Bound At Heart

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Breaking the curse of the land as prophesied will liberate a man and meet a woman of gold; who shall bring a country's new rise and time of serenity. Ilyana Faethyra is a young Elf who has come of age and aspires to be part of something bigger than herself. A threat looms over the Kingdom of Ezora and the king needs all the capable troops he can acquire. Therefore, she signs up with her childhood friend Eldrin for the King's Hunt to earn the entry title of Hunter and Huntress. Although they thought themselves capable of the task presented, the Hunt takes a turn for the worse. Ilyana, mortally wounded, is taken into a being's care she thought to be a myth. A legend told in stories to children. It was a dragon who shared her same eyes. Unbeknownst to both of them, the prophecy that will decide the fate of the realm came into fruition by their meeting.

Fantasy / Romance
Kelsey C.
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This book wouldn’t have been possible without my beloved and best friends cheering me on every step of the way. They served as editors for my story and got the opportunity to see this book come to life within the course of a year. This tale whose lore originates from full-on discussions between my significant other and I. It didn’t take long for us to create a structure but it was I who took on the mantle in making the dream come to life. Now I share that with you.

Although my time as a writer has mainly been spent as a fanfiction writer, I grew out of my early-teen - not to mention, cringy - shell and tried something new; an original story. Even to me, it is surprising that I’ve mustered up as much determination, persistence, and drive to keep writing this book after encountering many personal problems, the stresses of school, and writer’s blocks. Therefore, one can assume how much this first original story would mean to me.

This story provides one the opportunity to escape into a magical world where there are the occasional cheesy, romantic scenes mixed with mildly dark themes.

And finally, thank you, Reader, for giving this story a chance. Enjoy.

This book is dedicated to my boyfriend. Love you, J.

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