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Brajesh was from Bihar. He secured 1126 rank in IITJEE, and got admission in Aerospace Engineering in IIT Khagapur. He after graduating saw that options were bleak in other fields, so he took job in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited(HAL). It was year 2036, and the race for space was on. Every country was developing advanced technology through they can fight aliens, ghosts, ufo, and extra-terrestial. The sightings in the world had increased and the race was on who could become saviour of the world.
Lodhu was fighter pilot in Indian Airforce, and by that time such planes were developed that they could fly direct to moon. His girfriend Prachi was a renowned film actress, and he went on date with her on moon. There he used to have sex with her and while returning he used to throw condom near the International Space Station.
Sergi was a missile scientist, and by that world had developed such missiles that could hit targets as far as mars in 100 minutes from Earth.

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