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What would you do when robots would go out of control and try to rule over you. : In life you learn from mistakes. If you do not learn from mistakes then you commit further mistakes, and get further pain. The humanity committed one big mistake that was to make movies in which robots were fighting with human beings for supremacy. What if some robots took it seriously?

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Sunny was from poor family. After securing admission in IIT Kharagpur, he found that it was difficult for his family to pay up the institute bills. He got bank loan to pay for tuition charges and taught few kids in neighboring areas to foot for his institute bill.
His subject was mechanical engineering, but he did specialization in robotics. After passing out from IIT he got job in a robotics company in Noida. His job was to design robots who can behave like human beings.
The products of his company were installed in hotels, airports, lounges, resorts and even as security guards.
It was year 2029, and robots were replacing human beings big time.

Sunny was working in Neon Robotics. There was big office space, and besides that there was a bigger workshop. The robots were developed in workshop and were delivered worldwide. The R&D work on robots took place in office.
There was a team of 64 employees, who took care of management and R&D work, and there was team of 187 mechanics who worked in workshop.
The robots were made from alloy and then plastic human like body and features were given to them. They looked exactly like humans, and had intelligent thinking processor as well. They could reply to talk and moved intelligently. They worked almost like human beings.
The price of one robot was close to $10000, and there was huge demand of such robots. These robots were mainly stationed in hotels and as security guards.

Sunny looked after the custom-made robots, the robots which were designed for specific task. There were some robots which looked after house cleaning, and there were some robots who could cook food as well. Sunny designed these types of robots.

Sunny was Assistant Director in Neon and led the R&D work. He had a beautiful secretary called Juhi who had a handsome brother working in Indian Air Force. The name of brother was Suraj, and he often visited US, UK, Canada and Australia for training purposes, and he had good ties with military over there.
Sunny through his contacts with Suraj often sold his company robots to Military over there countries and these robots were mostly installed for security and cleaning purposes.
The parent company Neon had tie-up with many foreign countries, and robots were often manufactured in local units.

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