The Gemlish Girl

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She was a Gemlish- an outcast, looked down upon by society because she had blonde hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. She was innocent, pure, scared. He was ruthless, cold, brutal. In a world where she was constantly abused and mistreated she thought she had escaped the cruel life when she was given to the Alpha King of the Realm of Theyrion in place of her elder sister, but little did she know her life would only get worse at the hands of the brutal man. She thought her life would be constant pain and anguish, but then she met Logaen, her ‘husbands’ younger brother, and everything changed. She learned how to stand, she learned how to be strong, she learned how to fight, she learned how to survive. *IN PROCESS OF EDITING. CHAPTERS WILL BE UPLOADED IN BULK* © 2019 Smiles_Killjoy All Rights Reserved

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The Way It Is


She stood at the alter in the grey stone walled, white marble floored cathedral with a painted ceiling absolutely terrified. Her heart beat in her chest so powerfully that she swore the guests in attendance could hear it. She focused on her hands, folded in front of her, resting on the fabric of her white and ceremony gown with gold embroidery, trying to ignore how sensitive and sore her scalp was from the strain of her elaborate bridal hairstyle that a ladies maid had hastily done with her pale golden hair. She reached a hand up and put it over the lobe of an ear where a dangling ruby earring hung, wincing at the burning throb, and feeling the crusty dried blood that clung to the silver backing. The same ladies maid who had done her hair had pierced her ears for the first time, drawing blood that quickly stopped, the ladies maid’s words repeated in her head;

‘Won’t be the only blood spilled tonight, Due-Alpheda.’

She didn’t know what she meant by that, and there wasn’t any time to ask because she was whisked away from the maid and out to the cathedral where she currently waited, and had been waiting for nearly two hours.

The candlesticks in the candelabras that lined the walls had burnt down significantly causing the large room to become dimmer as time went on, the setting sun hitting the stained glass windows seemed to bring the scene depicted in the glass; An archbishop of the Gyius standing tall whist commoners bowed before him, begging for mercy. Archbishop Holdae, highest ranking member of the Gyius and one of the most feared men in the Realm, cleared his throat and looked at a heavyset man with grey hair, raising his eyebrows. The man gave a look of uncertainty just as the large wooden doors flew open, and all eyes in attendance including the bride turned their heads, and the bride-to-be gasped.

‘Surely this can’t be the Alpha King of the Realm?’

A tall man with dark hair wearing plated metal armour over a dark blue tunic quickly approached, the chainlink over the breastplate jingled as he hastily walked. He gave a nod to a few witnesses in the pews and saluted to a few people toward the front, the high ranking generals and members of the Gyius.

“Lord Crossae?” Holdae asked, his voice set in authoritative, confused boredom.

“The Alpha King sends his regards but he is unable to attend the ceremony.”

“His wedding ceremony?” Holdae cocked an eyebrow, looking around, his interest peeked in amusement.

There was a rumble from those in attendance, unsure as to what was happening.

“He has sent me on his behalf to marry the Due-Alpheda by proxy.” Crossae grunted, his eyes disapproving of the girl he towered over. “So get on with it, Holdae. I’ve better things to do tonight.”

She could smell the alcohol on the man named Crossae’s breath and he staggered slightly as he took his place standing beside her. The both bowed, sitting in front of the Archbishop on their knees with their heads bowed in respect, honouring the Gyius.

Holdae nodded and cleared his throat. “Do you, Lord Barrish Crossae, general and second in command to the Alpha King of the Realm, King Lucius of Theyrion, accept this woman, Lotte Greythorn of the district Arthouros, in the realm of Theyrion to be the next Alpheda on behalf of Alpha King Lucius?”

She gulped and her blue eyes slowly shifted to look at Holdae.

“I am c-called Samina, not Lotte.” She said in a voice so soft it was barely above a whisper.

Holdae glared at her. It was her first mistake. She had been told to stay quite during the ceremony, but without thinking she blurted out her name.

Crossae, sighed, nodding in restlessness. “On behalf of Alpha King Lucius, leader of the realm Theyrion, I, Lord Barrish Crossae, general and second in command, accept this girl, er, woman called Samina to be the next Alpheda in place of King Lucius.”

Holdae nodded, slightly rolling his eyes at the exhausting titles, accepted Crossae’s proclamation and addressed those in attendance.

“Upon the eyes of The Gyius, this woman is now and forever, Samina, Alpheda of Theyrion. May the Gyius bless this union, and bring forth the heir of Alpha King Lucius from the fruits of this woman.”

“Praise the Gyius. Praise Alpheda, long may she reign.” The congregation said in unison, their voices filling the room, thankful for the ceremony to finally have been concluded.

Samina blinked a few times in confusion, unsure of what to do next until the Archbishop cocked his head toward Crossae, who extended his arm to her. She turned and placed her hand on top of his and allowed him to walk her down the aisle and out of the cathedral.

She jumped as the door to the bedchambers slammed open hitting the stone walls and slamming shut again. She sat stiff as a statue on the side of the big, soft bed as her new husband walked slowly over to her, staggering slightly.

“Hello, wife.” His voice was deep, booming, and thick with drunkenness.

She wasn’t supposed to be the one to marry him, wasn’t the one agreed upon, it was supposed to have been her older sister, Lotte who was given to him as a bride. Lotte was sixteen and ready to be married, but at the last minute she panicked and begged their parents not to send her to marry Him. They were already given payment, and if they didn’t send a daughter, the penalty would be death for the entire family.

Samina was the youngest child born to her parents, the tie of genders. She had three older brothers, and three older sisters, and the shame and disappointment of her being born not just another girl, but a Gemlish was something she had known her whole life at the hands of her parents.

Barely fourteen, her world existed only of the cold dirt floor of the cellar where her parents would put her for punishment sometimes for days, the harsh cold wind of their district, the wood floor where she slept with only a blanket in the pantry, and pain. Yes, pain came naturally for any and all Gemlish.

As a Gemlish, she was abused throughout her life at the hands of her parents, and the pain of punishment was something she was used to.

The people of Theyrion all had dark shades of hair, dark eyes, and olive skin tones in varying shades. Except her. Pale skin, blonde hair, and light blue eyes; An impure being in the eyes of The Gyius, not one for this world, but instead one that Ballae, goddess of the underworld created to wreck havoc upon the pure souls of the mortals, to tease men and taint them with the pure evilness of Ballae, and drag them into the depths of hell. Her face was beautiful, innocent and sweet, but because of her skin tone, hair, and eyes her entire life she was called ugly and impure. She wasn’t allowed to leave her home unless her parents gave her permission, for fear that a nobleman would see her and send soldiers to her district Arthouros and attack her family.

Arthouros was a poor district, the occupants all living on the poor crops they would yield of potatoes and other root vegetables, the only crops that would grow in the harsh, cold climate of Arthouros. They were farmers, hunters, and would sell what they could to niebouring districts to try to scrape enough gold coin to pay their taxes. Having a Gemlish in their district only brought more shame upon them, and pushed them lower in the eyes of other districts.

She lived her life in fear, the brunt of her fathers anger, her mothers frustration and impatience, and her siblings teasing, the only friend she had known was her sister Osilda, who was one year older than she.

From the moment she was born, all she knew was fear. The sting of her mothers hand flying across her face, the pain of her fathers’ fury, hot water thrown at her, switches across her hands, being pushed down the stairs or having stones thrown at her by her siblings.

She only was given the scraps from the meals to eat, which left her thin and small, compared to the muscular physique of other Theyrion’s.

Her features made her unique, and she was ostracized and given a name of shame and embarrassment. One that everyone in the district knew and when they heard it they knew to avoid her; She was named Samina.

“He’ll beat you if you aren’t behaved”

“Please him, or he will banish you, girl”

“Give him a child, an heir”


“Don’t be more of a stain on our family tree, you filthy, pathetic Gemlish”

“One wrong move and he’ll kill you. He is after all, the Alpha King of the Realm, so watch yourself”

Her family’s words still rang in her eyes, and she was trembling as He stood in front of her, but didn’t dare move her eyes from the floor. Her white and gold ceremony gown was draped over a chair never to be worn again, leaving her only in her thin white chemise, another garment she would never wear again. The maid that had helped her out of her gown had made it clear that she would never be allowed to wear the light colour ever again because she would be a consummated woman and white wasn’t permitted on a consummated woman.

Consummate. She had heard the word spoken, but had no idea what it meant.

His fingers ran through her hair, his hulking arms covered in tattoos of tribal and warrior markings. She lifted her eyes and noticed his toned abdomen and chest under the open dress coat he wore also had markings, but she didn’t dare look at his face.

He scoffed, looking her over.

“So small and frail. Pathetic.” his deep voice echoed in the large room, amused.

She shrunk back slightly at the insult, and his hand grabbed her chin and pulled her head back. She looked at his face for the first time. He had dark eyes with flecks of gold, and dark hair that fell to his shoulders in long waves, parted on one side of his head, rather than down the middle of his scalp. His face was handsome and chiseled, with a well kept dark beard. There was a scar that went through his right eyebrow and down his eye, and he absolutely terrified her. He was a handsome man, though his body was scarred from battle wounds. Handsome, yet terrifying.

“You’re not what was promised to me by your district.” He said in a bewildered tone and tilted her head to the side and released her chin.

Running a hand through his hair he sighed, and walked over to the table at the end of the room and poured dark wine into a goblet and drank it. He shook his head and eyed her as he let his long coat fall to the ground, the candle light shining on his bare chest as he walked back over to her.

His hand reached behind her head and gathered her hair as he pulled her to stand. She let out a whimper and squeezed her eyes shut.

“what is your name?” He asked.

“S-Samina.” She said softly.

“Samina… A Gemlish. I’ve only seen your fellow creatures in battle while my sword slices through their bodies.” He twirled a strand of her hair around his finger, “Such strange looking people. Did you know there used to be a bounty on Gemlish?”

“N-no.” She shook her head as he brought the strand of hair to his nose and inhaled.

“There was. Fifty gold coins for every head that was brought to my father. Men would bring my father dozens of Gemlish heads to help eradicate them. and yet… More and more of you still were born. And now, here you stand before me, a Gemlish, as my bride.

“I came in place of my sister, my lord.” She said meekly.


“B-because… Because she was too afraid.” Her voice was soft, and he leaned in slightly so he could hear her.


Samina nodded.

“Are you afraid of me, little Gemlish?” He asked, cupping her cheek, his eyes peering into hers.

“I’ve heard that you are a brutal man, my lord. That men fear you and quiver at the mention of your name. That you’ve fought battles and taken seize of multiple realms, killing Alpha Kings and taking their people hostage, turning them into slaves. My brother Seamus said that you once tore a mans throat out with your teeth, and sent his head to his wife and children… All for being short on his taxes by one coin.”

He smirked and nodded his head, holding his goblet out. “Some wine, little Gemlish?”

“I’ve never had wine.” She said truthfully.

“Truly?” He asked, amused.

He held the goblet to her mouth and she hesitantly tilted her head back as his hand snaked around the back of her neck and he tiled the goblet. She sputtered as the bitter liquid hit her tongue and burned her throat, coughing. He chuckled as he watched her swallow it, forcing her to swallow quickly, not giving her a chance to breath as he forced the wine down her throat. She coughed, her eyes wide as he slammed the goblet down on a table.

“You didn’t answer my question, Gemlish.”

“I… Should I be afraid of you?” She feared the answer she would get.

He was silent for a moment as his eyes trailed over her body, until he finally spoke, sending a shiver down her spine in fear.

“Yes. You, like every other person in this realm and the next, should hold a deep fear when saying my name, or seeing my face.”

His hands traveled over her chemise exploring her body, resting on her small breasts. He made a sound expressing his disappointment and groped her ass causing her to jump.

“Disappointing in the front, not so much in the back.” His hands moved and squeezed at her breasts again. “But once my son is inside of you” One finger trailed down her abdomen, resting above her womb “They’ll grow, full of milk.”

He ran his hands down her arms and took her small, clammy hands in his massive rough ones.

“So tiny.” He brought one wrist to his lips and placed a kiss to the delicate, soft skin of her inner wrist.

She bit her lip and let her eyes drift to the floor, but immediately gasped when his lips crashed against hers roughly, his hands grabbing her ass hard.

“Please-“ She cried out, turning her head.

The movement was fast, she almost didn’t notice he moved until she felt the sting of his hand across her cheek. She winced at the pain and closed her eyes to avoid the tears from spilling, and let out a whimper as she rubbed her cheek.

“You belong to me.” He said roughly though a chuckle, refilling his goblet with wine and downed it in one long gulp.

He walked back over to her and pulled the hem of her chemise up over her head, and pulled her arms straight, holding tight, not allowing her to cover her nakedness.

“Hmm… It seems you’ve groomed yourself for your Alpha” He smirked, his eyes landing at the Alex of her thighs.

“Please, I-” She whimpered, her eyes wide.

“My cock is twitching, ready to fuck you.”

He let go of her arms and stepped back as she covered her small breasts with her arms in shame, but not for long as he put one of her hands on the front of his trousers and she gasped, feeling a hard length beneath her hand. He tilted her head up, forcing her to look at him and placed a soft kiss to her plump lips. The kiss started slow and became fiery as his desire burned hotter. He forced his tongue into her mouth and she could taste the stale alcohol on him as his tongue danced around hers. She pulled away from him, turning her head in embarrassment.

She watched as he undid the belt of his pants and let them fall to the ground, and her eyes widened in shock and fear at his thick, long, veiny manhood that stood at attention in a field of dark hair. His hand ran over his length slowly as his eyes roamed her body while he bit his lip.

She was never told of the difference between a man and a woman, and she could hear her heart beating in her ears as panic started to overcome her.

“Wh-what is that?” She asked in a shaky voice, her eyes going from his manhood to his face.

His hand grabbed her chin and as he spat his words in her face she could smell the wine on his breath. His eyes showed anger burning into hers, the facade he was holding himself to, fading in an instant, and he turned into the cold blooded monster she had been told he was.

“You dare insult me?!” His saliva hit her face as he spat his words.

“N-No!” She gasped as one hand wrapped around her throat.

“You ungrateful fucking Gemlish. You fucking insult me!”

He pushed her down on the bed and was on top of her in an instant, pinning her to the bed with one forearm across her chest, the other stroking his manhood.

“Please! What-” The tears she was holding back threatened to spill from her eyes in fear. “I don’t understand! I didn’t mean- I’ve never-”

“You’ve insulted me woman, and now this will be so much worse than I had intended.” His eyes softened slightly, briefly, before they filled with anger and disappointment. “I had planned to make you scream all night with pleasure, make you tremble as you came all over my cock buried deep inside of you, but now… Now, You’ll be screaming in pain.” He grunted.

With his free hand he pushed her thighs apart effortlessly despite her fighting against him, spit into his hand and rubbed it over his length, notching his manhood up against her chaste center.

“What are you doing?! Please!” She begged, shaking her head, her eyes wide in fear and confusion. “I don’t know what you’re-”

“I’m making you mine.” He said with a growl, then he thrusted his hips forward, sinking his entire manhood inside of her in one powerful motion, causing her to be pushed up higher in the bed.

“Fuck!” He grunted, feeling the tight warmth of her body.

She let out a cry as pain tore through her body from the apex of her thighs, the tears she had been holding back now rolled down her face.

“Stop, you’re hurting me! Please don’t!” She sobbed, pushing against his chest to no avail as his face contorted into one of ecstatic bliss.

His hips moved slowly at first, his breath ragged as he let out a groan, then they slammed fast against hers, one hand around her throat, the other pinning her arms above her head as the smell of iron slowly filled the air.

Each movement of his hips brought pain as whimpers escaped her mouth, begging him to stop but his rhythm only seemed to get faster. She squeezed her eyes shut and turned her head away from him.

“So fucking tight.” He groaned. “Elisabetta… My Elisabetta!”

A series of low grunts escaped his mouth as his hips continued to crash hard against hers until he stopped moving, panting above her, and she felt a warmth jetting deep inside of her center. He released her from his grasp and pulled away from her, his hands running down her body to her hips as his body unconnected from hers. She winced as he did and brought her knees together as he rolled over to the other side of the bed.

“You… You are not my Elisabetta, but I’ll have to make do.”

She felt a sticky wetness seeping out of her between her legs and touched herself between her legs wincing, then pulled her hand up revealing bright red blood and a watery, white fluid on her fingers, which made her feel sick.

What?!” She gasped out a sob. “I…”

“You know what that means, little Gemlish?” He murmured, the back of one hand on his forehead as he stared at the ceiling, “It means that now you belong to me. You are mine.” He growled from where he lay beside her.

She turned her head to look at him and her large terrified eyes locked with his. He smirked and ran a finger down her cheek and held it up in front of his face, examining the wetness of her tears.

“I own your body, your parents took a dowry for you. I will be the only man to touch you, to fuck you, to see your body. From the moment your feet stepped out of the dirt of Arthouros and onto the cobblestoned path leading to the cathedral… You belonged to me.” The last words he spoke to her before he fell into a drunken slumber.

She stared at the ceiling for a long while, trying to sooth the ache between her legs before she fell into a dreamless sleep, laying next to the man who had torn through her innocence; the man she was supposed to call her husband.

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