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My first wife was Dia and i married her when I was 43 years old. I married late because of my career, and Dia was 37 years old then. She was already married, and got divorce from her husband to marry me. Within few months after marriage i met Mandana, as she was friend of Dia. She had an abusive husband, and she was living separately. After meeting me, she divorced her husband and married me.
Both were pretty, and had tough upbringing, mandana, particularly faced lot of troubles in her life.
Our relationship was very romantic, and all three of us had lot of fun. I occassionaly did few movies, wrote script for movies and did three comedy shows on TV. I was popular as a comedian and our family made cool fifty crore per annum, which was more than enough for us. We were not having kids because of our busy schedule and we were planning to have kids later and focus on our career.
Our favorite place was cafe rendezvous near CST in Mumbai. We went there and had fun. We went to beaches together, and sometimes three of us went to Khandala and Goa as well. Life was going well for us and we had good neighbours as well. Our building was two storey building. On first floor I and Joshiji lived. On the flats of ground floor Lodhu and Prachi lived.
Lodhu worked in air force station which was 60 kilometres away from our house, and he went there monday to friday by car. On weekends, at times, he used to fly to moon and return in six hours. He used to have sex with Prachi at moon, because he feared that someone would click the snap and make him dearer by Rupees 1 million again.

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