Climates of Changes, Relic of Time Book 2

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Karstien, Ezra, and Davin realize global disasters and famines are not the normal progression of a changing climate this time, but Damien's evil work. “Good morning and welcome to Neimad Global’s Cretaceous Research Facility. After today’s tour, we will hopefully be meeting with head Genosaur developer and researcher, Dr. David Jeong. Later there will be a question and answer with Habitats Director Kars Adams, and Dr. Ezra Ferrell, our Farm Projects Manager. The three men who started our amazing venture. Please, follow me.” Our heroes, Karstien, Ezra, and Davin, continue their lives in our time, realizing the global disasters and famines befalling everyone are not the normal progression of a changing climate but the workings of a much more insidious force, Karstien ’s lost brother Damien. The climate change is not only in this time but in the distant past... The prophecies are still in play and only by using the Relic of Time can they save the world from a literal time bomb meant to age Terrearth to dust and kill Karstien’s people. But first they have to get Relic back from Damien and the only one who can help them is a known terrorist, an insane genius named Dr. Daisy Cane, however her only goal is vengeance against Damien. She could be Karstien’s greatest ally, if she doesn’t get them all killed first.

Fantasy / Scifi
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Hope endures

“Never forget, Karstien, evil appears when least expected, sacrifices must be made, but even in the darkest hour, stars still shine, and hope endures eternal because love lives forever...”

High Lord Adamos, grandfather of Karstien “Kars” Adams

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Rosemarie: This has been my go to book when I can't sleep. Their story is so enthralling and so different from others that it keeps sucking me back in. I'm impatiently waiting for more 💚💚

Stormy: Really good so far! I cant wait to see what develops between the trio 😬 easily one of my favourite books so far on here

cprettyman4: I loved this book but i absolutely hated the ending. I really wish that you did not put us through such a love story only to take Aiden away

Jfidela09: Excuse me but can I use your first 3 chapters of this book and the rest I can just guess what would have happened next. If I can't it's fine I was just wondering because I can't find it on the link you gave us.

Hella Scorp: Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzziiiinnnnngggggg

Shawna Sherlin: Overall I'm liking the storyI gave five stars because I'm hookedI would recommend to all my friends

meaganbeu: I have liked every bot of the story so far. I like the characters. Don't want to stop reading. I would highly recommend this to my friends.

eircla: Everyone deserves love.

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Hello, I looked around the site well.
Please come and visit our site if you want something awesome. P>

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