Blood Bound

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In Elderjay, wolves run through the streets. Faces of old friends and relatives haunt those who have lost. The only way to live is to join. Devin's dark brown eyes stared me down, "Girls night, huh?" My cheeks warmed, "Sorry." "You're just lucky Maggie came back early from visiting her family or we wouldn't have known you were kidnapped." I already knew it would take a while before Devin would completely forgive me. He always hated Wyatt. I sighed, "What's the score?" "Well, since we lost a full night looking for you the green collars took first." Henry scoffed. "Reds are a bit preoccupied with finding the person who drugged Ian." Devin added while giving me a look. I fought off a smile, "We should really send him a get well card or something." They groaned, "Come on. We have to get you back before anyone notices you haven't checked in." Matt practically pushed us out the door. The sun was already starting to come up. Henry grinned as soon as the fresh air hit him, "Why don't we have a cabin in the middle of nowhere?" "Because we're not creepy fuckers who kidnap girls," Devin responded and I rolled my eyes. "Race back to camp?" I challenged Matt laughed, "You were just chained up for a day. I don't think you can handle a race." "Worry about yourself," I pulled my short brown hair into a ponytail.

Fantasy / Adventure
Jane Darling
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Chapter One

Under Revision. Coming Soon.

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