Her Chosen Love

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Chapter 16

Layla's pov

We arrived at the castle shortly due to Aaron's crazy driving. As soon as the car came to a stop, Aaron jumped out, and apparently I was not going fast enough because all of a sudden he was scooping me up and running inside.

"Guys, get down here now!" he yelled.

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, everyone ran down to where we were. Adrian was the first to us, and he scanned over my body for any injuries.

"Is she okay?" he asked looking concerned. I nudged Aaron so he would let me down which he reluctantly did.

"I am perfectly fine. Aaron was carrying me because apparently I was too slow getting out of the car." I crossed my arms and plopped myself down on the couch.

Looking at everyone, I decided to ask the question that has been bothering me since I was told about my memories. "Why was I not told that I would never get my memories back?"

Liam turned and glared at Aaron. "You told her?" he ground out.

Aaron looked down and whispered, "I had to."

"And why is that?" Adrian asked glaring at Aaron also.

I decided to jump in now because I was frankly tired of them ganging up on him. "Because I apparently remembered something."

Adrian's eyes lit up and he closer towards me. "What all do you remember?"

I looked down flushing. "I only remember when Aaron kissed me," I told him and just like that the light in his eyes died.

He stepped away from me and nodded his head. "Is that all you remember?"

I nodded, and he smiled at me sadly before walking out the room. No one said a word and the awkward silence could practically be seen, it was so thick. Getting tired of the tension, I let out a big breath and stood up. I let the everyone know I was going to bed and headed up to my room.

I wasn't really going to sleep. I just wanted to be alone for some time. I have hardly had time to myself for thinking or anything else. Don't get me wrong I loved having company, but everyone knows you have to have some alone time too.

My mind, despite being deprived of memories, felt full. Certain objects, rooms, or even people cause my mind to go into overdrive, and it caused me to have a constant headache. It always felt that my mind was trying to remember some things, but something was blocking it.

Right now my head felt like someone took a jackhammer to my skull, so I grabbed two ibuprofen tablets and downed them with a glass of water. I waited for the little pills to kick in, and when they did, I started to feel really tired. Succumbing to my tired body, I fell into a deep sleep.


The next day I woke up feeling shockingly refreshed. I had no nightmares, and thankfully my headache was gone too. Jumping out of bed with a smile, I threw on some clothes and headed to the kitchen. I never went down there, but I knew that breakfast was cooked every morning, so I might as well take advantage of the free food.

I walked in the kitchen, and saw Aaron, Liam, Will and Charlotte sitting at the bar while Adrian was cooking. Something tugged at my mind, but I ignored it. Finding nowhere else to sit, I went around the bar, and prepared myself to jump on the counter.

Adrian chuckled and easily lifted me on the counter and just like that I gasped as another scene played behind my eyes.

"What's for breakfast, chef?" I asked wrapping my arms around him and laying my head against his back.

Without looking from what he was cooking, he brought me around so I was standing in front of him. He then picked me up with one hand and set me on the counter as he made some scrambled eggs. "Bacon, eggs, sausage, and hash browns," he said answering my question.

"What good did I do in life to deserve you?" I grabbed the plate he held out to me and dug in. Immediately I knew he was an amazing cook, and I smirked knowing I would make him cook for me a lot despite the fact that he probably has a chef to do it for him.

"I believe I should be asking you that question."

I opened my eyes to find everyone staring at me. I looked down at my hands which clutched Adrian's shirt. I released him, and he lifted my head up to his.

"Did you see something?" he asked.

I nodded my head and whispered, "Yeah, a memory."

"Can you tell me what you saw?" He handed me a plate of food just like he did in the memory I had just seen.

"What good did I do in life to deserve you?" I asked remembering what I had in the memory. He smiled at me and his eyes glowed with happiness.

"I believe I should be asking you that question."

Adrian's pov

I can't believe that she actually remembers something that happened between us. I was still slightly upset that the first thing she remembered was of Aaron kissing her, but life wasn't perfect. I am just glad she is remembering anything at all.

When we were told she wasn't going to ever be able to get her memories back, I basically died inside. Without her memories she wouldn't feel our love or anything to to do with the mate bond. I loved her and now she wouldn't even remember.

What I am really dreading is the moment she remembers when she was tortured. She was kind of alright the first time, but now she had her mom killed in front of her. Even Liam is still dealing with his mother's death, but when Layla remembers, it will be like reliving it all over again. I just hope she remembers me enough to help her heal when the time comes.

Sitting in my room, I started to think of a way that I could help her with her memories. I guess I could ask Aaron what he did, but if it is what I think it is then I may have trouble not killing him, or at least hurting him.

I had to get my Layla back. She is what keeps me going and I needed her back by my side. I could tell she was growing closer with my brother and maybe even have feelings for him and that hurt me more than I thought anything could.

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