she did. The length of him hardened at the mere thought of it.

With his shirt now pulled free of his pants, her hands slipped under to caress the ridges of muscle across his stomach.

“Aubree...” In a breathy whisper, her name fluttered from his lips as heat flared through him.

He only wanted a taste, but a taste was never enough. He was always a starved beast for her as soon as those cherry lips touched his.

Her sultry touch increased his appetite for more. Desire bubbled up and popped with the buttons of his shirt flying off as her hands ripped the fabric apart.

He smiled against her lips as a growl vibrated up her throat. Hungry little mate.

[Can you blame me?] she asked, reading his mind as her tongue implored his own. [Staring at me all day like that. Looking so damn good, it was a struggle to keep myself in check.]

She wasn’t the only one. That gorgeous lace gown on her was breathtaking. How difficult it was to keep himself from ripping it apart right now...

His shirt gone, she pulled away from his lips to graze her teeth along his neck as her arms circled around his body to mold herself against him,

Sweet heat in its most primal form shot through him as she sucked and teased the tender flesh. A growl of need escaped him as his hands circled around her and fumbled with the zipper of her dress.

Dammit, she had tiny little buttons all the way down too.

She’d be pissed if he ruined her dress...

Growling again, he whirled her around and pressed her up against the wall. Grinding against her ass, his mouth teased the tender flesh along her neck, creating purple trails before they faded. Slowly, he painstakingly unbuttoned each delicate white pearl along the back of her dress as she trembled in desire.

Gasping, her nails extended and scratched against the wall, chipping away the paint as his mouth continued its pleasurable torment until the last button was undone.

With sweeping fingers across her body, he helped her out of the dress as she leaned against the wall for support, her knees shaking.

She wouldn’t care about her undergarments—even if they were tasteful and sexy—his nails clipped them off effortlessly.

Her dress pooled around her on the floor and after he unhooked the straps of her sexy silver heels, she stepped out and yanked his pants down to his knees, eager to meet his maleness that sprang up to greet her.

She took him in her mouth as he rolled his head back.

“How do you want it?” she asked, twirling her tongue around the tip of his head.

A groan escaped him. “I’m yours to dominate.”

She took him into her mouth again, sucking hard, feeling himself building as his fingers tangled in her hair. Before his release, she pulled back and reached up to capture his lips.

“Not so fast, Love,” she whispered before nibbling on his bottom lip.

His throat rumbled in agreement as he slipped off his shoes, stepped out of his pants on the floor, and let her slowly coax him across the living quarters to the bedroom. Their hands grasped across skin, etching sizzling streaks across flesh that begged for more.

When the back of his legs touched the edge of the mattress, they stopped, touched foreheads together and panted for air.

His fingers were in her hair. What was left of the decorative curls were now a tangled mess. She would groan about it in the morning when she had to tame it—but it would be worth it.

Her nails dug into his back—her beast too excited to contain herself for this gift she’d been waiting patiently for. He would finally be hers. Not a shadow that it once was and had been, but now completely and irrevocably hers.

He lowered himself to sit on the bed, his hands trailing down her neck and shoulders. He cupped her breast in one hand, plucking gently the nipple with his thumb and finger as his other hand roamed further down and around to grasp her ass. His tongue flicked and twirled around the nipple of her other breast between suckles. Her moans urged him on as she fisted his hair in one hand and gripped his shoulder with the other.

Her nails bit into his shoulder, emitting a growl of pleasure before he pulled back and shifted his weight further back onto the bed.

She followed, climbing on top of him and straddling his legs.

She’d dominated him before, many times, and most times they took turns during their nightly lovemaking sessions, but tonight he wanted her to dominate him completely.

Ignoring his aching maleness that pulsed between them, she lowered herself to his navel and planted open-mouthed kisses and light nips as she moved up. She took her time, worshiping each ripple of muscle that stretched across his torso. Every muscle quivered by the time she reached his old mark. Running her tongue over it, an unhindered moan escaped him as a blast of infernal heat surged across his chest and straight down to his throbbing dick.


She wasn’t unaffected and gasped, pausing for a few seconds as her body likewise quaked from the intensity.

As she pulled back, he stole a moment to take in the beauty before him.

Her chest heaved, her skin flushed with desire and the ache between their legs pulsed for each other. Nipples like plump rosebuds ready to blossom. Soft and delicious curves over strong, newfound muscles. Sensual skin that glowed and simmered at his touch.

Goddess, she was wondrous.

Reaching up, he caressed her cheek. “I love you.”

The smile that flourished made his heart skip in joy.

“I love you too.”

Those hazel gemstones gazed back into his as sweet warmth spread across his chest.

Lowering her head, she pressed her lips softly to his, kissing him tenderly.

And he worshiped those lips. Parted them and inhaled her essence—an essence that had become a part of him from the moment he marked her and made her his.

Cupping one cheek and holding the back of her head with the other, their kissing grew from the tenderest touches to ravenous beasts.

She pulled away to lavish attention on his body again, building the fire with each swipe of her tongue and graze of lips and teeth across his flesh.

When he groaned her name again, unable to handle much more of her sweet torture, she slid onto him finally—hot and moist.

She returned to kissing him as she slowly rose and slid back down.

His hands on her hips encouraged her, urging her for more as she rocked back and forth, but she chose the tempo.

He was hers to dominate.

As she began to build up speed, she pulled away from his lips, panting, and rode him hard and fast.

He clutched her hips, his nails digging into her flesh as the build-up climbed higher.

Growls of pleasure rumbled between them. Their canines descending—the male in him wanting to dominate and the female in her wanting to finally take her claim.

“Mine,” she snarled, lowering herself to the curve of his neck, their climax nearly upon them. “You’re mine. And I’m yours.”

“Always,” he grunted, squeezing his eyes shut as her canines latched onto the spot between his neck and shoulder as rapture exploded within them.

Panting, she stilled as every last drop he had to offer spilled inside her. His essence now her essence.

With one last shudder, she withdrew from his shoulder and bathed the wound with her tongue before it quickly healed.

She kissed his lips before easing down on his chest, still intimately connected. She closed her eyes, listening to his heart beating in sync with hers as he wrapped his arms around her. His eyes grew heavy and fluttered closed as he inhaled her heavenly scent before sleep whisked them both to dreamland.

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