Her Chosen Love

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Chapter 3

Layla's pov

"Layla, I saw the king, and boy is he hot." I heard Charlotte yell as soon as we walked through the door. I laughed and with Adrian carrying me I could feel his chest rumble with laughter as well.

"Hey, Char. There is someone I want you to meet," I said grinning. I couldn't wait for her to notice she basically said that to his face.

"Oh please tell me you finally got together with the guy form the diner that always flirts with you." Adrian growled when she said this, and I kissed his cheek as he set me on the couch. I really should have known she would say something like that.

"Do you have a first aid kit in here?" He asked looking at my ankle that was already starting to swell.

"Yeah in my bathroom. Do I need to show you?" I said preparing to get up.

"No," he gently pushed me back onto the couch. "I have my ways," he said tapping his nose. I laughed as he walked out the room sniffing the air. I saw him wink at me and I laughed even harder.

"Give me one second," Charlotte called from the kitchen. "I am just making something to eat."

"Ok, come when you can," I called back.

Less than a minute later Adrian was back with a first aid kit in his hand. He sat on the table in front of me and it groaned under his weight. He gently grabbed my ankle and place it on his knee then opened the kit and pulled out a tube of medicine. He rubbed it on my ankle, and I closed my eyes as a cool sensation went up my leg. He then wrapped my ankle where it was not too tight, but tight enough it kept my ankle in the right position. After he finished and had wiped his hands, he sat on the couch and pulled me to him so I was basically laying on him.

Charlotte chose that second to walk in and to say she was shocked would be an understatement. I just smiled at her and she slowly walked into the room and sat in the chair opposite of us.

"So.... This is new," she said hesitantly. I blushed and nodded when suddenly she jumped up and squealed. "OMG! You're blushing!" she exclaimed then froze where she was standing. "You heard what I said earlier, didn't you?"

Adrian nodded his head and I laughed. Her face drained and she sank in the chair only to jump back up again. "That means that my best friend got a hot guy, and a king too. I am so proud of you." I quickly batted her hands away that were pinching my cheeks.

If it was possible I am pretty sure I would have turned even more red at her words. Adrian just chuckled and nuzzled into my neck. In the car he told me that I have a certain scent that gives me off as his mate and it calms him down and comforts him. Suddenly I hear a click and I look to see my best friend with her camera out. I put my face into his chest and I hear another click.

"Char!" I snapped.

"One more?" Before I could say anything she took another then ran out the room. I swear one day she is going to make me kill her, and I could practically hear her voice telling me, 'no, you love me too much.' I just sighed knowing my inner Char voice was correct.

"Interesting friend you have." Adrian said kissing my forehead.

"Yeah, but I love her." I said before yawning.

"She loves you too," he said picking me up and carrying me to my room. He laid me on the bed and tucked me in. He then laid on the covers to separate me from his ice cold body. Careful of my ankle, I moved to lay of his chest.

"I can heal your ankle faster," he whispered suddenly.


"I don't think you will like it." He turned his face away from me but I could still see the sadness in his eyes.

"Tell me," I pulled his face towards me so I could look him in the eyes. "If it is anything to do with what you are, it doesn't matter. I don't care what you are. Vampire, werewolf, human, or even mereman, you would still be my Adrian." He kissed me hard on the lips, but pulled away quickly.

"Do you trust me?" I didn't even have to think about his question. Despite only meeting him today, I felt like I could trust him completely.

"Yes," I said without hesitating. He smiled down at me then pulled a knife from his pocket. I knew he wasn't going to hurt me so I just waited to see what he would do. Still looking me in the eye he cut his palm open. Immediately blood came to the surface.

"If you drink my blood you will be healed," he said offering me his split palm. I was always squeamish around blood. I didn't have an aversion to it, it just sent me into a panic, but I didn't want to offend him, so I grabbed his hand and put it to my mouth. So he could tell I was alright with this, I looked into his eyes as I swallowed some if his blood. Just as it went down my throat I started to feel really tired.

"It is okay. You can go to sleep. You being tired means it is already healing you." He pulled me closer and started to play in my hair. That is how I fell asleep. With the guy I had some kind of feelings for playing in my hair as he whispered little sweet nothings in my ear.


The next morning, I woke up to the sun in my face. I tried to get up so I could use the bathroom, but I couldn't move. I looked down and saw a muscular arm wrapped around my waist. Of course, the cliché wake-up. Carefully I turned so I was facing him. First I poked him but he still wouldn't wake up. I sighed and then and idea struck me.

I leaned up and kissed his lips, but when I tried to pull away he grabbed me and crushed me to him. I gasped in surprise and he kissed me fiercely, our lips moving in perfect synchronization. Just as I was about to black out from lack of air, he pulled away leaving me dazed and wanting more.

"What a wonderful way to wake up," he said. His morning voice was so low that I just shivered on hearing it. He chuckled as he saw my reaction to him. Suddenly I remembered why I woke him up, and I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. When I was done with my morning routine, which I should have done before I kissed Adrian with my morning breathe, I returned back to my room to find it empty.

Deciding I should get a shower with Adrian out of the room, I grabbed a red crop top with the number thirty five on it, some light denim shorts and a beige cardigan. I quickly took a shower then changed. While in my room I slipped on my white converses and a gold necklace and bracelet.

Feeling good about my outfit, I walked out my room to find Adrian cooking breakfast and Charlotte and Will talking in the living room.

"What's for breakfast, chef?" I asked wrapping my arms around him and laying my head against his back.

Without looking away from what he was cooking, he brought me around so I was standing in front of him. He then picked me up with one hand and set me on the counter as he made some scrambled eggs. "Bacon, eggs, sausage, and hash browns," he said answering my question.

"What good did I do in life to deserve you?" I grabbed the plate he held out to me and dug in. Immediately I knew he was an amazing cook, and I smirked knowing I would make him cook for me a lot despite the fact that he probably has a chef to do it for him.

"I believe I should be asking you that question," he said pulling me to lean on him as I ate.

"I say he is a keeper," Will said, piling his plate with almost all the food that Adrian just made.

"I agree," Charlotte said through the food in her mouth.

I shook my head at the two as I continued to eat. "Have you thought about what I asked you yesterday?" I heard in my ear. It was then that I remembered what Adrian asked me in the limo.


Adrian pulled away from me for the second time and all I could do was stare into his beautiful blue eyes. Just thinking about what he said before the kiss warmed my heart so much. He stroked my cheek then asked a question I was not prepared for in a million years.

"Would you make me the happiest man and consent to be my wife?" He asked still staring into my eyes.

End of flashback

"It's not that I don't want because I really do, but what about school? I want to finish and graduate." I said placing the plate in the sink.

"You could take online classes. I can even hire private tutors for you."

"You would do that?"

"I would do anything for you," he said wrapping his arms around my waist and putting his face into my neck.

"Before I agree an anything, can we get to know more of eachother?" I asked hesitantly.

"Of course, love. I don't want to rush you into anything." He kissed my forehead then pulled away to look me in the eye. "Does this mean you are coming with me?"

When I nodded my head, he lifted me in the air and twirled me around. I laughed and for the first time in a while I believed I could not be happier with my life.

Adrian's pov

I was truly overjoyed that she said she would be coming with me. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, and she was willing to move in with me. I couldn't describe what I was feeling. I loved her so much already, and I couldn't wait to truly call her mine.

I was just sitting on her bed watching her pack. I was going to help, but she insisted that she needed to do this herself. She said she was leaving certain things behind, because she would be visiting her best friend again, and she wanted to have stuff here for when she comes to stay.

That night with her bags packed, I could honestly say that I was ready to start my life with the angel in my arms.

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