Angelical Screw-Ups

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They screwed up big time. And now, there was no going back. Alice and Alicia were twin angels in heaven, the kingdom of the gods. They were the classic good-and-evil variety, where the good twin did good things and righted the wrongs that the evil twin always did. But, in this case, the evil twin might just be a manufacturing defect – a misfortune. Alice is always trying to help Alicia do the right thing at the right time, until there comes a situation where they both screw-up big time. And this continues on like a domino effect and finally creates such a complicated chain that the entire universe is suddenly plunged into danger. It's now up to Alice and Alicia to save the universe. And for that, they need to go to the planet of the humans. Would they survive on it long enough to correct their mistakes? Read on to find out!

Fantasy / Humor
Avalon Greene
4.5 2 reviews
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Once upon a time in heaven, there were two angels who looked much like each other, but who were completely poles apart.

Some said they were twins, while others thought that they just happened to look alike. The former school of thought was eventually proven to have been true. How that came to be is not what this story is about, though. What it is about is something completely different. This story is about the twin angels and how they accidentally wreaked havoc on the universe and eventually tried to save it from destroying itself.

Yes, this story is about good and evil. This story is about turning evil into good. This story is about how evil can be turned to good without bringing the threat of destruction into the midst.

This is the story of the major Angelical Screw-Ups.

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