Leyvine : Dragon Blood

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Dragon Blood

The large witchwood doors of Flameheart manor creaked open, echoing their soft whine throughout the empty halls, heavy metallic steps soon followed on the smooth marbled ground and a tall armoured half demon stood before a charred staircase.

Frollo sighed, the smell of ash and burned carpet flooded his head with memories. That boy was many things but a bad sorcerer was not one of them.

"You are the sole heir to the Flameheart Legacy Valikar do not forget that! " the old general bellowed at a bearded half demon barely in his 20s .

Valikar stared into his father's eyes with burning defiance, raising himself nearly to his height "And as sole heir I will choose what to do with that legacy, that is, unless you've hired a necromancer to make your corpse bark orders at me from beyond the gods damned grave".

Frollo fumed, his face turning an even darker shade of red than normal, there wasn't a creature alive in Penkash that would speak to him this way , and yet here he stood on the velvet covered stairs of his own manor with a boy spewing words more common to a sailor's tavern.

Soft steps filled the hall until an ancient looking half demon stood by Frollo's side, " may I help you with your equipment sir?" .

Frollo's mind snapped back into focus, how can a sound so old and nostalgic bring one crashing back to the present? "yes Chertrees and draw a bath for me aswell" Chertrees was a frail man with almost rust colored skin, the man had lost some of his height and posture to the pains that came with old age but nonetheless worked gracefully to remove his master's armour.

"I take it that master Valikar will not be returning any time soon?" he said while removing a gold tinted armgaurd.

"no I don't think he will...not until he gets this damned adventure nonsense out of his head".

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