Gallows of Transgression (Book 2)

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Remi can bring someone back to life, among other things. After her uncle tries to kill her& her grandpa reveals a wicked plot, she must stop them. Sequel to Indomitable -- With her little brother missing, half her family dead, and the other half pursuing a wicked plan of domination, Remi is desperate to make sense of everything. With Killure and Melee by her side, she sets out on a mission to save her little brother and find her remaining family to stop what they're planning before it's too late.

Fantasy / Romance
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b e f o r e y o u b e g i n . . .

Before you begin, I would like to announce that this book is a sequel to my first book, Indomitable, which can be found on Wattpad. So, if you are a new reader, you can find the first book on Wattpad and the sequel here on Inkitt.

This sequel book is also on Wattpad, and I will still be updating it on there, but I will be posting every new update to Inkitt first, a few days ahead of Wattpad.
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