The Assassins Guilt

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chapter 4


There she stood on the ledge of cliff. Vast field of wild flowers surrounding her. Flowers on long green stalks swaying with light breeze to and fro. She stood there long grazing at the horizon. Wind rustling her cloths, her long platinum locks dancing in the wind. Closing her glazed blue eyes slowly she felt her soul relax in phantom hands of wind. The unnerving desperation, anxiousness long lost in the drunk shades of settling sun on horizon.

The sky seemed to be joyous today. As if it were happy to drown in all the drifting shades of a flamed orange, ting blood red, with light strokes of light; pink appearing and vanishing like it was giggling and playing hide and seek with other colors who seemed to be as playing along, enjoying. The violets and blues of sky seemed to smile lightly at the playful moment of pink. The sky was basked in shades she had never witnessed before. Swirls of orange, blazes of red, mischievous pinks, mature floods of violet. It was as if they were so curious to blend into one another and were amazed at different shades they created, playing, dancing stroking each other and inviting cool wind with their mischievous grins to play and ruffle.

Soo lost in the scene she never saw darkness creeping from corners. She had drifted away from group to walk alone. When she found herself at this wild flower field, and as if it was not enough sun had started his dance with drowning colors of sky.

Very slowly she felt the stillness in forest, eerie like silence had fallen all around her. Seeing the shadows creeping up around her, she felt her heart take shuddering beats.

First beat; utter silence, not even the rustle of leaves. Second beat she turned her stiff shoulders towards forest and there third and final beat her body froze.

She did not dare release her breath, standing very stiff. She felt body freeze, blood running cold and eyes froze like arctic ocean with shock.

There in front of her eyes stood seven feral wolves. Surrounding her silently they snarled when her eyes met with them. Long canines out they growled at her. Their wild eyes were full of wild insatiable insanity. A promise of terror and agony of prey in their hateful gaze. Their hunched bodies observed her.

I that moment surrounded by feral wolves; she knew what fear was. Utter fear and numbness surrounded her. Her ears were ringing, head felt a little dizzy with dumbness, hands so cold as if made of frozen stones.

There she stood rooted to the ground like a frozen rag doll. When she felt a light stroke below her left ear, long languid stroke from crook of her ear shell to apex of her spine. The nerve travelled down to the base of her spine that seem to wake her body from frozen shock. Just like that in an instant her instincts barked her to run. Every fiber of her body contracted to sprint. Losing the breath, she had held far too long she took a shaking breath in, cautiously raising her eyes. Slowly at falling feathers pace she raised her hands in surrender, she took light steps to balance herself on her front steps she glanced discreetly towards left, the same direction she had felt the tremor, she saw an opening there, no wolf there. But just as she raised her foot, a wolf growled somewhere on her right, she didn’t dare turned to look at him rather she sprinted with full speed. The wolves growled behind her louder than ever, before pushing on their hunched legs they chased after her.

In long sprints she ran, feeling her senses blur for a moment, shaking her head to come over dizziness, she felt cold beads on her forehead. She ran like a crazy, rushing pass the trees, bushes but they were fast. She was not that fast. Without looking behind, she felt the dirty snarl of a wolf. Her heart skipped a beat, it was close so close. Faster she needed to run faster, pumping her legs with more force. Just as forced her self go faster, a wolf the black one who wore the skin of night leaped after her. His long canines dig in her cloak, tearing it apart. The force of it chocked her throat with knot of cloak. With lazy trembling finger she clawed at the knot. When it didn’t open but got tighter, she clawed at piece on cloth in wolf’s mouth. He growled dirty at her.

In a flash a figure clads in black landed before her and the wolf was down. Hunched over the dead wolf on his knees like he had leaped from tree with his daggers out, Ayusha looked at her. She only eyed the drop of blood now gathering at the tip of his silver blade when in a cam cold voice of frozen rage, he shouted ‘’RUN’’.

So, she threw her battered cloak in the air and ran. While Ayusha stood in the forest with dead wolf under his foot. Withdrawing another blade from his waist dagger band, he rolled his shoulder, stretching his neck until he heard a crack. Straightening he looked at remaining six wolves that now came running down this path, seeing their pack member already dead under his feet they growled at him. Their canines barring at him with eyes full of feral insanity. Well the fun part started now. A wicked grin full of promising torment came on his lips.

They attacked, he ducked, blades out he pushed his hands through the sides of a brown wolf; who shrieked out later whimpering curled on land. One attacked from his behind. Turning with the speed of light his blades were buried deep in his chest. Others now stayed behind, keeping a distance they snarled again and again, he drew his blades out from the fallen wolf and straitened his back, now facing th pacing wolves, just as he looked to the right one 4rth wolf he raised his legs to attach him but froze when middle wolf growled they together hunched their front legs barring their teeth’s and attacked him, like a shadow in night he moved, ducked, attacked, and severed their limbs.

Turning around he gathered his blades, cleaned them with the fur of brown wolf. He stood there covered in blood, gore, splintered tissues of wolf. It was not a clean kill rather he severed every second of it like a person savors every last drop of a fine champagne. Putting the blades back he eyed the direction she ran.

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