Embers of Love

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Death and Sacrifice are the embodiment of love. You give your life or take a life for love, that's the only way to keep what is yours safe. There it is, the beautiful and deadly fire wielded by the fire born. No one will survive this if I don't step forward. So I step forward, my legs are shaking and my heart is beating wildly in my chest. "Mia don't do this!" It's too late, none of them have the strength to stop me. I turn to look at my generals, there's a smile on my lips, this is how I say goodbye to the people I have loved and cared for since I was a child. If my life will save theirs then this is the right thing to do. "Goodbye my friends." I look away from them all, I can't face their pain filled eyes. I look at the fire, opening my arms and calling for my last bit of power. Here it comes, my greatest act of love, death.

Fantasy / Romance
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Beautiful. That is the only word I can use to describe the reincarnation of our clan leader. She sacrificed her own self to keep the clan from being burnt down to ashes, she sacrificed herself as the burning flames of our once friend came burning down upon us. She’s tiny, crying her lungs out in the ashes, the man she loved did this to her. He raged this war and he had no mercy, a war no one can understand the reasoning behind.

I step forward, the other seven generals circle the crying baby, her pale skin is covered in ash. She is dirty with blood and some liquid, as if she had just been pushed out of her mother. But we all saw it, we saw our great leader smile at us, tears in her eyes as she whispered her goodbye and opened her arms to absorb the ball of flame thrown at us. But she only managed to save a few of us, she was already gravely injured from the great battle, and we were all retreating even the enemy was rushing away but we thought the fight would just continue another day like it had a week prior.

“How could we let this happen?” I look to Scorp, his eyes are filled with tears, we are all crying. The great eight generals of the once powerful Fury clan have been brought to their knees, sobbing and crying. Viper picks up the crying baby, she may be a reincarnation but she is no longer the leader we know, she will be her own woman and she will decide what our clan will be when she is older. Our job is to protect her.

“We didn’t protect her well enough,” Viper supports her head, she’s got the snow white hair that every one with the Fury blood is born with, her eyes are shut tight as she cries but I am sure she will have red eyes as well, all of them do. Every Fury born is born with those distinct features, whether they are pushed out of their mother’s or if the gods deem them worthy enough to be reincarnated then they will be. “Mia’s death won’t be in vein,” Viper’s voice is just a whisper.

“She isn’t dead,” Scorp steps forward, his eyes are swollen from the tears, voice is rough and he grips the hilt of his weapon as if the fight is just about to begin and isn’t already over. “She’s right here before us, we are getting a second chance to destroy that clan!” He’s yelling in anger, the few people who have survived are coming closer.

“Mia didn’t want a war!” The only female general steps forward, she’s a tall beauty with black hair and bright blue eyes, she’s the first female general in all of the clans history. “She wanted peace, we were on our way to make peace-”

“And that brought us to our downfall!” Quinn purses her lips, she glares at Scorp. They always butt heads.

“Our clan is not dead,” I look at the crying baby in Viper’s arms, with ease I slip off my bloodied shirt, wrapping her up in it and holding her close. Rocking her slowly, I have two children already, but my wife is the one who knows how to comfort our children. I do what I’ve seen her do. “Our leader left us with a new one, as her generals and her loyal servants we will keep our future safe. We must keep her alive until the time for her to restore our once great name comes. Our duty is to keep our leader, our clan head alive, we failed once and we will not fail again.We must keep her alive this time.”

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