A love born in dark

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A story defining love in strange way of darkness. A love of girl born out of dark breaking all romantic norms. Read to find out more......

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Chapter 1

A Love Born in dark

20 total twenty scars now I have on my body. One minute before it was 19 but now one more has come. I don’t know the existence of these scars, why they exist? How they come? But every scar hold a story. Story of pain, a story sad enough to make you bawl, a story filled with sorrow. The first scar was out of anger. I was angry on my family for leaving me alone, for leaving me out here to die. After that all scars was out of some strange feeling, a feeling of necessity, a feeling of satisfaction, a feeling only drug addict can understand. Half of my scars hides a story behind them and half of them is from that strange feeling. That strange feeling as well hides different stories behind it. Today as well it consist of a story, a very sad story. My manager he tried to rape me and me standing there was not able to do anything, not able to understand what was happening with me I keep standing there and let him touch me. I didn’t let himself get satisfied but still he has gone far enough to provoke me for giving myself this scar. A deep red scary scar filled with dark red blood. It was scary in weird way enough to caught my attention for long time.

“What are you looking at?”

A voice very deep filled with emotions, manly enough to make anyone go mad for it, the type of voice can make a woman do anything stupid. But this voice where it is coming from. I live alone in my apartment. I am an orphan plus an ugly unlucky girl, why I am hearing this angelic voice. I furiously looked around everywhere, but I found nothing. This has happened before as well, a voice calling me but those time it was in my nightmares. An angelic voice calling me out of those nightmares.

“You love doing this to yourself?”

Again that voice, this time more clear, more near, this is coming from somewhere behind. Do I have to turn? Is today my last day? Is this voice is of a ghost maybe a sexy ghost. I have never seen a ghost only heard once about it in my orphanage one girl told us that she has seen a ghost. I didn’t trusted her. She told that ghosts are very scary and they eat you when they are not able to find food. Is he hungry, I don’t even have any food to offer him. I am going to die today……

“You are not going to die, neither do I am a ghost”

I turned this time not able to control my curiosity.

I woke up with cold piercing in my body. I have been lying on my washroom floor for quiet long after falling unconscious. That figure what was that, dark, tall figure, covered in black cape or something. Face what was it face looked like. I don’t remember it was covered with that cape hat, long hat covering its face and neck. I am not afraid of anything, not even dark can scare me as I grew in that. But that thing sudden appearance shocked me, that too in my apartment. No one comes in my apartment. The thing that I most feared is, if that thing is human. Humans are most dangerous creature I have seen in my life, they scare me.

“Why you hate humans?”

That voice again. This time that thing more seems like human, standing against the bathroom wall. It seems muscular, tall close to 6 foot, voice manly, big like a male human. But why it is covered in black clothes, what it is wearing, magician clothes, not actually. I remember, it seems close to those night walkers in Harry Potter movie. I have seen them once in a poster. Everyone was afraid of them in my orphanage but I like them. They were not humans, they were dark very dark, scary and full of sorrow and in similar way as me they didn’t like happy moments.

“I am not that scary, as you are describing me.”

What how can it hear me thinking. What is it?

“Why are you calling me it again and again? I am not a thing.”

“Do you have a name?” I asked fearing it might eat me.

“Not exactly, but you can name me. It will be better than calling me it”

“Why would I name you? It’s not like you are a human. What are you? What are you doing here in my apartment? And how can you hear me thinking? How you enter in my house? Is there a back door somewhere? Did you came in my house before as well? Are you the one who was stealing my food? Give me my food back or money worth of it. Are you alien? Do you come here to destroy our planet? Can you take me to your planet and then destroy this planet? Is your planet beautiful than here? Do you think your people will allow me there? But wait, if you are alien where your spaceship is? Then are you a wizard? But wizards are human and you are not, then are you really a night walker? Do you came for me? Why are you not speaking? Huh Huh Huh….”

“You don’t seem the quiet one then why don’t you speak with others.”

“I don’t like talking with humans. But wait how do you know it? Are you a stalker?”

“No I am not a stalker but I know everything about you, even those things which you don’t know about yourself. I came here to make you love yourself. To teach you how to live and be happy. And to teach you how not to hate humans.”

“To teach me love myself” I repeated “But why you want to do that?”

“I don’t know, there is no reason in helping anyone” he seem obvious with his answer

“But why! I love myself. I don’t talk with anyone because they annoy me. I protect myself from them. I am the most precious things for myself.” I seem confident enough to convince him.

“The way I see it, you stay away from humans because you are punishing yourself, you are punishing yourself in the eternity of loneliness. You are afraid of being happy. You are afraid you will starting hoping for things. You are afraid you will want to live.” This time he seems convincing enough.

Closing the door with a jerk I came out of the bathroom and sat on my bed. My apartment only consist of one room attached with kitchen and a bathroom. This is the only room I can afford or barely afford with the little I earn. A girl living in such misery from the day she is born and suddenly someone with unknown identity has come to make her happy or to teach how to love herself. Is this is a movie? And I am the lead actor of that movie? It can’t even happen in the strangest dream of mine. From my life I have learn one thing never to dream of something which can’t be yours. It will only give you hope to achieve that thing. But there are so many hurdles lying in this world which will never let that happen. Hence eventually you will die trying to achieve something which was never meant for you. That’s how humans live in this world and die trying achieving things that they can’t have.

“But isn’t it good to at least have a hope of achieving something and live instead of living with no hope.” That voice again. This voice has annoyed me to an extent that even though it is sexy like hell, but I can’t bear it now. I gave that thing standing in front of my bed a frowned look.

“So you can pass through close door as well. Interesting! This is going to be difficult” this is the first time someone has annoyed me. I don’t get annoyed with humans even if they do worst thing with me.

“I think I can give you a goodnight now. I will let you sleep. We have a long way to go” I can feel a smirk on its face while instructing this line. Even though I can’t see its face but I can feel that smirk building.

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