Her Chosen Love

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Chapter 8

Layla's pov

I woke up the next day with a pounding headache. Without Adrian there I was easily able to slip out of bed and go to the bathroom. Gathering some clothes, I hopped into the shower with the hope that it would wake me up.

When I stepped out, I put on one of Adrian's shirts then laid back in the bed. I figured today would be my lazy day. I didn't want to do anything today that required me to get up.

Suddenly Adrian walked in with an unreadable expression. He sat at the end of the bed with his back away from me and I started to feel worried.

"Layla, I need to talk to you about something," he said getting off the bed and walking around to where I was sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Sure," I whispered.

"Yesterday, I realized how easily I could lose you, and I need to ask you an important question." He knelt in front of me and grabbed by hands with his significantly larger ones. "Layla, will you please make me the happiest man and consent to be my wife?"

I opened my mouth to respond but at the same time, a knock sounded on the door. Adrian growled and ran his hand through his hair. He stood up and went to see who it was.

Standing outside the door was a man who was practically reaking of nervousness. "Sir, some of the rebels are attacking the castle."

Adrian growled and punched the wall. I gasped and that immediately drew his attention to me. He went to his dresser and pulled out some jogging pants. "Hurry put these on," he told me raking a hand through his black hair. "You are going to have to go with your brother. I don't trust anyone else with you." I nodded in understanding and he scooped me up.

He rushed me downstairs and into a huge room with a lot of people in it. He set me in the seat in front of everyone and stood behind it. "Everyone prepare to fight. Liam take your sister to the safe room and make sure she doesn't get hurt." He nodded and walked towards me.

Adrian grabbed my hand pulling me up then crushed me to him. He pulled away just to crash his lips onto mine and I wrapped my arms around his neck, but he broke it off far too early. "I love you so much. Promise me you will be careful."

"Only if you promise the same thing." I said.

"Of course, love," he said kissing my forehead.

"Adrian if you make it back to me, I will marry you."

"Really?" He asked giving me a huge grin. I nodded and he swung me up and kissed me again. "I am so going to make you Layla Walker," he said pulling away.

"Well don't make me wait too long." I kissed his cheek and started walking towards the door but before we could leave, I was stopped.

"Can you take Jace with you?" The same woman from the other night asked.

"Of course," I said taking him from her arms. He snuggled closer to me, and I held him tighter to me. With one last chance since at my future husband, I followed Liam out the door.

"Be very quiet. I hear someone close by," Liam said after we had been walking for a little over five minutes.

We were walking down a long hallway when the door beside us burst open. One of the doors hit me and I was sent to the wall. I protected Jace from the hit as best as I could, and tried to get my breathing steady. I stood as best as I could and looked for my brother.

I saw his fighting five people, but when he saw me he yelled, "Run!"

Knowing he could take care of himself, I ran down the hallway and took a few turns. I was about to take another left, but I heard someone coming down the hall. I started to turn around, but I heard someone coming from there too.

Cursing my horrible luck, I hid in the only room that was in that hallway. I quietly shut the door and locked it. Looking around I noticed it was a guest room. My first thought was about Jace. No matter what happened to me I had to make sure he was safe.

I went to the closet and looked inside. At the very top was a shelf that had blankets on it. I pulled them back and told Jace to get in the corner. He obeyed, and I arranged the blankets so they covered him but didn't look unnatural. I shut the door and began to look for a place for me to hide.

The only place to hide was under the bed. Just as I had slipped myself under it, the door was kicked open. I covered my mouth so my breathing would not give me away. I saw a man open the closet door but he closed it soon after. Just as I was starting to relax, I was pulled out from under the bed. I tried kicking him but nothing worked, and I was brought face to face with three men.

"We have her. Let's go." This was news to me. I didn't think that that were after me. They dragged me through the castle, but when we reached the huge foyer, I was thrown down.

"Contact the boss and tell him we have her," one of the guys said. When they weren't paying attention, I tried to make a run for it, but one of then caught me. Irritated he slapped me and I fell to the floor for the second time. He was going to kick me, but the most amazing voice interrupted him.

"Let her go!" Adrian yelled. Even from here I could feel the anger coming off him. I thought they were going to let me go but nope. I let out a scream as I was hauled up by my hair.

I was going to fight back, but I froze as a blade was pressed against my throat.

Wow. Yesterday I was a gunpoint and now today is this. I seriously have some bad luck.

"If you make one move towards us, we will kill her," the man behind me said.

"No they won't. The only reason they are here is..." I let out a scream as the knife was stabbed into my thigh. Apparently I was needed alive, but not unhurt.

Adrian took a step towards me but the man twisted the knife and yanked it back out wrenching another scream from me and then brought the blade back to my throat. "Not so fast. I will do a lot more than kill her if you do anything stupid."

All three men came really close to me and started backing out the door very slowly, and I could only watch as the love of my life got further and further away from me. When we were almost out the door I saw twenty people attack him and I fought to get to him, but it was no use. They were too strong for me. I gave up and just sank to the ground as we exited the castle doors.

Vaguely I knew one of the men picked me up and put me in a car, but I was too numb to really pay attention to anything going on around me.

When the car stopped I looked up. We were pulled up at a small cabin in the middle of the woods. I was roughly pulled out the car, and pushed to the front door. Another man opened the door and grabbed me. He threw me into a chair and tied me down.

After tying me up, they just left me in that first room. I tried to loosen the ropes, but they were tied too tight and wouldn't even move and inch. When my hands were starting to hurt, I gave up and looked around the room. It didn't seem like a room where you would hold prisoners. It looked just like a living room and for some reason it was very familiar to me.

I spotted a picture on the wall, but before I could study it in greater detail, a man walked through the door. He had a hood so I could not see anything of his face. He sat in front of me and just stared.

He slowly started to remove his hood, and I waited impatiently to see who had kidnapped me. When his face was visible I gasped. Sitting in front of me was Will's older brother, James. The guy who was as protective of me as my own brother, but all my old thoughts of him were wiped away by what he did next.

"You are going to answer some questions, and if I were you I would answer them correctly." He pulled an knife from his pocket with a smirk.

"I'm not telling you anything," I spat at him. He stood up from his chair and walked to me with a sinister smile while clutching the knife in one pale hand.

"Well, then let the torture begin."

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