Forbidden Beasts: The Greatest Curse

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After disappearing for four years, Kalum McPherson faces one problem after another when he returns home, beginning with Brooks Haven being terrorized with a series of coyote attacks. He struggles to tell his estranged, younger brother, Benjamin about the family curse before his sixteenth birthday; while also hating the idea of seeing his older brothers, Alexander and Vincent living their life as a beast caged in his basement, and one day it will be him and Benjamin. It gets worse, Kalum faces Vincent’s fiancée, Kimberly Emerald who is still searching for Vincent after he proposed and disappeared the next day. Kalum also battles with his feelings for Cassie Lockhart; his once best friend who now has real feelings for him and is a trigger to Kalum’s heart, forcing his heart to beat faster than he can breathe. Kalum is on a mission to finding a cure to breaking the curse of the Forbidden Beasts. A curse that prevents any McPherson man from falling in love or they will kill the one they love, permanently turning them into a beast.

Fantasy / Drama
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Prologue: The Howl

Several dim street lights flicker on and off over a cold, wet town. A grey mist of fog floats across the town square leaving the glimpse of a full moon glaring through the icy skies. The town shops have closed for the night.

Sighting eyes on a humble girl, Lisa Snow, 17, cutting across the street and heading down a dark, smelly alley with dumpsters and brick walls covered in graffiti.

The sound of an empty can of soda fumbles onto the ground. Lisa stops in her path. Standing still and quickly turning around. The feeling of coldness brushes against her fragile skin. She shivers.

Mysterious shadows roams beyond the buildings, grabbing Lisa’s attention. Her eyes capture the movement above, spinning her in circles.

“Is someone there?” she calls out.

Laughter echoes within the walls of the alley.

Lisa slowly steps back. She turns and begins running towards the main road.

Suddenly, two ferocious animals leap from the roof of the buildings onto the dumpsters, taking another leap, landing in front of Lisa, stopping her from further movement.

What she sees is beyond any of her deadliest nightmares… coyotes with razor sharp teeth, deadly red eyes, and claws that can tear into your deepest flesh.

Turning around, Lisa runs down the alley as a third coyote jumps in front of her, trapping her from escaping. Her deadly SCREAMS echo in the distance. Tears flooding her eyes. She’s panicking.

Yelling from the top of her lungs, “Someone, please help me!”

She scans the alley for an object to protect herself.

Against the wall, a metal bar flares at the corner of her eye. She quickly runs towards it.


The teeth biting coyote latches onto Lisa’s jeans. She SCREAMS, and before her frightful cries can get any louder, the coyotes plunge her body, devouring their way into her heart.

A slaughtered, lifeless body rests dead in a dark alley.

Jumping onto the dumpsters, the coyotes claw their way up the brick walls and onto the roof, HOWLING into the cold and eerie night.

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