Unexpected Love

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This Story is about a half-human half-wolf woman name Nimue. She believes she is human it has never crossed her mind that she maybe something else until she meets a man that helps her realize what she truly is. Will Nimue be able to handle this new life or will she reject it. Maddox is an Alpha of the Heathens pack. He is now 23 and has given up the idea of finding his mate. That is until he met her. You have to read this story to see if their love can beat the odds. If Nimue can accept who she is or rather what she is.

Fantasy / Romance
Ella Napier
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Chapter 1- Nimue

Life tends to always send the weirdest things my way. I never expected my life to end up the way it did. But I think I may be getting ahead of myself. I am Nimue but my friends call me Nim. I say friends call me that because unfortunately both of my parents are gone. My dad died when I was too little to even remember him and my mom died last year in a car accident. The police believe a animal ran out in front of her car and she swerved to miss it.

I am currently living in the home I grew up in. My mom left it to me and thankfully the house is paid for. I just wish I had her here with me. The house now feels lonely now that she is gone. The house sits on about an acre of land with lots of trees in the back. I love going outside and reading a book in the little forrest I have here. The outdoors seems to have a calming effect on me.

I have been trying to get my friend Emery to move in with me but she is closer to her job where she is so for now we have sleepovers. Emery is my best friend she has helped me so much this past year. Emery has been checking up on me practically every day.

"Hey Nim, where are you?" Emery called from the kitchen.

"In the bathroom. I just got out of the shower. Did you just get here?" I called back to her.

"Yeah, sorry i didn't call before hand I was just passing by after work. I wanted to see if you were ready." Emery start to walk toward the bathroom.

"Hey Nim, I guess you weren't expecting anyone with what you are wearing." She said as she eyed my choice of clothing. I was wearing boy shorts and a crop top with my blonde shoulder length hair still wavy and wet from the shower.

" Hey what is wrong with what i'm wearing? And ready? Ready for what?" I looked at her with a confused expression on my face, as I tried to think what could possibly be wrong with being comfy and what I was supposed to be ready for.

Emery just stared at me giving me the look of "oh you know" with her hands placed right on her hips. "Please for the love of everything good in this world did you really forget you promised to go have dinner with me tonight at my parents house. I do not want to be alone with the guests they have invited."

I looked at her with part shocked and part apology on my face. "Yeah i definitely forgot but I can still go. Just let me go into my room and grab some jeans and a t shirt."

"Oh no you don't!" She jumped in front of me to stop me from going into my room. " I am picking out what you are going to wear tonight, because knowing you your going to wear that anime shirt that you love so much and your ripped jeans. You have to wear something better than that."

I looked at her with a hurt expression on my face. " There is nothing wrong with my "My Hero Academia" shirt and my ripped jeans."

"Nim please you know how my parents are. Can I please help you pick something better?" Emery asked with puppy dog eyes and her lip poking out.

I looked at her now frustrated because I knew she was right. "UGH! Fine you can help me pick out what i should wear but you owe me."

She grabbed my face and placed a kiss on my cheek and gave me the biggest smile I have ever seen. " Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" She then proceeded to run into my room and practically ripped open the doors to my closet. "Let's see what we have here."

I walked into my room and over to my bed to wait for her to pull out what she has picked. I am so ready to get this night over with so I can just crawl into bed and sleep til I have to get ready for work. But something tells me tonight is going to be a long night.

* Thank you for reading I hope you enjoy my story.*

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