Brothers of Magic: Survival of the Golden Fairies

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Will the fairies be able to escape? Or will they die at the hands of the wizards? The war of the wizards has ended, what will happen to the golden fairies now? They were enslaved for six years and forced to create golden wands for the Zandles, will the Ardoors be any different? In any case, without their magic, their lights are fading fast. And without their freedom, death is imminent...

Fantasy / Adventure
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Part 1 - Following the Map

Part 1

Following the Map

Two men walked hurriedly down an abandoned hallway of the dreary castle. “This way?” The shorter one asked through his bushy brown beard.

“That’s where this enchanted map is taking us.” The older man replied as he tightly held a glowing map in his palms. The echoes of their footsteps were loud throughout the empty halls. “Stop!” He bellowed to the other, releasing one of his hands from the map and putting it up to signal for both of them to stop. He pointed to the wooden door to their right. “According to this map, they are right behind that door.” He then rolled the map up and placed it inside his black cloak.

“After all these years, we will finally be able to see them.” The shorter bearded man said excitedly, slowly placing his hand on the old brass doorknob. He tried turning it, but it was locked. “Of course, it is.” He sarcastically chuckled. “Would you mind, brother?”

The taller man pierced his eyes. “I suppose I could.” He said, pulling out a metal wand that he had shoved into his brown leather boot. It was about a foot long and resembled a chain. “But, let’s make a lesson out of it.” He smirked.

“Brother, not everything needs to be a ‘lesson.’ If you can do it quicker than I, then why should I even try?” He rolled his eyes.

“Sumzvar, with an attitude like that, you will never be awarded a dwarf wand of your own.” Arthin, his older brother, leaned up against the wall on the opposite side of the door in the hall. “I’m waiting.”

Sumzvar turned away from Arthin and faced the door, rolling his eyes again, and put both of his hands in front of the doorknob, just inches away. Closing his eyes, he moved his fingers ever so slightly, which moved the gears inside the locked door. After a moment, CLICK! The door was unlocked.

“You see? That wasn’t so bad.” Arthin got off of the wall and placed his hand on Sumzvar’s shoulder. “Faith and patience are good things.” Arthin smiled at Sumzvar, hoping the message was reassuring. Sumzvar just gave a fake smile back as his response. Then, grasping the handle once more, twisting it, he pulled the door open. However, the room set before them was dark.

Sumzvar looked into it, perplexed, “There is nothing in there.” He looked back to Arthin, who was already rechecking his map and scratching his head.

“Odd….” He looked back to the room. “They should be right there.” He rolled the map back up, put it back in his cloak, and said to Sumzvar, “stay close.” He flicked his steal wand with his wrist, and it started radiating with light, which he used to light their path into the dark corridor. At first, the room appeared empty, but as they made their way further in, they saw many tables throughout the space. Some small, some large, and there were different objects on each table, but it was hard to make out what they were as each one was covered with cloth.

“Everything is covered, brother.” Sumzvar pointed out.

“So it seems,” Arthin replied as he moved his hand towards one of the smaller covered tables. He firmly grasped the black cover on it and pulled it off. Sitting on the table was a wire constructed cage with a golden wand inside of it. It looked like a golden braided rope about a foot long and was smooth on both ends.

Sumzvar’s eyes lit up, seeing it, “A golden wand!” He exclaimed as he fumbled opening the small cage door, reaching his hand inside of it, and pulling the wand out. “These are supposed to be the most powerful wands in the world!” Sumzvar said, pretending to sport it as he held it in different positions.

“Hahaha.” Arthin chuckled. “What point is the ‘most powerful wand in the world’ if you are unable to use it?”

“What do you mean?” Sumzvar asked.

“When a wand is created, it is bonded to the wizard it was created for- making it useless to anyone else.” Arthin pointed at the golden wand, “It’s a nice paperweight, in any case. Ha!”

Sumzvar sighed and threw the golden wand back into the cage since it was useless to him. He followed his brother to another round table, one that was much bigger. If it was a dining table, it could seat about 20 people in a circle. Moreover, the cloth that covered it was resting on something that was about 10 feet into the air.

“Help me with this one,” Arthin said, grabbing the table cover with his free hand as Sumzvar grabbed onto it from the other side. Together, they threw the cloth over and let it fall to the ground. They stood in awe for a moment- they had uncovered their objective.

As the cover fell, the golden fairies were revealed. On the table sat a huge wire cage that housed a thousand or so of little golden fairies in an ecosystem made just for them. It consisted of dirt and grass at the bottom, small bushes, and a few small trees that were almost at the top of the cage.

Sumzvar moved his hand to rest it on the cage, but the moment it made contact ZAP!

“Ow!” He yelped, pulling his hand back and rubbing it with the other. If removing the cover of the cage didn’t get the fairies attention, the zap sure did. Hundreds of fairies started swarming out from the trees and bushes and made their way toward the two strangers. They were beautiful creatures with slender human bodies, swift butterfly wings, green clothing made from leaves, no bigger than a bumblebee, and their skin and wings radiated with golden light which now lit the once dark room.

One fairy, in particular, flew closer to the edge of the cage towards Sumzvar and Arthin. Sumzvar focused on him and made out a messy grey head of hair and a matching beard. “My name is George; I am the leader of the golden fairies. Have you come to free us?”

The fairy’s voice was faint, but Sumzvar could make it out just fine. He turned to his brother, Arthin. Arthin squinted his eyes and replied, “No.” Then, he flicked his wand, and the cover which sat on the floor arose and covered the fairies once more.

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