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"I am your Alpha, regardless if I have a mate or not, this is my pack. If any of you question me again I will show what I am truly capable of." Adira Angelo has always been taught to always stand her ground against male wolves, to never show submission for she was to become the Alpha of her father's pack. In her world it's rare for a female to become the Alpha of a pack and Adira's was not happy to have a She-Wolf lead them. In the midst of sexist pack members, assassination attempts, and learning how to lead a pack, Adira's insanely attractive mate stumbles onto her land. Not only was he from a pack that was across the country, he was an Alpha. Now Adira must prove to her pack and her mate that her father wasn't wrong and that she could lead a pack. Should be easy, right?

Fantasy / Romance
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When a wolf becomes Alpha, it is usually a joyous affair that the entire pack looks forward to. The previous Alpha will pass down his title to his eldest son or successor and a celebration will occur. It is an exciting moment for the pack and everyone anticipated the time an Alpha stepped down and a new one rose up

. You can imagine my disappointment as I sat next to my father’s bedside. He was sick, very sick. It was rare for a werewolf to become terminally ill, but at the loss of his mate over 3 years ago, my father succumbed to his sickness and was unable to recover. It took months but soon his strength began to leave him making him bedridden for another few months. We were at the final stretch and he didn’t have much time left with us. My sisters and I surrounded him, my younger siblings had tears welling in their eyes. None of us let our tears fall though, Papa taught us better than that. Never show weakness.

“My darlings, there is no need to cry.” He rasps out with a gentle smile on his face. I swallowed the lump in my throat. How could he have a smile on his face when death was right at his door?

“Now I need you to be strong yes? I did not raise you all to let something like death make you weak.” He continues and his eyes moved past all four of us “You have all grown up to be fine she-wolves, I am proud of you all.”

There were four daughters of the Alpha, there was Emilia, my youngest sister. She was eighteen and had recently become a full-grown werewolf. She worked at the local daycare watching over the younger pups. It made sense considering she was the softest and most caring out of my sisters and I. There wasn’t a violent bone in her body and she shied away from any sparring or fights. But her soft nature did not mean she easily submitted, she could be as fiery and tough as the rest of us.

Next is Selene, she is my second youngest sister, at the age of 20 she had recently become a pack warrior. She broke many rules to get to where she was now and it pleased our father very much. He pushed us all to break social norms, much to the elders’ displeasure. Selene becoming the only female pack warrior made most men angry and it was how she liked it. She was who I chose to become my Gamma, she just didn’t know it yet.

Natalia is the brainiac of our family, at the age of 22, she was training to become the pack doctor. She spent most of her time with her nose in her medical books and working with the current pack doctor. She was the only introvert and would rather read her books than train or work out. She and Emilia were the closest between the four of us.

We were all different, all-powerful women, and all disliked amongst the pack. None more than me, Adira, the next Alpha...a female Alpha.

When my parents discovered their first born was a girl, their plans to raise me as an Alpha did not waiver. In fact, it made my father more determined to shape me into the perfect leader. One who would be well respected in our world. And so he did, from the age of 8, I trained and studied to one day lead the Ash Pack. Most males in our pack disliked the idea of having a female Alpha but dared not to argue against my father.

“Papa” I began feeling my throat close up. His warm brown eyes met mine “I’m not ready. I can’t lead this pack yet, you have to get better.” I plead shaking my head. It was unusual for me to show any form of weakness, my father taught me better than that. But with him dying before my eyes and the weight of the pack falling onto my shoulders, I felt the panic set it.

His large tan hand grasp mine own tight, there was a fierceness in his eyes as he spoke. “You are ready Adira, I have watched you blossom into a fine she-wolf. You will be a great Alpha.”

“But-” I began and sighed feeling all of my emotions hit me at once “I’m not ready to lose you, Papa.”

He smiled but it didn’t quite reach his eyes. He was very tired. It was as if the years have caught up to him, his eyes held bags underneath them, and his once pitch black hair was disheveled and greying. It wouldn’t be long now before he was gone. We could all sense it. “I will always be with you Adira.” He moved his gaze to glance at my sisters “I will always be with you all. Just as your mother has been. You will never be alone.” He promised us.

I took a shaky breath and nodded my head squeezing his hand once more. Natalia put a comforting hand on my shoulder while hugging Emilia close to her side. Selene, the ever independent one, stood off against the wall, her jaw clenched tight and tears in her eyes.

Papa moved his gaze towards the ceiling and let out a deep sigh “I am ready now Anna.” Emilia choked out a sob at the sound of our mother’s name. He was calling out to his mate, his true love, and soon he would be reunited with her. With a final breath he shut his eyes, the grip on my hand loosened. My father, the Alpha of the Ash Pack, was dead.

I was now the Alpha.

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