Storm City

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*Previously known as Just a Touch of Crazy *Longer synopsis inside A 19 year old college student’s mundane life quickly escalates when her best friend starts acting strangely. Her life takes a sharp turn when she is kidnapped by two mysterious people who look like they came straight out of a fantasy movie.

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Remmington Scotts, a first year college student, never imagined that there was a whole other side to the worldβ€” a side where the impossible was very, very much so possible. Where things like creatures with long, pointed ears and sharp canines exist.

Even stranger, however, is the man whom had randomly entered her life and seems to know much more about this other world than her, and he's more than willing to help her understand her roleβ€” in exchange for something, of course. Something Remmington herself can't come to terms with understanding yet.

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