The Last Harmon

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Witches. Slayers. Angels. Demons. And a girl caught between it all. This intense action-fantasy is not your typical read. Does DNA define us all? + + + The world as we know it is over. The governments are gone and the rest of humanity is living in fear of being next. After magic became exposed, along with the wiccans and their murderous Elder, Amara, nothing has been the same, and may never be the same again. After losing her entire coven to her Elder's greed, young witch Theresa becomes the last living Harmon. A name, and burden, which makes her the most wanted person on Earth. During a horrifying trial led by Amara, Theresa's life is turned upside down when she is saved-and taken-by a mysterious species known as Slayers. The Slayers are mortal enemies of witches. They are ruthless, merciless and have trained to slaughter witches for centuries. Having an enemy in common spares Theresa's life, but now she is hundreds of miles from home and living in an ancient castle run by half-demon creatures that treat her with mistrust and cruelty. With a war on the horizon, Theresa must decide where her loyalties lie and choose a fight to side on, and fight for, before everything she now loves is taken away.

Fantasy / Action
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A little note from me

Hello! I'm not sure who I'm speaking to, but I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this.

Over the last week, this book has had over 100 people add it to their reading lists, and that is one heck of an escalation! Even though I can't thank each one of you personally, it means so much to me that you're giving this book a chance.

This story has been in progress on and off for ten years now. I've written it, re-written it, changed it and at one point was completely done with it and deleted it completely. I had this fear that this was a predictable plot with creatures already overused in so many other books and it got to me. But then I realized, this is original. This is my idea and no one else's. Yes, it has witches and angels and all that similar supernatural element, but this is a unique plot close to my heart and the characters were also close to my heart, so much so that I couldn't let them go.

And as I'm writing this more are adding it to their lists, so just thank you so much!

If you find yourself liking this book and think it has some kind of potential then please give it a like and a comment! I've entered it into a writing contest and every little helps. Just like it, please, it takes nothing to press one little button and I hope I can give you something spectacular in return. Stick around and I'll show you.

Thank you!!


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