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Eugene lived in Vile Parle. I inquired her address from Lodhu -then Lodhu asked me, why do you need her address? I said -I want to fuck her, then Lodhu immediately gave me her address. I went to her house and introduced myself to her and said - I was informed by cops that ghost will appear in your house tonight. Eugene said - oh my God, Oh My God, what should i do? I told her -since you are alone in night, ask someone to sleep with you. Eugene thought for a while and said -why dont you sleep with me, sorry in my house.
I smiled and said, but let us behave like father and nun. I am the holy father and you are the nun. Sure, she said.
It was almost 7 in the evening when I arrived her house, so Eugene cooked food for me and herself and after eating, we watched TV for sometime, and then she went to her bedroom to sleep, and i slept in the drawing room.
It was almost midnight when Eugene started screaming -Ghost, Ghost. I went to her bedroom and saw ghost hiding away from the window. After that Eugene told me to sleep with her. I said -what about father and nun? She said -just husband and wife for six hours.
I have worked with many people in my life, but the best person ever was Manmohan K Bakshi. He helped me many times when i was in need, gave me free salary for many days, and best of all login id and password of a big job portal which costed Rupees 200K. He had a touch of royalty in him, always lived a lavish life irrespective of circumstances ans helped others going out of the box. He was a quick thinker, big team builder and could scale a big team within matter of days. He kept track record of every person in his team, and knew how to make them work without any pressure.
My business plan was on my laptop, and one day one ghost came to my room and read the business plan. The Ghost thought whom to contact. So first the ghost contacted Lodhu and said -leave airforce and join me, i would make you stinking rich, and we will buy all properties in ghost town of china and live officially there. But Lodhu declined, he said - i am better with airforce, because you guys will then tell me to marry ghosts and then how i will fuck them.
Next the ghost named sparta went to Manmohan Bakshi and said to be part of plan. Manmohan Bakshi chided him and said -I am already a key member of the plan.
When I was doing Venture Capital Funding, almost every week $100 to $300 came to my bank account through Paypal or Swift. When i told this to Joshi ji -he too started venture capital funding. He got success in few deals, but in one deal he blocked Rupees 300 crore of investor money in a cement factory of Mumbai, so after that he stopped venture capital funding.
Sparta contacted Joshi ji as well, then he told ghost -that i have only two dreams -a luxury yatch, and sexy girls. Sparta got elated and said -you will get both of that. Then Joshi ji slapped him and said -I am already part of business plan, and i am working on this, so that i can spend quality time with Prachi.
Sparta then thought of making Prachi partner, but on seeing her he got scared, because she was the same girl who downed her plane on moon, along with an alien.

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