Big Bad Alphas

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After an attack on her pack, Isabella has to choose between her newly discovered Alpha mate and her beloved younger sister. Eric's lips brush mine, a slow, light action that already has me hooked. A comforting warmth engulfs my body, spreading from limb to limb like wildfire. His sweet lips move delicately with my own, the caress of his lips softer than I could have imagined. It is over too soon as he drifts away. "Now was that so difficult?" Eric murmurs as I try to register what just happened. *** While trying to see the best in everyone, Isabella finds herself battling against her own mind. After an attack on her pack, she has to choose between her newly discovered Alpha mate and her beloved, younger sister. Her heart is in the palm of his hand--though she struggles to admit it--but that doesn't mean he won't crush it. It is a game of trust, and she cannot afford to lose.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

“I didn’t do it.”

“Isabella we know you did, now tell the truth or face jail time!” She stands up and pretends to act serious, even though I know she is holding back giggles.

“Detective, I didn’t steal the cookies, but I know who did,” I give her a stern look and her cheeks flush pink.

“You do?”

I nod and her face begins to show her nerves. “You stole them.”

She shakes her head, no.

“I know you did, so you might as well confess.” I shrug and stand up from the carpet. “You hungry? I can heat up dinner?”

“Yeah, when will mom be home?” She follows me into the kitchen before climbing and sitting down on one of the stools. “And don’t tell her I ate the cookies.”

I smile while shaking my head. “Fine, and she’ll be back at ten so after dinner get your PJs on. Maybe we can watch a little T.V.”

My little sister nods frantically. “Thanks, Isabella, you’re fun.”

I chuckle and pull her favorite plate from the cabinet, “thanks.” After she eats up and runs to her bedroom to change, I clean up the dishes and lean on the counter. Checking the clock I see it is already nine. Kendra is a good kid, staying up a little later won’t hurt anybody. It is not like our mother will be bothered by it. When she comes trotting down the steps I immediately change my attitude— acting joyful for her. “You ready for T.V.?”

Together we cuddle up in the living room and I turn on the T.V. Some random kids show comes on and I leave it on for Kendra, knowing it’s something she’ll be interested in. Even though she is my younger sister sometimes she feels like my daughter. Our mother is not around too much, she is constantly busy with pack duties. As the Betas second-hand-woman, she is quite occupied all of the time. I used to mind, but I have grown used to it. I can’t imagine how busy Beta Jack is with the Alpha, so I’m thankful.

Ripping me from my thoughts, a sudden crashing notice comes from the front of the house. My mother appears in the hallway, breathing heavy. Quickly I stand up in front of Kendra. “What’s going on?”

“There’s no time, we’re being attacked. Just take Kendra to the safe house now!” She yells and before I pass her with Kendra in my grasp, she stops me. “Hurry, I’ll get there as soon as possible.”

My heart races in my chest as if it will stop and no longer function. Kendra’s voice is poking at the back of my head, but I cannot focus on her, I have to focus on getting to the safe house. Through the trees, northeast, quarter of a mile maybe. My lips run dry.

The harsh weather curses at me for not grabbing Kendra a jacket, she’s probably freezing like I am. “Isabella stop!” She shouts and my feet halt.

I search around us, paranoid. “What is it?” My voice sounds rushed. I can’t think.

“Will you tell me what’s going on! We’re under attack?” She begins to shake. “Why? By who?”

“There’s not enough time for this,” I mutter and lead her through the trees. In the distance, I can hear shouting, and it only makes my heart beat faster. If anything happens let it be to me, please let Kendra live. I may sound dramatic, but in this moment how can I not be? All I can think about in her getting hurt. After a few minutes of rushing through the forest, I begin to panic even more, where is the safe house? I thought it was closer. Sudden notices hit my ears and I stop in my tracks. People are close. Looking down at Kendra I say, “we have to hurry, the safe house should be near.”

“Isabella, I’m scared.” Her grip tightens on my hand and I notice tears gathering in her soft, delicate eyes.

“I know, don’t be, we’re gonna be okay.”

My heart moves at an abnormal pace and I ignore it as we weave through the trees. The moon lights up the night sky, bringing hints of brightness to the silky abyss above. I have never liked the forest at night. My hands clam up and I lose control of my senses. Confusion seeps through my mind. “We’re okay, we’re okay, we’re okay,” I mumble over and over, no longer talking to Kendra, but myself.

My nose tingles overwhelmed with nothing, and this all begins to feel like a dream.



My mind drifts and the forest around me begins to cause an ache in my head. Everything is overwhelming in an unreal way, and I do not understand it in any way.


My gaze shoots down at Kendra to find her clenching onto my body and staring ahead. I fight to speak but words cannot leave my lips. Finally, I find the strength to look, and when I do my fingers go numb. Three large wolves. Their coats, thick like summer brambles, blend into the dark greenery around us. The feeling to vomit rises in my stomach as Kendra cries beside me. “P-P-Please... leave h-her.”

The wolves do not seem phased and tears stream down my cheeks. “S-She’s a child, please.”

“Isabella,” Kendra sobs, not letting go of my waist. “No! No!”

“Let her go!” I shout. “I’ll do anything!”

Suddenly, a man comes through the trees. “What do you guys got?”

Kendra’s nails dig into my side, making it hard to focus on everything that is happening. My mind is dizzy like I just woke up.

“A little girl?” The man pats one of the wolves heads. “Come on, you three are heartless!” He laughs and walks up to us.

Hesitantly, I step back and push Kendra behind me.

“And you are?” He stares right into my eyes, making me shrink under intimidation.

“I-Isabella,” I say, praying he will find the heart to let us go.

“Well, aren’t you a pretty little thing.” His hand strokes my cheek and my eyes squeeze shut. “I suppose the younger one can go, but you, no.”

Relief floods through me like a wave and I immediately turn to Kendra. “Listen to me, listen to me, you run in this direction.” I point northeast and she shakes her head, not letting go. “I promise you I’ll be okay, just run as fast as you can.”

“Don’t worry, she’ll be very safe with me.” The man grabs me by the arm.

“No! No! Don’t take her!” Kendra yells and grips onto my clothes. “Don’t take her!”

“Kendra, run!” I shout back. “Find mom, she’ll come for me, just go and wait for her!”

“You can’t take her!” She screams as tears run down her red cheeks.

The man groans. “Hold her.”

The three wolves circle around Kendra and her grasp slips from my shirt. “Don’t hurt her!”

“Don’t worry honey, they won’t touch her,” the man begins to take me off in the direction we ran from, but my eyes stay locked on Kendra’s sobbing figure until she disappears into the thick brush. My heart slams against my chest and my mind runs wild with prayers. Let her be safe.

“Who are you?” I ask the man worried, and he smiles.

“I work for the Alpha...”

“No, you don’t.”

He sighs and leads me further towards the commotion. “Not your pack.”

My eyes roam around as we near lights. I begin to hear voices. “Am I-I going to die?”

“Probably not,” he says and begins to focus on something else. We come up to a clearing and there are many other men and shifted wolves. I have lost the feeling in my hands and feet from the cold while my heart has given up. I can’t feel it anymore. My nerves have fallen overboard and my paranoia is at maximum. Any longer with these sensations and I’ll faint.

We seem to catch a lot of attention and a few people even call out at us.

“What the hell?” A man comes up to the guy and laughs. “What’s this?” His gaze turns to me and I look away.

“This is mine.”

“Your mate?” The man questions with raised brows.

“No, but I like the way she looks,” he shrugs and tugs me closer to his body.

“We don’t have time for this.” The guy motions for my kidnapper to follow him and he does with me dangling behind. We come up to more men, powerful looking men, and the guy glances back at us. “I meant without her, the Alpha is coming. Get rid of her before he gets here.”

Get rid of. The words stick in my mind. “Please don’t kill me!” I shout and try to free myself. “Please! Please!” Tears dry my skin and my strength fades away. Again, my senses are going blurry, like a spell is being cast over me.

“Get rid of her Landon,” the guy shouts, now annoyed by my actions. “If the Alpha sees this he’ll cut you off!”

“Okay, okay, what if I just silence her?”

My eyes grow wide. Instead of forming words, I begin to scream, screaming as if my life depends on it, which it does. My lungs begin to run dry and my throat burns from the cold wind. “Please! Let me go!”

“Hell Landon shut her up!”

My nose burns. The smell is so strong.

“Landon you have to be kidding me!” The guy yells and suddenly snatches me away from him.

“What is this?”

Everyone quiets down swiftly as I dangle in the guy’s arms.

“Alpha, w-we were just...”

I tiredly glance up to see a large man standing in front of us. My heart flutters, races, brakes, drops to my stomach, anything and everything; a sensation so foreign to me. My body is set up straight as the guy moves me. “Please,” I mutter with all the energy I have left. “Don’t kill me.”

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