The Assassins Guilt

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chapter 2


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Relief flooded her body; she could feel all the exhaustion lying heavy on her shoulders mist away. Slowly a smile came on her lips and hooded eyes got replaced by mischief.

″ It’s not liked your miserable ass missed me’’

Rolling her eyes, she turned away from brooding handsome who only huffed an amused chuckle. She didn’t even take a step when she heard him, leaning against the frame of wooden door

he spoke ″ and here I thought I would get hugs and kisses.″

She only shot him a wink over her shoulders saying ″ if you keep standing there, you’ll only get kicks.″ He only scoffed with fake irritation ″ what! you don’t believe me?″

She glanced at him with a knowing look that conveyed the message ‘’Of course you missed me.’’ walking through all windy paths she felt him beside her. Looking at her he said ‘’ you look splendid!’’ She turned towards him with raised eyebrow seeing him trying to suppress a laugh , she then looked at her dirty combat boots with mud all over, her pants and shirt was ruffled and indeed there were dirty splatches everywhere, trying very hard not to cringe she raised her eyes and met his amused one ‘s ,’’ I could use a bath ‘’. His friend only hummed with a ghost of smile on his face ‘’ indeed you could bless us with your good graces. ’laughing at his melodrama she just shrugged and kept walking.

Silently they walked over stairs of her chamber. Upon entering her rooms, she looked at him. Really looked at him after two weeks. He didn’t look much different but there were blue marks under his eyes much to the courtesy of sleepless nights. He looked silent, more silent than he had been few months ago. Although he looked okay but she had seen him on better days, such mischievous person who brought laughter where ever he went. Now when she looked at him only a ghost of that vibrant soul was left. Such delighted throaty laughs were left to hollow huffs only. Signing softly, she raised her eyes and met his, a heavy look in them.

He seemed to have trouble voicing his question. His throat bobbed with a phantom lump. A question in his eyes lay there, he whispered

‘’ you have it right?’’

She just looked at his friend, slowly smiling like a cat she spoke with feline arrogance ‘’ of course! I wouldn’t be Rüya Godwin if I can’t fool a few guards’’. Seeing a ghost of smile on his face she said ‘’do you even know how difficult it was. My nails are splintered due to climbing thanks to you. Next time find someone else for these errands.’’

He just smiled at her looking to eager to get his thing. Silently she ruffled through her things which stable men had shifted to her with the help of a servant. When her fingers touched the perfect piece of paper lightly tinged gold with red cached marked, she handed it to him. Raising his one eye brow he grabbed the letter, surprised at its sheer clean solid plane without a whisper of wrinkle on it. Thanking her and reminding her to be on dinner table he was closing the doors of her cambers when she called him. With on hand on knob of door and other holding his letter he turned around with a questioning look. She just threw a thing to him, with a quick reflex he caught it in his fist. Slowly opening his he eyed the thing, and held his breath for there was no amount of gratitude he could pay to her. Raising his eyes, he opened his mouth to ask her when she merely shrugged saying

‘’ you thought I didn’t know why you were raiding black market for months.’’

With a silent dip of his chin he sauntered away for there were no words what she had simply thrown at him like a piece of rock.

Looking at closed doors she signed slowly. Turning around she could feel her eyes fall on her room. Or rather chamber, she was given a whole tower. Out of total three major and one minor towers, she was given right tower of keep. The one which had view of all four sides. There were total two rooms, one bed room other she had totally dedicated to her books. An attached bathroom and a big hall. The front side of tower had great balcony, inner part of which was lined with arbore stone walls decorated with long silk curtains which almost all the time flowed with wind. Putting her cloak away she went to take bath.

On the other side of building, in a dark unlit room was lying the assassins heir. The only son of assassin’s king. His black hair was spread on his pillow. Body relaxed, half lying on the bed his right leg slightly grazed the floor while left leg was bent on bed, his straight nose, perfectly thin lips that always have a ghost of smile on them. His eyes were closed with a shadow of long lashes grazing his high cheek bones. He was a sight to behold, with light silver rays of moonlight touching his features. Slowly he opened his eyes like awaking from a trance, he raised his right hand holding a piece of uncut gem. He raised it above in shinning silver threads of moonlight. Slowly raising his eyes, he looked at the crystal and couldn’t deny its beauty. A sapphire, that was what Ruya has brought for him. An uncut pure sapphire of deepest night blue shade. The angle at which he held the gem, at this angle he could see why it was the rarest, the swirling blues of it felt like crashing waves of a winter ocean. And the moonlight it felt as though it had given him a soul, its absorbed silver silk threads of moon and shown like a star. he had a lot of work to do. To cut this gem carve it will require a great effort but he could tell even tell without carving it that it would be his greatest piece.

Removing his eyes from the gem he could feel them fall on his study table where he had placed the letter. Unable to open it. Perhaps it was fear what he holds. It was strange how few words were making him lose his wits. Standing up he moved towards the study table, moving the chair he sat on it. Lightening the candle, he grabbed it. Will it burden his heart or free his soul, soul of a lover? The question hung in the air.

Getting the paper out of cover he let his eyes fall on elegant script

’ I am lost, I am lost Ayusha. In this agony of love and pain. Does loving always hurts so much.

When does heart grow into asking for impossible? Like the bloom of rose in snow. Impossibly miraculous; breathtaking blood red petals kissing whites of falling snow.

They see its beauty and pick the flower of love for their miserable lonely hearts. But how lost of them, how pathetic they forget the thorns that adorns the flower of love. The thorns of love that make souls of lover’s bleed.

Such anticizing contrast of reds of blood and whites of snow, like pain and love. The unformidable allies of hearts in love.

Indeed, love is emissary of pain.

Princes Ezlyn

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