Her Chosen Love

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Chapter 9

Adrian's pov

She is all I could think of. My Layla. My love. We were supposed to be almost married right now, but she was taken away from me. I still remember when she told me she would marry me. It was one of the happiest moments of my life despite the circumstances.

She has been gone for a whole week now, and I have been going crazy. I don't know what is happening to her or if she is even still alive and that was destroying me inside, especially when I remember her getting stabbed. That was the worst thing in my life that I have ever been forced to watch. I could only watch as my world was dragged out the door bleeding and with tears in her eyes.

I was remembering that moment when I heard Daniel walk into my office. I heard as be sidestepped the chunks wood from my desk that was now in pieces.

"Adrian, we have found her," he said stopping behind me. Immediately I turned around and grabbed him by his shirt collar.

"Where is she?" I ground out.

"S-she was ca-captured by the l-leader of the re-rebels," Daniel stuttered out. I released him and punched the wall behind me, cursing all the while, but quickly turned back to him.

"Daniel, we have to find her before my brother does. I am not losing her to him." I softened my voice this time, not wanting to continue frightening my friend.

He gave me a small smile while nodding then left me in my room. I just hated being away from her. My Layla. And now my brother has a chance of taking her and I absolutely could not bear that thought.

Looking out the window I muttered, "I will find you, Layla. And when I get you back, I will protect you for eternity."

Layla's pov

It has been about a week since I was captured. I get food at the same time everyday so I have an idea of how long I've been here.

Each day James asks me questions about Adrian and his inner coven, but I never answered him despite the knife that always cut into my skin. To be honest I hardly had the answers, but I didn't tell him that. I absolutely refused to say one word to him.

I waited for James to question me like he always did at this time, but he didn't. I was pretty sure I had the time right, so I waited for a few more minutes, but he still didn't come in. Seeing my chance, I started rubbing the ropes on my hand against a nail that was sticking out the arm of the chair.

Just when I had more one thread left, the door came busting open. Standing there was James looking like he just got attacked by an animal. His hair was sticking up everywhere and his clothes her torn and bloody. Without saying anything, he grabbed a knife and started cutting the ropes off the rest of the way.

After I was free, I tried to run, but apparently my legs did not agree after not being able to move for a week. I fell to the ground, and James picked me up, but I still fought against him.

Finally losing his patience, he stabbed me in the stomach with the blade that was still in his hand. "Try to fight with that," he growled in my ear.

I stopped struggling immediately as I felt the first sting of pain. He was bringing me to a car, but we didn't make it that far. We were tackled to the ground, and I screamed as the knife was pressed in deeper. I turned around despite the the pain I was in and looked towards James. He was on the ground fighting with a wolf, but with my gasp the animal looked up and started walking towards me.

Without thinking, I pulled out the knife and brandished it against the wolf. With surprising intelligence in its eyes, it looked at the knife then the to the place where my hand was keeping pressure on my wound. Shaking its head it walked behind a tree, but that is not what came back around. Coming around the same tree was a very muscular man. For some reason he looked really familiar but I just ignored it.

He came towards me and pressed his hands against my stab wound, and I whimpered in pain. To keep my mind off of it, I studied him. He had dark brown hair and beautiful green eyes. One of the first things I noticed was that his eyes showed shock, confusion and anger.

Next thing I know I was being picked up. He still hasn't said anything, but that was fine with me. I probably wouldn't even be able to respond to him anyways. Feeling tired I laid my head against his chest and started dozing off, and I could feel him start to speed up.

"Aaron give her to me," I heard a voice growl in front of us.

"No, she is mine." Wow, interesting first words I couldn't help thinking. I was going to go back to sleep, but then I realized whose voice that was.


The guy who was carrying me, who I believed was Aaron, tensed but gave me to Adrian who was standing right in front of us.

"I'm here, love. I'm right here," he cooed in my ear. He gently propped me against a tree and bit his wrist. Knowing what to do, I swallowed some of his blood and immediately began to feel tired. The last thing I remembered was Aaron and Adrian yelling at eachother.

I could tell they both crouched down beside me and checked for any other injuries. It was only now as they touched me I felt two different tingles. One explosive and exciting while the other was gentle and caressive. With Adrian's blood running through my veins, I slipped into unconsciousness, the tingles all but forgotten.

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