The Gemlish Girl

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She was a Gemlish- an outcast, looked down upon by society because she had blonde hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. She was innocent, pure, scared. He was ruthless, cold, brutal. In a world where she was constantly abused and mistreated she thought she had escaped the cruel life when she was given to the Alpha King of the Realm of Theyrion in place of her elder sister, but little did she know her life would only get worse at the hands of the brutal man. She thought her life would be constant pain and anguish, but then she met Logaen, her ‘husbands’ younger brother, and everything changed. She learned how to stand, she learned how to be strong, she learned how to fight, she learned how to survive.

Fantasy / Romance
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The Way It Is


She jumped as the door to the bedchambers slammed open hitting the terra cotta walls and slamming shut again. She sat stiff as a statue on the side of the big, soft bed as her new husband walked slowly over to her.

She didn’t even know His name, just that He was an Alpha King who was supposed to have been given her older sister, Lotte as a bride. Lotte was sixteen and ready to be married, but at the last minute, she panicked and begged their parents not send her to marry Him. They were already given payment, and if they didn’t send a daughter, the penalty would be death.

She was the youngest child born to her parents, the tie of genders. She had three older brothers, and three older sisters, and the shame and disappointment of her being born another girl was apparent her whole life.

She lived her life in fear. Barely fourteen, her world existed only of cold stone walls of the cellar where her parents would put her for punishment sometimes for days, the harsh cold wind of their district, the wood floor where she slept with only a blanket, and pain.

She was only one in her family who was not given a bed to sleep. As the last child born and as a girl, she was mistreated throughout her life, and the pain of punishment was something she was used to.

The people in her district all had dark hair, dark eyes, and dark-toned skin. Except her. Another reason her family neglected her so was because of her pale skin, blonde hair, and light blue eyes. A Gemlish, they called it. She stood out in a crowd, so she wasn’t allowed to leave her family home, or be seen or heard.

She lived in fear, the brunt of her fathers' anger, her mothers' frustration and impatience, and her siblings teasing.

From the moment she was born, all she knew was fear. The sting of her mothers' hand flying across her face, the pain of her father pushing her to the ground and kicking her in the stomach, hot water being thrown at her, switches across her hands, being pushed down the stairs or having stones thrown at her by her siblings.

She only was given the scraps from the meals to eat, which left her thin and small.

Her features made her unique, and in fact she was rather beautiful but because of her differences she was ostracized and given a name of shame and embarrassment. One that everyone in the district knew to avoid her; Samina.

“He’ll beat you if you aren’t behaved”

“Please him, or he will banish you, girl”

“Give him a child, an heir”


“Don’t be more of a stain on our family tree, girl”

“One wrong move and he’ll kill you. He is after all, the Alpha King of the Realm”

Her family’s words still rang in her eyes, and she was trembling as He stood in front of her, but didn’t dare move her eyes from the floor. Her white and gold ceremony gown was draped over a chair never to be worn again, leaving her only in her thin white chemise, another garment she would never wear again. The maid that had helped her out of her gown had made it clear that she would never be allowed to wear the light colour ever again because she would be a consummated woman and white wasn’t permitted on a married woman.

Consummate. She had heard the word spoken, but had no idea what it meant.

His fingers ran through her hair, his hulking arms covered in tattoos of tribal and warrior markings. She lifted her eyes and noticed his toned abdomen and chest under the open dress coat he wore also had markings, but she didn’t dare look at his face.

He scoffed, looking her over.

“Pathetic” his deep voice echoed in the large room

She shrunk back slightly at the insult, and his hand grabbed her chin and pulled her head back. She looked at his face for the first time. He had dark eyes with flecks of gold, and dark hair that fell to his shoulders in long waves, parted on one side of his head, rather than down the middle of his scalp. His face was handsome and chiseled, with a well kept dark beard. There was a scar that went through his right eyebrow and down his eye, but he was still beautiful, and yet he absolutely terrified her.

“You’re not what was promised to me by your district” He tilted her head to the side and released her chin, running a hand through his hair he sighed and walked over to the table at the end of the room and poured dark wine into a goblet and drank it. He shook his head and eyed her as he let his long coat fall to the ground, the candle light shining on his bare chest as he walked back over to her.

His hand reached behind her head and gathered her hair as he pulled her to stand. She let out a whimper and squeezed her eyes shut.

His hands traveled over her chemise exploring her body, resting on her small breasts. He made a sound expressing his disappointment and groped her buttocks causing her to jump

“Please-“ She cried out

The movement was fast, she almost didn’t notice he moved until she felt the sting of his hand across her cheek. She winced at the pain and closed her eyes to avoid the tears from spilling.

“You don’t talk to me, woman. You belong to me”

He pulled the hem of her chemise up over her head, and pulled her arms straight, holding tight, not allowing her to cover her nakedness.

“Hmm… It seems you’ve groomed yourself for your Alpha” He smirked.

He let go of her arms and stepped back as she covered her small breasts with her arms in shame. She watched as he undid the belt of his pants and let them fall to the ground, and her eyes widened in shock and fear at his stiff, large manhood.

She was never told of the difference between a man and a woman, and she could hear her heart beating in her ears as panic started to overcome her.

“Wh…what is that?” She asked in a shaky voice

His hand grabbed her chin and as he spat his words in her face she could smell the wine on his breath

“You dare insult me?!”


He pushed her down on the bed and was on top of her in an instant, pinning her to the bed with his forearm across her chest

“Please! What-” The tears she was holding back threatened to spill from her eyes in fear

“You’ve insulted me, woman, and now this will be so much worse than it has to be”

With his free hand he pushed her thighs apart effortlessly despite her fighting against him

“What are you doing?! Please” She begged

“I’m making you mine”

With a growl, he thrust his hips forward.

She let out a cry as pain tore through her body from the apex of her thighs, the tears she had been holding back rolled down her face

“Stop, you’re hurting me! Please, don’t!” She sobbed, pushing against his chest

His hips slammed fast against hers, one hand around her throat, the other pinning her arms above her head as the smell of iron notable.

Each movement of his hips brought pain as whimpers escaped her mouth, begging him to stop whatever it was that he was doing, but his rhythm only got faster. She squeezed her eyes shut and turned her head away from him. A low groan escaped his mouth as his hips crashed sporadicly against hers until he stopped moving, panting above her. He released her from his grasp and pulled away from her, his hands running down her body to her hips as his body unconnected from hers. She winced as he did and brought her knees together as he rolled over to the other side of the bed.

She felt wetness and pulled her hand up revealing bright red blood on her fingers, which made her feel sick.

“You belong to me. You are mine.”

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