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In 2007 a strange thing happened with me. My wife suddenly started fighting with me. One day she took my ATM and tried to take money out of my bank account. Next day she broke my spectacles and i broke TV in my house. When my mom came she took me to VIMHANS and where i remain admitted for 23 days. There i tried to escape but was beaten by guards.
Finally in 2009 i decided to quit the job and returned back home in may. I was still taking medicines which were prescribed by VIMHANS, but my mother used to lock me at home when she went to office. This carried on for many days, until my mother used to keep me free at home. But one day strange things started happening me. I felt that someone was badly attacking my mind. I started worshipping Kali -the mantra which i recited was -Jai Maa Kali Raksh Maam, Jai Maa Kali Trahimaam. But attack on my mind became more severe. More i recited the name of Maa Kali -the attack became more severe. I decided to walk to a temple near my house, when i went there, there was some respite but after returning from there attack became more severe. I went to Puja room of my house, and was forced to read a book on Pretraj. I did not know how that book on Pretraj came to my puja room, but after reading that book i had some respite. I took lot of medicine and slept and from next day things were bit normal for me.
My relationship with my wife was always good, but there were some evil spirits who tried to disturb my relationship with my wife. But when i completely came in fold of Lord Shiva -the ghosts who were in the army of lord shiva overpowered the ghosts which were evil and the person who did everything without saying a word, started getting exit wounds because the same ghosts whom he used against me started harming his old family.
Let me tell you Ghosts are dangerous and blood-thirsty. If you do not handle them properly they would become angry and would harm your own family.
I went to Jail once in 2012, and I think VC Shukla was responsible for sending me to jail. On 11th June 2012, when i was standing near the central tower of Jail -the guard snapped my picture near the tower. One year later on 11th June 2013 when i was attending the funeral of my maternal grandfather VC Shukla succumbed to bullet wounds. I got some sense today that VC Shukla is haunting near my house -i got three indications for that -there was a sound on my courtyards scoooter and i found no one there, secondly someone closed the light of my stairs and i found no one there, and thirdly there was repeatedly knocking on my cupboard while I was weiting this paragraph. He is haunting definitely but under the strict command of veerbhadra, and earlier he used to make sounds near the shurbs outside my window, but now he remains quiet. But to prove that he is very powerful, he again banged the door.
I was once told to comment on the working of IAS, IPS officers and officers of allied service. The IPS officers of country work perfectly fine, but there is severe lacuna in the working of IAS officers and Allied Service officers. The thing is that they come from Engineering, History, or Commerce background and being good in academics they are selected for this post. After that they good office and do routine work without any practical exposure to hardships of people. So the suggested path for these officers are:
⦁ 6 Month compulsory executive MBA in IIMs
⦁ They would be told to launch a venture with limited money and living under tough conditions for 6 months.
⦁ They would be told to conduct a public survey before they make any big policy.
⦁ Important positions such as cabinet secretary, finance secretary or home secretary made only after good performance in first two points -that is they get good grades in IIMS and are able to launch a successful venture.
I feel hurt when i see deaths. I am a normal human being not a monster who enjoys death, but lesson has to be learned from these deaths. The people who died were normal people, but were brainwashed by master evil to work on the path of evil. Evil gave them nothing, but just increased their suffering -but what they got in end was gory death. My audience is large and most of them are good people. So i urge them to walk on the path of righteousness, commit no evil, worship god and do maximum charity.
There is difference between God and Evil. God does not take anything from you, but gives you maximum good things, whereas evil takes maximum good things from you and give maximum bad things. So do not get brainwashed by evil and keep praying and surrendering to God.
It is simple to be good. Do not commit any sin and do not hurt others. If someone hurts you do not take law in your hand and wait for divine justice. God is very much there and he observes everything. Any act of offence towards human, animal or plants would be brutally repaid. Yes read plants as well -because they too have life, and they are much better than human beings. They give you everything, and does not take anything from you.
Those people who bring out dirt in their mind in open society have to pay heavily. So better keep the dirt in your mind to yourself or mitigate it through worship to Lord. Being good cost you nothing, and being bad costs you heavily. If you are bad then you are always in tension and if you are good you lead a carefree and happy life.
Now let me tell you, how troubles in my life began. I had just appeared in my matriculation exam when my friend Rupesh came after someday in bicycle and said -The result of class tenth is out and you have not topped in school. I was irritated and took him and another friend Avra near a graveyard and discussed about results. There Rupesh told me that he was joking and result was not out. I just pushed him in a shallow pit where he started laughing.
Few days later 10th result was out and i topped in school. After that i went to Delhi for education. I could not compete in IIT and returned back to Giridih to prepare again for IIT. One day when i was walking in the street when i saw Vishal -a friend of Rupesh coming in scooter and looking towards me, he spit on the ground. After that it became habit in Giridih. People would look towards me and spit on ground for no fault of mine. This happened for many days until i threw stone on a person -who was riding a bicycle and spitting towards me. After few days i went to the house of Avra and broke his spectacles, and asked him -who started spitting session on me? He was bit scared and he told me -Do you know who is behind all this? After that i left and few days later i left the Giridih Town.

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