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A dream that feels so real and unnerving." Since her eighteenth birthday, Keera had been haunted by the same dream. One that shakes her down to the bones. but maybe it's just stress? After her stepmother runs away. She decides to pack up and leave Melbourne, with a one-way ticket back to her motherland Ireland. All the hopes of escaping a life that screamed disgust and hate. Little does Keera know she has set herself up for some unimaginable trials. She finds herself torn between the courts of Seelie and Unseelie and two very familiar men.

Fantasy / Romance
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The beginning.

The night was still, not even the slightest hint of a breeze.

The Fae started to gather within the field, hushed whispers dancing between the trees.

It was rumored that the wandering prophet, unseen to the public for close to a millennium has reappeared.

Such a rare occurrence, unheard of in current history.

Not much is known about the Prophet, It is unknown what court he belongs to nor where he resides.

Despite that, his clear guiding words had drawn attention from both courts and he has become somewhat of an ally to each. It is believed by some that he may even be as strong as the Rulers.

A mixture of delight and anticipation brewed between the fae, as for most they have never laid eyes on the man.

What could he have possibly foreseen?

More bloodshed?

A lost mortal?

What was strange this time, was his calling upon both Seelie and Unseelie courts.

What could he have possibly seen, that he has called meeting on neutral land? Peace lands? He t has never made motions to speak to both sets of rulers at one time.

The two courts have been waging wars for the past four centuries, one never besting the other. Neither in control. Constant bloodshed since the high court was attacked and sealed away.

The high court used to guide all courts when they were known as four seasons, but greedy for the power to rule they joined forces creating Seelie and Unseelie. Locking away the high court and all its people.

Despite their mutual trust in the prophet, there has never been a moment of peace between the two. Their desire to obtain power and conquer one another more tempting.

But wars have begun to appear useless and their people are becoming weary and exhausted.

The courts are both as equally skilled as the other, So much so that the bloodshed seems just but a game to the Rulers.

The crowd started to build, as fae from either side filled the clearing. Tension hung in the air, thick, almost suffocating.

As if the atmosphere was not heavy enough, a wave of power washed over the crowd.

Cold, frigid power.

The Unseelie Queen and her son the prince had arrived. Whispers hushed, and the crowds parted letting them through, those of the Unseelie court paid their respects to the rulers on passing.

Heads held high they made their way to the front, surrounded on both sides by heavily armored warriors.

The Unseelie were never late. Everything perfectly timed and calculated.

They are ruled by Queen Mab. She is the epitome of beauty and oozes a very precise and deliberate kind of madness. Her waist-length silver hair, and sharp blue eyes a sight to behold.

It is rumored a single glare could kill those who opposed her. Though no one is willing to find out.

She was ruthless to those who offended her, or even to those who she deemed that way.

Her Son, on the other hand, was a wild card. Unknown.

Not a single rumor surrounded the man. Which created a fear, A question hanging in the air; As to whether anyone outside of official meetings was left alive after an encounter. Or had he never left the heavily iced walls of the court.

For fae, he was young, less than two centuries. Youngest of all court Heirs. His black hair and deep grey eyes were completely opposite to that of his mother. He stood at 6'3, leanly built. He was tall for fae and eyes followed his every movement. The women in the Unseelie court were in constant bids for his attention.

The Unseelie where an archaic mix of bluntness and instinct.

A commotion started to the left side of the field.

Laughter and a smooth yet joyful melody filled the night.

The summer fae had arrived.

Always late, almost so that one would think it was intentional.

Hand in hand Queen Titania and King Oberon made their way through the crowd, shining.

The light produced was so bright it was as though it was the middle of the afternoon, Rather than the darkest of night.

Red hair ablaze, a sight to behold. Together they were known as the strongest couple to ever rule. In appearance, they adopted each other's characteristics. Slender, forest green eyes and olive skin.

The Seelie court was a sly and secretive court by nature, but the two were a level above that.

They did not share the same blunt and direct nature as the Unseelie. They planned, calculated and plotted to pave their way.

behind them their youngest son, a perfect example of kinship. Ethereal, slender with the same shade of red hair. At three centuries of age, he was the second youngest of the fae and heirs. He created a reputation of deception and trickery among both courts, yet despite his sly nature he is a loved royal of the Seelie and due to his nature has been named next in line for the throne despite his 4 older brothers.

As the courts met at the front of the clearing courtesies where exchanged, though barely contained distaste was written on one another's faces.

The atmosphere static with anticipation as they waited for the prophet.

right on queue, a voice boomed over the clearing and crowds hushed. Standing at the top of the clearing on a tree stump the prophet began.

"two courts become one, when the key born of the moon and the sun, arrives amongst the shadows of time. the key will see below the surface of desire, finding the second half of her song in the soul of winter or sum-urgh"

His voice was cut short as he fell from the stump, arrows protruding his chest, A heavy still silence filled the air as all tried to comprehend what had just happened.

A movement to the left of the field brought everyone back to the moment, despite the violence that had just been witnessed the Rulers were not allowed to use powers on the neutral grounds and hastily made their exits. both parties keeping eyes on the other as they made their way to the opposite sides of the clearing.

If there was one thing that was made clear tonight, Finding the one who cut the prophecy short was the top priority. Which court did they belong to?

And the Key...


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