Cries of a Damned Soul

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Is this calm everyday life really worth letting go? It's the question I ask myself everyday, even while it's threatened by impending danger. As danger threatens someone's routine and life changes begin to happen within them. The question of their own beliefs. The question of their own values. Is it worth sacrificing a life of comfort for a bigger dream? Questions easily answered beforehand without a second thought, until it all was set into motion. The time has come. The gears have been set into motion and there's no stopping them now.

Fantasy / Adventure
Crescent Ryoshi
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A mysterious feeling took over the boy as he walked to the door and placed his hand on the knob. His chest felt tight and his hand trembled, not understanding what he was feeling at that time, causing his breath to become ragged before backing away from the door.

His legs were acting on their own, his instincts taking control over them. The source of the feeling seemed to be behind the door, making him wonder what it was.

A chill ran through his whole body as he questioned this. It was as if he could feel an overtaking presence. This caused his whole body to tremble, while clearing all his doubts about whether he was scared or not. His body wouldn’t respond, making frustration take over him.

Desperation started preying on him as his thoughts became clouded. He realized he felt like a cornered prey. A jump from the second floor would make death certain, and running through the door meant facing whatever was in the corridor. Either way, the result was the same.

He couldn’t feel or control his own body and breathing had become difficult. A puddle of liquid crawling from under the door caught his attention.

After gazing around the room, he realized that the stars and the moon were gone. But... despite being in total darkness, the liquid was still visible, despite no glow coming from it at all.

The contents of his stomach tried to make their way out of his body as the fear grew. He closed his eyes and drove a hand over his mouth in order to stop himself from throwing up.

The hopes of everything being just a nightmare started fading away.

He opened his eyes to look upwards. His urge to throw up stopped. He didn’t have the words to describe what was in front of him... Its presence, the way it moved and the pressure it exerted made it seem as if it was something out of this world. The door was intact and never opened at any point, it was as if the creature just manifested itself into the room.

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