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If ghosts and aliens decide to rule, who could stop them, but they need money to implement their ideas. Prologue: Light travels as sine wave, and to make anything invisible, if sine wave is turned into tan wave, cot wave ...then how will your adversary react. But if your adversary say that they are ghosts and travel mostly in cot wave and tan wave and become visible to you when they turn into sine wave... how will you react?

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Tomorrow might have been night when thousands of tan curve around my house might have turned into sine curve. It happened so that a renter left my house, a driver who was sleeping in my drawing room is going in wedding party. Two other renters are out of station. I got bit scared because paranormal activities around my house has increased over the days. Some of my friends want to meet me. So what i did was to check with the last renter and he said that he is staying in house next night.
I am not scared of ghost, but they make me uncomfortable. Last night a ghost came outside my window and said - Kar na - Do more. I do not have any fight with joshi ji - but thing is that he started spreading so much negativity that progress of India suffered, so slowly we had to control him, until he remains confined to his house and do mostly religious works. He had done so many sins because he had a psychological disorder which is termed in Gods language Menthax. So the only cure for him is to keep him little disturbed always so that negativity does not spread in society.
He is the original evil -the snake who told adam and eve to eat apple against the will of God.

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