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One night i was reading book in my house. Dia and Mandana were sleeping together on bed. I was eating popcorn and drinking orange juice, when i heard loud shout from flat next to me. I hurriedly opened the door and saw Joshi ji rushing out from his house. I asked him -what is the matter? He replied that he saw ghost in his house.
On further inquiry he revealed that it was ghost of a medical student Payal, who had commited suicide few days back and news came in newspaper and television. The girl was saying Joshiji that she was her grand-daughter and she had to kill herself because he cut the hand of thousand of labourers while building Taj Mahal.
So you are Shah Jahan? I asked Joshi ji.
She was saying something like that.
Joshi ji was alone in his house, and when i checked his house, I found nothing unusual except a very acrid smell. I got hint of something fishy and offered Joshi ji to sleep in my drawing room. He slept in my drawing room and i watched him snoring till early morning.
Next day I was sitting on sofa and drinking tea with Mandana, when Mandana asked me -you have lost so many teeths why? I said -So many people had broken bones because of me, so there should be some divine effect on me as well, so i had lost so many teeth.
Mandana told me -I had heard that you were interested in a dentist as well?
Yeah, I said - But nothing worked out due to communication gap.
I and Mandana were drinking tea, when suddenly Prachi came to our house screaming. I asked -what? She told me that she had seen a ghost in her batheoom. She was brushing her teeth, when she saw a ghost in the mirror.
I thought that this is getting weird. Iasked her -what type of ghost did she saw-male or female? She told me it was a male ghost and looked like a man from Andhra Pradesh. When we were discussing this news then Dia camw with newspaper that last night ghosts appeared in many houses of Mumbai. It was a sort of alien attack.
Joshi ji considered himself as sex symbol. He had infatuation on Prachi. Sometimes when Prachi was taking bath in her bathroom, Joshi ji used to put his eyes on the hole of window in ground floor and stare at her. He liked her things and often said - sometimes give me trial, but Prachi told him- you take care of your own stuff old man - i know that your machine is not functioning properly. Prachi liked the machine of Lodhu, and thought about machine of Sergi as well, but never gave it a trial.
When i heard about Machine joke from Joshi ji and Prachi, I thought i should give trial to my machine as well. Dia and Mandana told me - Koi Ladki Udki Patti Nahin, Aenway hi machine-machine karte rahte ho. Then Dia challenged me to get a girl outside the family (read wives). I asked her -which girl you want for me? She said - Any girl. Next day when Kam Wali Bai came to my house, I paid her Rupees 1000 and told the secret deal. She immediately kissed me in front of Dia and Mandana, and I said -Lo Pat Gayi. Both of them started laughing and said - get a high profile girl then we would consider you as man. Both of them thought for a while and said - Aishwarya.
I told them - Nahin Pategi. They started laughing and said - Try at least. I told them -Prachi, then they said -you want us to vacate such nice house -Lodhu, Sergi and Joshi ji would bash us up. So finally i made up my mind to get Aishwarya.
I knew her from before, as we did six movies together, but she considered me nothing more than a joker. It was tough to get her, as she had very strong family and they were millionaires in dollars, and we were small artists. I kept on thinking for many days -how to get her.
The ghosts started appearing in India and many parts of world. It was becoming menace as many people were told to vacate their house, and ghosts started living forcibly in those houses. The governments -both central and state became perturbed -how to deal with such menace.

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