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My name is Mahmud, and i worked as comedian in Bollywood. My father is Johnny Levar and he worked as business man. I have two wife Dia and Mandana, and they work as artist in bollywood.
I met Lodhu when he started dating Prachi. I was sitting in the cafe when i saw Prachi going to toilet. When Prachi went to toilet i saw Lodhu putting a drug inside the coffee of Prachi. When Prachi drank coffee, I saw her feeling giddy. I followed them upto their car. It was 11 PM in night, and i saw Prachi lying unconscious in the back seat of the car. Then i saw Lodhu opening his pant, and wearing a half pant in which there was kangaroo made stripes. After that i became more curious, what Lodhu was going to do with her. I saw Lodhu taking out a condom and putting it in his mouth. After having sex with her, right at the time of ejaculation, I saw Lodhu putting condom on his dick. That was the best date i witnessed. I secretly took some snaps and blackmailed Lodhu to pay me Rupees 1 million. Lodhu paid me Rupees 1 million after some days, and i returned him all the snaps. But after that i and Lodhu became friends, and Lodhu started dating Prachi.

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