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My maternal grandmother was admitted in a hospital in Delhi. She had to be operated for an ailment. It was a big hospital, and the facilities were great. I must have been kid of 12 years, and my mama was also there as i went to my mama in summer vacation. The rooms were located at a distance but just near the rear end of the hospital there was morgue. I used to enter the hospital from the rear end as the front end was very crowded, and back end of hospital was spacious and had canteen as well.
Everytime i crossed morgue, I felt scared, and though i had secret wish that i could see the ghost.
One night i felt very hungry, and around 11 PM in night i went to canteen to have food. Things were well while going to canteen, but while returning an aged man encountered me near the morgue. He asked me -what are you doing at such late hours near the morgue? I said - I came here for food. He said -better do not come here at such late hours.
Next day, when i went to canteen for food, I was horrified to see the body of same person being carried out on stretcher from morgue.

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