How to be a queen

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Anastasia has been picked and she will never see her family again, What awaits her is unpleasant and whether she'll survive is uncertain. But she must Heda picked up the forty-eighth letter containing the forty-eighth name, she unfolded the envelope, read it and lifted her serpent yellow eyes at the gathered crowd. Anticipation weight heavily on all of our shoulders. "Anastasia Dunnavaunt" My world collapsed. My ears rang, blocking the gasps and the muffling around me. The ground seemed to tremble beneath my feet and the sky threatened to fall on me. I dropped Goldie’s hand without realizing I did so, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't think, I stumbled back but was caught by a man behind me before I could sink to my knees.  My name had been pulled out.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The grinding of my bones as I sat up was painful. The dark room danced, the shadows around me twirled and dissolved all at once- going as quickly as they came.

Suddenly, a lock clicked and the metal door in front of me slowly opened. I shuffled back towards the wall and hugged my knees into my chest, I shivered at every step this figure made towards me. The shadows began to twirl and writhe again as the figure moved.

Every breath I took felt like I was swallowing shards of broken glass “I want to see my son” I choked.

The man, who was much closer now, remained silent for a few seconds before replying as if he was choosing his exact words carefully “The deed is already done, miss”

My eyes burned as the words struggled up my throat. Hot tears pricked my eyes, the cry I made was not human.

[ S Y P N O S I S ]

Remyan law states that every unwed girl, nineteen and above, must take part in a gruelling ceremony. Each girl must compete against each other to win the heart of the king. Anastasia has always escaped the horrid ceremony but now she has turned nineteen, she has been summoned. Failure to comply could lead to her losing her head, however, if she takes part she could potentially lose herself forever.

But what if she is everything the King wants but he is everything she despises?

[ P R O N U C I A T I O N S ]

Anastasia Ginevra Rose: A-nuh-stah-Zee-ia

Solest: Sol-est

Sirius: Si-ree-is

Genevieve: Gen-nuh-veev

Remyus: Rem-ee-us

Crait: Cr-ay-t

Tyron: Ti-ron

Mount Aerilon: Air-ree-lon

[ P L A Y L I S T ]

“If you look to the stars, you will find me there”

i. Billie Eilish: Listen before I go/ ii. SYML: Clean eyes/ iii. Billie Eilish: I love you/ iv. Billie Eilish: six feet under/ v. Tom Rosenthal: to you alone/ vi. Novo Amor: Holland/ vii. Bon iver & St Vincent: Roslyn/ viii. Novo Amor & Ed Tullett: Alps/ ix. SYML: where’s my love/ x. Daughter: youth

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