Talons and Teeth

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Journey to the land of Phyrria, an island full of dragons of all kinds. This book is sort of like a fan fiction, because it is on the island of Phyrria, from the amazing book series "Wings of Fire" by Tui T. Sutherland, except it has all original characters and ideas. I'm not trying in any way to copy Tui. Anyways, in the land of Phyrria, there are dragons with certain... Abilities. Some can enchant objects, some can for tell the future, and some can read minds. Never in Phyrrian history has there ever been a dragon that can do all three. Ekon can. And because of it, he is the most powerful dragon to ever exist in Phyrria. He is a hybrid. His father and sister both share abilities with him, though neither of them have all of the abilities that Ekon has. His whole life, Ekon has been training for the one purpose his father and sister have set out to do. Rule Phyrria. While Ekon has been destined to be evil, he has a dark, dark secret. He isn't truly evil. So he must stop his father and sister from the inevitable. He must save the world with the help of his friends, or everything he starts to know and love will vanish from his life. Join him and his friends as he tries to stop the prophecy from happening, and as he tries to stop his evil father from destroying the world. He may never succeed, but he'll still try, because as long as he has something to do with it, he won't let ithappen

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Dragon Guide, Prophecy, And Prologue

A Guide to The Dragons of The Forbidden Forest


Description: They were wiped out over two hundred years ago, but when they lived, they had black or grey bodies, covered in an extra layer of bone armor. Wide, flat feet, with extra padding on the bottom, to make creeping in the shadows, dead silent, effortless. Large, thin wings, a sail on their tails, and a strong underbite, accompanied by a sail on either side of their heads.

Abilities: Night vision, dead silence, and the ability to almost see through dense foliage extremely well. They also had very well protected lungs that are made to withstand heavy loads of dust and ash for very long periods of time.

Queen: No one knew who their queen was until the day she died. Her name was Topaz, and she was known to the dragons in the forbidden forest as the most powerful dragon in the whole world. She died on the last day of the wars, ending them with an epic, but heartbreaking conclusion.


Description: Dark purple, black, and / or green scales, with stripes on their backs that make them look a bit like tigers. They have full heads of fur that run all the way down their necks on either side and continue down their backs. Four glowing wings, each in the shape of a crescent, that give them their names. Long legs that make them extremely tall.

Abilities: The ability to run extraordinarily fast, excellent combat fighters, and known for their impressive areal skills.

Queen: Their queen, Vision, is currently allied with Princess Sepia of the Tribewings. (see page six)


Description: Feathery wings, sharp teeth, strong jaws, and curved horns. Their entire bodies, except for their heads and back legs, are covered in fur. Their front legs have paws instead of talons. Usually shades of black, white, grey, and yellow.

Abilities: Ability to fly at extremely high altitudes, catch prey very easily, and to almost walk on clouds, due to their hollow bones and light bodies.

Queen: No one knows for sure who their queen is, but most believe the tribe lives without one, because she, and all of her heirs, were lost in the wars. They formed an alliance with Princess Sychamore of the tribewings.


Description: Dark scales covered in mysterious markings that they receive over the years of their lives. Nobody knows what they look like, or how they earn them, except for the tribewings themselves. Jagged, curved wings, long, straight, horns, and fur on their necks and heads.

Abilities: Though they are not the best fighters in the air, they are extremely talented on the ground or in trees. Long tails and claws for climbing, and very strong, with the ability to track almost anyone - or anything.

Queen: The queen’s heirs are split up among the Lightwings and Moonwings. Their ruler is Princess Sierra.

The Forbidden Forest Prophecy…

Things will happen with no reason,

Unless the dragonets come.

The months will stop and there will be no seasons,

Unless the dragonets come.

Darkness will fall, they’ll bow their heads,

And the sky and the moons will turn blood red.

The wings of death will fold around,

The wings of light, causing silence sound.

The mountains and sky will fall to the ground,

Unless the fallen city Bright is found.

Two dragonets of sky and ice, and two of power and light.

The catcher of dreams, and the one of pure might,

Will be saved by the two with blinded sight.

Beware of the one who turns on us all,

She who will make Phyrria fall,

And leave us in an eternal night.

The dragonets are coming to make things right.


About ten years ago…

I bounded on the grassy hill; my sister was right by my side.

We chased butterflies and weaved our way through obstacles. The grass sloped downward, and began to grow taller and wilder. Trees poked out of the ground. We jumped at the same time over a fallen tree, and looked at each other, laughing like maniacs.

I looked back in front of me, and skidded to a stop, just inches from a giant sleeping dragon. It was nothing like I had ever seen before. Its scales were purely crimson, with shiny black stripes on them. There were ovals of black on the stripes, that lined scaly plates along the neck.

He breathed heavily, but he was out cold.

His wings were even more unusual than his body and neck. They were thin and completely transparent. They had arching, curving lines in them, with beautiful, intricate designs, and overlapped one over the other. There were four of them, and instead of agile, flexible wings, they were barely movable, and almost completely straight.

I poked at his talons, then looked at his face to make sure he was still knocked out. He didn’t move a muscle.

My claws tingled. I turned the talon over, and me and my sister both gasped. He had claws on the insides of his arms, and black liquid was oozing out of the tips. Poison.

I backed up and eyed the strange dragon’s tail. It had a barb on the end, like a Sandwings’, but it was longer and sharper, and was slick and smooth.

The same poison was coming out of the end of that, too.

I slowly leaned over his head, which was pressed into the mud. His tongue stuck out of his mouth. It was forked and black, like a snake would have. He had small, jagged teeth lining his jaw in orderly layers, and two huge, white fangs in the front. This dragon was dangerous. Very dangerous.

His eyes were squeezed shut, and one was scarred badly, making him partially blind. He had two huge curving horns on his head, and tusks on his jawline, along with two more head spikes on his chin. His back was lined with shiny black spikes, each as long as my forearm.

He breathed in sharply, and his claws suddenly started twitching. I looked at my sister, and gestured for her to back away. We slowly began to flee from the horrid new stranger. I felt a sharp twig under my talon, and it cracked loudly under my weight. The sound echoed through the forest.

I looked down at him, and his eyes shot open, glaring straight at me. He said only one thing, and nothing else, in his head.

Where is Ekon?

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