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I started mission to heal the world three years ago and looking to collect $50 Billion -which put on fixed deposit in my fathers bank account would translate into Rupees 2500 per month to 6 million RSS workers. They would earn more based on work, but they will seldom have to go out of house, as most of work would be on computer. Now how does healing the world works, let me explain:
⦁ A majority of them would teach free to poor students in India and Africa. The family which earns less than Rupees 10000 per month education would be free, and the family earning more than Rupees 10000 per month will pay Rupees 1000 per month for students upto class ten, out of which Rupees 800 would go to teacher and Rupees 200 will go to company. Teaching either would be in teachers home or through computer and would entertain students only upto class ten.
⦁ A small portion of them would be involved in real estate business, the profits from which would be used to give free laptops in Asia and Africa, through which students could learn.
⦁ It would open a big freelancing site which would be mix of upwork and fiverr to create large scale employments in Americas and Europe
⦁ A trust would be established for propogating Sanatan Dharma -where there would be free lunch to poor, who come to temple premises.
⦁ To have office in every country of world
⦁ The real estate deals would just be brokerage -that is 2% commission on sale and 10% commission on rent worldwide, which is expected to yeild $310 Billion annually on 65% market share.
⦁ The main factor in real estate deals is motivated and paid employees because as long as one year many agents have zero deal.
⦁ The idea is to involve those teachers who teach for free in real estate deals and pay them fixed Rs 2500 plus 0.5% commission, but for global agents $10 for free by PayPal on non-performing months.
⦁ To open coaching centres and schools all across the world
⦁ To touch the revenue of $600 Billion
⦁ Normally the valuation of company is 20 times the revenue, so bring a mega IPO of $12 Trillion in NYSE, BSE, Euronext and London Stock Exchange.
⦁ A major portion of revenue would come from real estate deals where we aim 65% share in World, and from Membership of temple trust which would be $1000 per annum (250 million x1000 = $250 BILLION)
Lodhu when saw the worship of arse and boobs, then during his trip to moon, he thought of fiddling with it. He had taken a pair of it from a collapsed ship, and when he saw an Alien Space ship, he took out a dildo and put it inside the holy object. He suddenly saw that alien spaceship started shaking and then it collapsed to the surface of moon. He looked at Prachi and told -Eureka. But Prachi told him - better put it in your mouth as they might have collapsed due to some other reason. Lodhu started putting Boobs and Arse in his mouth -then he saw spaceship suddenly rising, then he hurriedly put dildo in his mouth and the space ship burst into flame.
Lodhu while having sex with Prachi did mostly quickie. It lasted mostly for 3 minutes. Prachi after having sex rushed to bathroom, filled a bucket with water and then washed her vagina. She washed her vagina inside out for almost 15 minutes because she feared pregnancy. Prachi had to undergo abortion for 4 times, as Lodhu mostly ejaculated inside. Prachi told him to pour outside, but Lodhu by habit poured in inside. Once the abortion in JJ hospital in Mumbai was very painful for Prachi, as the foetus became one month old and the nurse had to put needles inside vagina to extract foetus. So after that painful abortion Prachi washed her vagina after having sex. But there was another problem too -both of them felt itch after having sex, and the itch was due to infection. So Lodhu too washed his penis with dettol soap. Lodhu had first time sex with Prachi at the back of car, but second time when he had it in his home he felt itch and put his penis inside a glass of milk, seeing which Prachi immediately said -this is how you load your machine.
The commander-in-chief of aliens was Einstein, he was graduate from Pascala University of Zedbeta planet -which was 1 light years away from the Earth. He was a normal alien, very sober and had no ambitions. He liked peace and wanted to inhabit the Earth because of its resources. He had entered in pact with ghosts, so that ghosts can scare people out of their house and his gang can inhabit those places along with ghosts.
The ghosts needed just the sofa to sleep, but aliens needed bed to sleep. it was Einstein who changed the appearance of ghosts. The ghosts in normal for were in the form of tan curve, where they were not visible and kept on wandering. He through modulator, changed them from tan curve to sine curve, where they got form and were visible to others.
The ramayana prashnavali is good source of prediction and almost gives accurate results. I got it right in 10th, IIT and many other times. When i was appearing for JPSC in 2011, it was giving result that you wont compete. Still i kept on trying to give forced result, then it spoke of success -which meant that i would become administrator, but not through JPSC.

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