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I was finding reasons -how people could spit at me. They did not knew me and why they should spit at me. This was a type of ghost-attack. When second time people started spitting at me i could clearly see people were called on their mobile phone and then told to spit at me. An adivasi family who have house in front of my house themselves told that they were paid money to spit at me, because the time they started spitting at me -they began constructing upper storey of their house.
So in Giridih it was type of Ghost attack, because evil spirits used to get inside the body of people and then they spit at me.
But these people were foolish not to understand the game of Lord Shiiva, because those evil spirits used to spit at me killed their old family members.
The reason is simple, evil spirits were punished after attack on me and like Mohras Sunil Shetty -they were given targets to kill. For example in Surat Coaching Centre Fire, the evil spirits identified that maximum people there were Ms so they sparked fire through transformer and inflicted heavy casualty.
It had been time and again with them -Prachi was the policeman who killed Tarkeshwar Sengupta, and Lodhu had killed him for 12 times. This wasnt their game, it was Lord Shivas game, because he thiinks what would happen every second million years ago and million years behind.
It was same evil spirits used against me turned hostile against them.
The planning of Lord Shiva can be ascertained from fact -the evil spirits on the stair of adivasi family used to tell coca cola, and i suppose i got vamos coca cola three years after that.
The rule of God is above all. If you mock at anyone, you would be mocked. If you hurt anyone you would be hurt. So live a life where you are contained to yourself, with almost no interference in other persons life.
Since Dia had dared me to get Aishwarya, i thought i would do a recee and start with another girl before reaching Aishwarya. Lodhu had a sister named Eugene and she was working as HR head in a software company of Mumbai. I thought i should try my hands on her first.
From past ten days there had been brutal assault on negativity of India, and the ruling NDA was shying away from making any good policy for minorities of India. But today in the paradigm shift the ruling NDA announced madarsa policy -through which scholarship would be given to 5 crore students out of which 50% would be girls. The concerned minister also said that interest of Christians, Sikhs, Buddhist, Jains and even Parsis would also be taken care of.
When I was in jail there was good friend of mine named Suresh. His wife was very devoted lady and he said that his wife dreamed of Lord Shiva as a Sadhu and would end her woes. Suresh often ragged me and made me do tough tasks. One day he made me write a list which ran something like this, and which i had to bring from home:
⦁ Akhrot -10 KG
⦁ Feather of Peacock -4 nos
⦁ Mixture -2 Packet
⦁ Copper Sulphate - 1/2 Kg
⦁ Phenol -2 Bottles
⦁ Eyes of Hen - 10 nos
⦁ Nimki -5 Kg
⦁ Kismis -50 Kg
⦁ Kaju -200 Kg
⦁ Torn clothes -12 nos

After i made the list, he told me to sign it. I signed it. It was about 8 PM in night, and suddenly someone (ghost) appeared from the window of dorm, and another person Linda handed over the list to it. It was very tough writing these items, but that was not joke. Next day we laughed at it, but i felt that Suresh was abnormal that night, and he himself said that he was taking my police training, as he was ex-cop.
Another person Kailash who was good friend of mine told me that after coming out from jail wear only kurta-pyjama, preferably orange, and worship in temple near your house. If your wife sleeps in right of you -she will have daughter and if your wife sleeps on left of you -she will have son.
I have deep love for Lord Shiva, and he has always helped me out. He helps other people in need as well. When i saw that Ghosts were coming out from closets, I meditated and thought that why Ghosts were coming in open -i found the reason that Gods have no space for them and they were forced to live on Earth only.
Lord Yamaraja told the Ghosts -we are changing the process through which new creatures are born. Intially they had either to spend their time in heaven or hell to be born again, but now there is almost no evil in world, so ghosts should wander on earth, and spend their time on earth until decision is taken by heavens in which creature they should be born as. That was the reason why many ghosts started crowding the earth, and started looking for their accomodation.
The sighting of Aliens too had increased on Earth, and United Nations feared that if these ghosts colluded with aliens then problem for citizens of Earth might increase.
Brajesh was designing special planes -which could fly as far as pluto and beyond. Many such planes were running and used for tourism purposes. There were fighter planes as well and they engaged in direct combat with alien ships. Till then 46 Alien Ships were downed, and Earth lost 121 planes. The fight with aliens was on to occupy space on Earth where they wanted to build their habitations.
Some aliens were from planets where there was extreme cold, and some aliens were from planet where there was moderate heat. They wanted to inhabit the Earth because climate was suitable for them.
There were direct fights and indirect fights, and in some parts of Earth, the aliens had built their habitations -which remained unchallenged from Earth.
Brajesh was a bachelor and lived in Bangalore. He learned many household chores from Youtube -like replacing cylinder, opening cylinder knob, fitting new cylinder and dishwashing. Youtube had tutorial for almost everything. Since he was reluctant to go to physical shops, he did most of the shopping from Amzy -from where he got needle to flour.
He had a girfriend called Payal, who at times stayed with him, but she worked in ISRO and only sometimes came to Bangalore. Brajesh and Payal were perfect couple, but they were desisting from marriage because of official reponsibilities.
Lodhu was more interested in the Gods of Aliens and Ghosts. He did lot of research and found out that near the dashboard of their spaceships there were two images -one of arse, and another of boobs. So aliens were worshipping basically arse and boobs but of which God, he did not know.
Lodhu had visited Rajrappa, and saw the image of chinnmastika, where the torso of God Kali was worshipped. So he heard that in one battle Rudra Hara cut the arse and boobs of their God, so Aliens after that battle started worshipping arse and boobs.

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