The Assassins Guilt

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chapter 5


She didn’t even saw the drop of blood on the tip of his blade hit the ground when she sprinted. God knows where, she didn’t know, she just ran in any possible direction she could detect. She was almost sure she had lost her way, when her foot got in the nook of root of trees emerging from under surface, and fell in thorny bushes. She cried out when thorns pierced her skin. Hissing she tried to raise herself, but yelped again when sharp thorns dug more in her hands. Tears glistening in her eyes she tried again but fat tears rolled down her cheeks when couldn’t. she never knew thorns could hurt so much. Her hands were on fire, intense burning was so much to bear. She tried to stand again but this time a hooded figure appeared at her back, placing his hands on her waist and shoulder he raised her. With heavy breathing and tear covered sight she looked at him. His face was still hidden in his cloak, only a strong jaw and chiseled thin lips on view.

Slowly his hands moved from her waist to her hands, taking her small delicate hands in his he saw them covered in blood and thorns. they must have hurt so much. He raised his eyes to see her expression, her breathing was irregular, cheeks flushed, eyes glistening with more tears. Cautiously he raised his hands to remove her tears, thumb stroking her raised cheek bones, her eyes were unfocused, so he moved his face closer to hers speaking slowly ‘’breathe; take long breaths’’. When she could breathe a little properly, he removed his hands from her face and took a single step away. Still holding her hands in his, he gave her space to breathe through pain.

And spoke tentatively’’ Are you alright?’’. At this she raised her eyes and met his, so blue he thought so blue - and dipped her chin. ’’Come!’’

He took her elbow in his hand while she clutched her bruised hands to her chest, and took silent steps after him. Her hazy mind didn’t register anything. After about fifteen minutes of silence, she raised her face a wary look falling on her features. Feeling her eyes on him, he looked at her and spoke, in a voice like a whisper of night.

‘’ There is hot water not far from here.’’ Pausing he spoke again, ‘’ ehmmmm! It’ll be good if we wash your hands there.’’

She frowned at his coy demure, he seemed quite confident before but now….

Reaching the uncountable small ponds and pits of hot water, he left her arm and walked ahead. Dipping his long fingers which were still covered in blood, he stood there. Now when she looked down bloody finger prints were on her dress arms. Washing blood away from his fingers he looked at her over his shoulders. Standing straight he grabbed her hands and slowly tentatively dipped them in water, making her scream in pain. Her eyes again glistened with tears; she bit her lips to stop the pain. Silently she looked at him only to see a pained look Pass over his features. She saw him part his lips and in the same low whispered voice he spoke’’ Shh! Don’t cry, pain will go away in a second.’’

Not bearing to see her cry he moved his hands to caress the sides of her face, removing her tears, while she looked in water, seeing the blood from her hands flow away forming lose swirls like the unruly tendrils of smoke. Removing her hands that were now numb from burning sting and pain he made her sit on a rock. Then he stood up, removing his hood, fumbling with his things he took out a clean cloth and a small bottle of thick liquid.

Drying her hands with surprised gentleness, he opened the small bottle to drip the liquid, when he heard her ask ‘’what is it?’’

Slowly he felt his grey eyes rise and fall on her blue curious ones. Such vibrant blue, he felt his breath hitch. Shaking his thoughts away, he resumed his work, sitting on his hunches in front of her, he poured thick viscous liquid and spoke’’ Its honey, it will help in removing those thorns, mostly they would come out on their own after applying it. ‘’

He heard her say softly mostly to herself. ‘’ I never knew that before’’. He hurriedly spread honey on her hands and asked ‘’ Are you hurt anywhere else’’

Lost in her own thoughts she didn’t listen him. Only when he looked at her with intense gaze and hands withdrawn lying on his sides did she realize he asked something. She blushed in embarrassment and almost in a timid voice said ‘’ Pardon?’’

He asked again in his sooth husky voice like a sweeping wing. ‘’ is there any other injury. Hmmm! Other than *pointing to her hands* your hand, My lady!” She replied with only shake of her hand and froze when she heard what he called her ‘’My lady’’. She looked at him with cautious eyes. He merely nodded and stood up. Turning his broad shoulders to her he walked to water. Where he bent a knee and hunched low to wash his calloused hands, face then moving his fingers through his hair wetting them, until the tip of his fingers lightly grazed his neck in lazy strokes. Dipping his head back he looked at sky where stars were vibrant, twinkling.

Meanwhile she sat there frozen, looking at his lean body. Watching his precise movements, the utter stillness with which he carried himself, like winds will turn their path by his mere look. Under the glow of vibrant stars, he looked like a fallen angel. Such aquiline features left her breathless. All she could think was he did not belong to this world. How was it possible to possess so much beauty? She watched him under her wet eyelashes, how he threw his head back and a certain look fell on his face. Her brows knitted in concern seeing that look on him. How was it possible that she was lost, away from her companions and yet he looked more lost than anyone. Her heart constricted in her chest at this thought.

Slowly she shook her head, clearing her throat, she spoke ‘’thank you for saving me- a long pondering pause- but how did you find….’’

She raised her eyes and words got slipped when she met his intense stair, she felt all air leave her lungs, and she could have sworn her heart skipped three whole beats, how was it that every time their eyes meet, she sees him at whole new angel. Watching his proud brows and smoldering rich grey eyes she thought- he is the most beautiful man I ever saw!

Bending his head to side slightly he asked her ‘’ May I ask what a fine lady is doing in forest at this time of year.’

‘’I can ask you the same thing.’’ She inquired raising her brows still captivated by the storm of his eyes that rose in moonlit night. ‘’Me? Ohh I’m just a huntsman and those wolves looked like they were not going anywhere without their meal.’’ He replied chuckling lightly.

‘’You don’t look like one’’ she replied curiosity evident in her eyes.

Raising his brow, half smile still playing on his lips he asked’’ Are you falling for my looks? My lady!’’

‘’WHAT!’’ Seeing her flushed face, he laughed, laughed hard holding his stomach. Straightening he walked towards her with a ghost of smile on his face. Seeing her turn flushed a chuckle escaped his lips, shrugging out of his cloak he threw it on her head. ‘’ get up or you wanna sleep here’’ He asked her over his shoulder.

Seeing him walk the way they came in she stood up, trying to grab his cloak dangling from her head, when hissed with pain. Now she can’t even pull it around her. Heaving a sigh, she looked at stars last time. And walked after him.

Soon she fell in step with him, taking a side glance at him. Seeing how his dark bangs fell on his forehead she took a deep breath. When he turned to face her, she groaned again hearing him laugh. Grabbing her shoulders, he halted her and looked into her eyes, with her hands tucked in her chest she asked him ‘’you find it amusing huh!’’ he shrugged laughing and grabbed his sprawled poor cloak from her shoulder and head. Pulling the cloak safely around her he said ‘’ there you go’’ she rolled her eyes at his stupid ass smile and walked ahead.

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